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Things In Your Home You Aren’t Cleaning Often Enough

Most of us have a kind of cleaning routine. You might clean your bathrooms on the same day every week, or vacuum your upstairs carpets on the same days. Within these routines, we might clean the same things. This is great. It means that the areas of your home that most need cleaning are done. The things that you notice are clean. But, it also means that there are some things that very rarely get cleaned. Things that we don’t notice, or areas that we can’t see. Objects that we assume are self-cleaning and don’t need any extra help from us. 

But, a clean home isn’t just about the areas that we can see. Without regular cleaning, mold, dust, dirt, and bacteria can grow. Failing to clean appropriately can mean that your home isn’t as healthy as you might like. Here’s a look at a few of the objects and areas, compiled by TidyChoice, that you might not be cleaning often enough.  

Things In Your Home You Aren’t Cleaning Often Enough

The Rugs

You probably vacuum regularly. If you’ve got kids or pets, you might feel as though you hoover near enough every day. You might even shampoo your carpets every now and then to keep them smelling fresh and looking bright. But what about your rugs? If you’ve got a large area rug, it isn’t going to fit into your washing machine, but it doesn’t seem worth hiring a carpet cleaner for, and so it might get left. Our rugs can become covered in dirt, filled with bacteria, and are often much dirtier than you think. Devine Rug Wash can be a big help, doing all of the work for you. 

Your Cupboards

Our kitchen cupboards and drawers quickly become covered in dust and debris. But, because they are so full of food and kitchen supplies, it’s hard to see. You might wipe the fronts of the doors, but try to empty them out and clean the insides thoroughly at least once a year but more often if they store fresh food and produce. 

The TV Remote

Remote Controls on Table - Things In Your Home You Aren’t Cleaning Often Enough

Think about all the hands that have touched your TV remote, all of the food and drinks that have been spilled on them, and all of the toddler’s mouths they have been in. Bacteria and dirt easily get trapped between the buttons and grows. You’re always touching these buttons and spreading the cells. Wipe them regularly with an anti-bacterial detergent and gently brush in-between the buttons. 

The Shower Curtain

Our shower curtains get covered with soap all of the time. But, they are also left damp in a warm, humid room. They often carry more bacteria than anything else in your home. Once you shower, pull the curtain closed so that it dries faster, and wipe it down when you clean your bathroom. 

Light Switches

Light Switch - Things In Your Home You Aren’t Cleaning Often Enough

You might wipe your light switches when they look dirty. But what about the rest of the time? We touch them all of the time, so we should give them a quick wipe once a month to remove bacteria and dead skin cells. 


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