Tree Removal Tips – Things You Should Learn

The need to remove a tree from your yard is not an easy decision. It takes time and research to choose the right company for this job. There are several reasons why you need a Tree Removal Columbia SC. One is that the tree may be too close to your house or any other structure that could cause damage. If it’s on your property, then you are responsible for the tree and its welfare. Another reason will be if it begins showing signs of weakness, which can result in future problems.

Tree Removal Tips- Things You Should Learn

Learning to determine if a tree needs to be removed is not difficult if you know what to look for. Here are some of the most common issues you should look to remove your tree stump grinding:

Dead Trees- ┬áthese may have already begun to rot from the inside out and will be a danger if it’s a tree that has a lot of dead branches.

Suckers- these are shoots that extend from the trunk or branch of a healthy tree. Suckers can cause harm because they rob nutrients from the healthy parts of the tree.

Disease- some diseases can kill trees, while others lead to weakened structures with thin trunks and branches. An example is oak wilt which causes the leaves at the top of the tree to turn brown and then fall off prematurely. This is one disease that kills several species of oak trees; however, there is no cure for this type of fungus.

Girdling Roots- these are roots that wrap around the trunk of a tree, which can cause it harm.

D-shaped Holes in Trees- this is an indication that insects have done something to the tree. Most often, borers are responsible for making dime to palm-sized holes in trees.

Hollowing Out or Cavities- woodpeckers use their beaks to make holes in the bark of trees to get insects for food. This is not usually dangerous unless they are pecking next to significant branches with no bark, which creates weak areas on the trunk or limb that can break off easily.

Bird Feeders Too Close To Trees –they might seem harmless, but squirrels are constantly looking for an easy meal, and if they can climb to your feeder, they will chew into the tree trunk in an attempt to get at the food source.

Organic Mulch- it appears that organic matter is beneficial, but decaying organic matter under trees produces acidity, which harms the tree.

Root Damage- when digging around in your yard, keep this in mind; don’t break up or sever roots because this could jeopardize your tree’s health.

Trees Too Close Together- this causes shading and root competition where one tree might be getting more nutrients than another because it has blocked sunlight from reaching one branch leaves, therefore killing off part of that tree’s roots.

Grass- an overgrowth of grass around the base can cause problems with soil compaction.

If you are changing your landscape, remove trees only when necessary and at the right time for your trees.

Ensure that all ordinances abide by them when removing trees in urban areas like residential neighborhoods or school grounds. If not, it might be against the code, which is punishable by fines or imprisonment; plus, it shows disrespect to yourself and others in your community.

Tree Removal Tips

-Don’t forget things like safety equipment, proper planning, protection for surrounding plants, backfill soil made up of organic matter, etc…

-Also, note that some tree species are better suited for specific planting locations, so researching before purchasing any plant is extremely important.

-Certain skilled and experienced people can do tree removal, but still, it’s better to go to the experts because they know what and how to do it, and even if there is a glitch or misshape during the process, they will make sure that everything goes as planned.

-Note that before calling any Tree Services Columbia SC, always ask for references from their past clients so you can see whether they’re capable of handling such tasks or not.

Knowing these things will help you make the right decision about whether or not it needs to be removed or left alone until further notice.

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  • good advice. We have a lot that need to be trimmed.

  • I like how you mentioned that ensure that all ordinances abide by them when removing trees in urban areas like residential neighborhoods or school grounds. My uncle mentioned to me last week that he is planning to remove the trees and shrubs in their home as they want to make a blank slate backyard. I’ll be sure to tell him that we can consult a professional tree removal company for ideas.


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