Best Gifts for Him for the Holidays

I think we can all admit that we have struggled to find the best gifts for the man in your life in the past. Too often, we hear “I don’t know what I want” or “I’m fine with anything” or “just give me money”.

While he may struggle to give you some direction, let us help you out with some of the best gifts for him for this upcoming holiday season!

For the Foodie Guy

Best Gifts for Him for the Holidays
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If your guy loves to cook or regularly try new places to eat, take this into consideration when brainstorming gift ideas for him. Perhaps an electronic food scale or a cutting board that encourages exact measurements for the guy that has to have everything just so. You might also want to do some research into fine dining and high-end eating experiences near you and get a gift card with the promise of a fun date night!

For the Active Guy

Best Gifts for Him for the Holidays
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Does your man love spending his afternoon on the golf course or looking for a new adventure in the great outdoors? This is the perfect place to focus on when considering potential gift ideas. Update his golf bag by getting a quality mallet putter and some new golf balls, or a durable water bottle and secure a secure armband for his phone during his workouts.

For the Tech Guy

Best Gifts for Him for the Holidays
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If he loves staying on top of the latest trends and releases in technology, you can definitely use this to your advantage come the holiday season. Invest in some wireless headphones for him, or a self-charging phone case or charging pad. If he’s constantly toting his laptop to and from the office or room to room in the house, look for a sleek, masculine laptop sleeve to keep it from acquiring too many fingertips.

For the Nerdy Guy

Best Gifts for Him for the Holidays
                                                     Image Source: Game Stop

Does he love using his free time to get to the next level or beat the big boss on his video game? This could be just the thing to win his affections with your gift-giving. Depending on what game console he uses, you might be able to find game controllers themed after his favorite game, or at least in some fun, different colors. Do a little research and see if surprising him with tickets to ComicCon is something that you can pull off!

For the Well-Dressed Guy

Best Gifts for Him for the Holidays
                                    Image Source: Gentleman Jon

If your man is a sucker for high-quality additions to his daily ensemble, take this into account when considering gift ideas. Get him a new necktie or two, or a new watch for his collection. You might also consider looking at some cufflinks, or even a vintage style shaving kit or monthly shave subscription box.

It goes without saying, but make sure your gifts are coming from the heart. We’re sure he’ll love whatever you choose to get him, and if he sees that you’ve taken his interests and preferences into consideration, it will mean so much more. Happy shopping!

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