How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For You

Are you thinking about getting a dog? If so, it’s important that you choose the right breed for you. This is a very personal decision that will be determined by a variety of factors relating to yourself, your family, and your new furry friend. 

Here are some of the key variables that you must keep in mind. 

How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For You


First, you need to think about the temperament of the animal. You might have heard that some dog breeds are more short-tempered than others. This is true to an extent, however, it does depend on training and how you treat your pet. There are some breeds that you should avoid particularly if you have children including Rottweilers and even Dalmatians that are rightly or wrongly thought to be vicious in the wrong circumstances. 


You should also consider the size of the breed you are thinking about bringing home. Size can impact the cost of the animal including how much you will need to spend to keep it fed. A great Dane for example can cost a fortune to feed while smaller breeds might not even make a dent in your budget. So if you do decide on a larger dog then you should shop around for a budget-friendly dog food that still provides the nutritional value your pet will need. 

This isn’t the only reason size matters, of course, you might also want to think about how easy it will be to train and control a larger animal. Dogs such as German Shepherds will need a firm hand and a significant level of power even when they are still young. It is worth noting that certain larger dog breeds are more prone to medical conditions as they age. 


Next, you should think about the maintenance the animal will need. Long-haired dogs typically have coats that require special care. There are also breeds that will require extra cleaning while other breeds it is recommended you just brush them. Certain dogs may also need their nails clipping and could require more trips to the vets. However, this will often depend on where you decide to care for your animal.  


Last but not least you should think about how energetic your breed is. For instance, you might decide to get a Labrador. It is important to be aware that these need to be walked a few miles each day. Other dogs, particularly smaller breeds will require less exercise and tend to get tired more easily so they will not take as much of your time. However, regardless of which breed you decide on they all expect to receive a certain level of play. 

Using this advice you should have no trouble choosing the perfect dog breed for you and your family. Remember dogs can make great pets and perfect companions but you should never rush into this decision because you don’t want to have to return the animal if they are not the right fit. Research your options thoroughly and ensure you are comfortable with the facts about your chosen breed while keeping in mind that all animals are unique individuals and can be very different from the overall description you find online. 


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