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How Often Should You Maintain Your Home’s Exterior?

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior, although it’s the area that is often most neglected. That’s because, most of the time, homeowners are going to be inside, meaning they concentrate on what they can see around them. They will spot when their carpet needs to be replaced, when the kitchen needs updating, or when the walls need to be repainted. 

However, because we don’t often spend much time focusing on the exterior of our properties, it might be that that needs to be updated too. One question that you might need to ask yourself if you’re not sure about what needs to be done is: how often should you maintain your home’s exterior?

Here is the answer, as well as some helpful tips on how to maintain your home’s exterior.

The Driveway 

If you have a driveway, you might think it doesn’t need any maintenance. After all, once it is in place, it just stays there and is simply a place for you to park your car. What kind of maintenance could it need? The truth is that driveways do require some additional maintenance to keep them looking good and working in the way they are meant to. 

Every two to three years, it’s a good idea to organize professional driveway resurfacing to ensure that it is sealed correctly to prevent cracks and water damage. Once done, it will mean your driveway is safe and secure for another few years. Eventually, no matter how well you have cared for it, the driveway will need to be resurfaced. When this happens, it is best to call in the experts so that you can be sure the job will be done to a high standard and in good time. 

The Paintwork 

If you have paintwork on your home, even if it’s just a little around the windows and door frame, but perhaps especially if you have most of your house painted, you will need to maintain this as well. Peeling paint gives a property an air of neglect, and it can even bring down the price of the property if you are thinking of selling it.  

How often you need to repaint the exterior of your home will depend on a number of factors, and it could be anything from five to 15 years between paint jobs. The weather is one variable that you’ll need to take into consideration (wetter, cold climates with buffeting winds, for example, will cause more damage than hotter, drier places will), and so is the age of the property – older houses can be damp, and this will mean the paint peels more quickly. 

The Yard 

Although it’s good to concentrate on the property itself, don’t neglect the yard around it. If this becomes overgrown and out of control, it won’t matter how attractive the house looks – you might not even be able to see it underneath the bushes and plants. 

There won’t be a lot that needs to be done to the yard in the winter, but in the summer, it is crucial that you work on it (or have someone else work on it) at least every two weeks. This will keep things under control and mean you have a lovely space to sit in the sun. 

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