How To Get Ready For A New Dog

Getting a new puppy is a thrilling experience. A dog is a pet that the whole family can really enjoy. Walking them is a terrific way to keep everyone active and healthy, and learning how to care for them is a great way to educate everyone about responsibility. Whether you’re purchasing a puppy or adopting an adult dog (or even an old dog), there are a few things you should do to make your house as safe, secure, and suitable for your new pet as possible. Check out our checklist to ensure you’re totally prepared for your new arrival.

How To Get Ready For A New Dog

Buy What You Need

A new puppy, like a new baby, will need certain things to be in the house before they can live there securely and joyfully. One of the things you’ll need to do before you bring your dog or puppy home is to have these supplies purchased and ready to go. This is a fun activity where the whole family can participate by selecting things that they believe their new pet would like. To help them settle in, go to your local pet shop and search for food and water bowls, a leash and collar, toys, a nice bed, and some treats. Speak to the breeder or shelter where the dog is coming from to find out what they like to eat so you can make sure you get the right food. 

Protect Your Dog From Your Home And Yard 

Look around your house for anything that might injure your new dog. Cleaning chemicals are a common cause of pet poisoning, so keep them in a place where the dog can’t get them. The same is true for any drug, as well as a lot of human food; dogs can’t digest many of the foods that humans can eat, and if they do, they can become quite ill – chocolate is a classic example of this. So put away anything you don’t want your dog to touch. In addition, check for places where your dog could chew and see if you can cover them – chair legs and sofa arms are often popular with dogs.

Finally, inspect your garden. Is it safe for your dog to roam around it? You’ll need a strong fence all the way around so they can’t escape, and the only way to have this done correctly is to hire a fencing professional. You should also look for any sharp items, yard equipment, or nails that may be hidden in the grass. Installing artificial grass could be a good way not only to keep your dog safe but to keep your yard looking good too. 

Allow Them Time To Adjust

The ideal time to bring your dog home is at the beginning of the weekend or when the whole family can be there, and the dog will not be left alone for any length of time. They will probably require at least a few days to adjust to their new surroundings, and they may be highly anxious to begin with. This is why it’s a good idea to have all of their new items ready for them before they arrive.

When transporting the dog, it’s advisable to use a crate or a specific dog seat belt. Finally, after they’ve entered the home, let them roam about – they’ll need to smell around to figure out what’s there and where they are.

Give Everyone Jobs 

Everyone in the family will need to pitch in to help with your new dog. This involves the extremely young and very elderly, as well as everyone in between. When it comes to your dog, each person will have different jobs and obligations depending on their age. These include feeding, changing their water, bringing them for walks, playing with them, cleaning up after them in the yard, and, if required, washing them.

Discuss all of these different tasks and assign them based on age and aptitude. Before you go out to pick up your dog, make sure that everyone is happy to do what they have been asked to do; otherwise, you may have problems when you bring them home.

Find A Vet 

Take the time to investigate the local vets. It’s a good idea to join up with someone as soon as possible in case your new dog has any health issues. Puppies will also need immunizations, so finding a reputable vet you trust and are comfortable with is essential. Look closely at online reviews and ask other pet owners in your area for suggestions. You, as well as your dog, must feel at ease with the veterinarian. Take advantage of this chance to make a note of the closest 24-hour emergency animal hospital and have their phone number handy. Sometimes dogs get ill throughout the night, and you may not want to wait until morning to treat them.


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