How to Get Beautiful Locks: 3 Methods to Curl Your Hair

Almost every woman in the world changes their hairstyle at least once a week. Beautiful and stylish curls can be your everyday choice or enhance your evening chic glam look.

In this article, we’d like to give you three of  best methods to curl your hair easily.

Method 1: Flat Iron

Making curls with a flat iron is much easier and safer for hair than using a curling iron. It has a large working surface area and allows you to make styling faster. In addition, ceramic plates of modern irons damage your hair significantly less than the metal surface of classic curling irons.

Moreover, flat irons work for any hair type. No matter if you have thick, thin, fine, or more unruly curly hair, a powerful flat iron will be your best choice. However, don’t forget that such devices put your strands in thermic processing. So if you don’t use a special protection treatment, even the best flat iron for curly hair or any other type of hair will, unfortunately, cause damage.

How to curl your hair with a flat iron: a step by step guide

  1. Set the temperature according to the type of hair: for thin hair, it is better to use a temperature of 150-170 degrees to avoid severe damage. If your hair is thick, dense or curly, you can use a temperature of 170 to 200 degrees;
  2. Separate and fasten the upper part of the hair. Divide hair strands of medium thickness with a vertical parting and start curling from the bottom;
  3. Hold the lock with the iron at the roots, backing off a few centimeters from the scalp, and turn the iron 180 degrees in the direction from the face.

Congrats, you’re ready! Don’t forget to fix your beautiful hairstyle with hairspray.

Method 2: Curling iron

The most popular and common tool for creating curls is a curling iron. With the help of this tool, you can get curls of different sizes, shapes, volumes, and thereby create a chic, beautiful hairstyle. But in order to do this properly, you need to remember a few basic rules for the perfect wavy styling.

The main rule is to protect the hair from the heat. Use a special heat-protective spray to prevent your hair from damaging.

Also, it is better to use the curling iron not more than once a week. Because of high temperatures, hair loses its shine and becomes crumbly and dull.

How to use the curling iron

  1. Divide the hair into occipital, temporal, and frontal zones and curl your hair exactly in this order. If you want your curls to last all day, spray the strands with hairspray or treat it with styling foam before;
  2. Comb the strand and twist it on the curling iron. Try not to pull too tight and do not pinch the tip with the clamp of the device;
  3. Keep each curl in a curling iron for 10-15 seconds. Curling time depends on the power of the device and the desired elasticity of curls. If the hair is thick or fine, the curling iron can be heated to 200°C. Thin and weakened hair is best to curl at a temperature of no more than 100 degrees. Carefully remove the curl from the curling iron and sprinkle it with the hairspray;
  4. Let the curls cool for 10-15 minutes. After that, you can comb them or fluff with your fingers.

Method 3: Hair curlers

Good old curlers are used both to create curls and to give volume. Curling your hair using rolls usually takes more time than flat and curling irons. But the good thing is that your hair doesn’t get processed with high temperatures.

How to use the hair curlers:

  1. Divide the strands, considering the width of the curlers. The thickness will depend on the density of the hair: the more hair you have, the thinner the strand should be;
  2. Apply some foam or hair mousse and pull and lightly twist the strand. Make sure that the tip does not crumple. Usually, curlers are placed perpendicular to the head, but you can experiment by twisting them vertically or at an angle;
  3. Faten the strand with a clamp, an elastic band or a hairpin, and dry your hair naturally or with a hairdryer. If you are in a hurry but do not want to harm your hair, use the low-temperature mode.
  4. Carefully remove the curlers when the hair is completely dry. Spread the curls with your hands or a comb and fix them with hairspray.


As you can see, getting a cute wavy hairstyle is an easy procedure. Just choose a method that suits you the most and impress your colleagues and classmates with a stylish look every day or get beautiful locks to finish your evening look.

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