7 Essential Items for Every Man’s Wardrobe

In 2018, the British edition of Esquire Magazine posted an article, 20 things every man should have in his wardrobe.

We’ve chosen seven of those things as most essential, although there will be many other items that are definitely needed. If you wear a suit to work, you’ll obviously need ties and a belt.

A key piece of fashion not mentioned in the Esquire article, but still a fantastic addition to your wardrobe, are cowboy boots. Have a look, for example, at Ariat men’s cowboy boots. A great pair of boots not only will last you long after you’ve gone through three pairs of sneakers, and they make a great fashion statement as well.

Nevertheless, here are seven articles we feel are essential to a man’s wardrobe.

 #1. Both a white button-down shirt and a pale blue dress shirt 

Both blue and white dress shirts can be worn with practically everything, and you’ll never be out of style or out of place.

 #2. A navy blue crew crewneck sweater

Perhaps even more versatile than a white button-down, a cotton mix crew, particularly in navy, which goes with everything. It can be worn with sports coats or stand-alone items for casual wear in both summer and winter.

 #3. Slim navy chinos and wool flannel trousers 

The perfect choice for whenever you want to wear pants rather than jeans for casual wear or suit pants for business. These great pants will keep you in style.

 #4. Two good quality business suits

Charcoal, grey, and dark navy are colors you should shoot for. Plan on paying around $350 to $500 for your suits. Above all, have the sleeves and the pants tailored to fit. Remember, even an off-the-rack $100 suit that fits well, is preferable to a $5,000 suit that is too large and looks baggy on your frame.

 #5. Good quality lace-up shoes and also a great casual shoe 

You should have two lace-up dress shoes, one in black, one in tan. In addition, a great casual shoe like a pair of oxford penny loafers.

 #6. A beige trenchcoat 

Nothing beats a trenchcoat for utility and timeless looks. Beige goes with everything, although light green will work too.

 #7. A bomber jacket 

Leave the Top Gun patches off, but a bomber jacket is still the height of fashion when its too cold for your trenchcoat.

Women who want to gift their man with a fashion accessory might also check out’s Best Gifts for Him for the Holidays.

Today, sukajan jackets are popular all over the world for their unique design, which features colorful and eye-catching embroidery.

 More Essentials to Consider 

It depends upon your job, your wardrobe balance, and your lifestyle, but at a minimum, it is recommended that in addition to the seven essential items already mentioned, you should add:

  • At least one pair of high-quality sneakersFrankly, nobody cares if they are Nike, Addidas or Reebok. Just be sure they are always clean. has a great article on their website at how to keep your sneakers always looking presentable.
  • Have five versatile pair of slacksWe’re not counting Levi’s here. We’re talking dress slacks. You really need five pairs to be fashionable. Don’t be that guy that wears the same pair of khaki pants every day to work. People will talk about it, especially women.
  • Seven pair of dress shirtsTo be well dressed, we’re talking not only seven, but clarifying that shirts with more than one pocket, shirts with epaulets, and any other decorative item, including those cute Izod alligators or any shirt that bears a polo player are a no go. We’re talking about actual dress shirts here.
  • Five non-collared casual shirtsJust be sure they are casual colors that complement your skin, and forget about any shirt with Star-wars, Atari, or Heineken. You aren’t 18 anymore.

If you have money left over, invest in a high-quality dive watch. And yes, contrary to popular belief, its perfectly okay to wear a copy, providing it isn’t a copy of a Rolex or a Piaget. Otherwise, your manager will figure you are just working for fun, and the accounting office may look extra hard at your travel reimbursements.

You may have to spend $1500 or more on your wardrobe, but trust us, it’ll be a great investment for your future.



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  • What a great list. I wouldn’t know where to start, so this article is helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  • I agree that these are essentials and they look wonderful wearing them.

  • You are right about the 7 items!


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