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It’s probably fair to say that everyone wants their home to stay neat, organised, and pleasing to the eye both inside and out.

Unfortunately, however, life frequently gets in the way and complicates situations – and even the best of intentions can go awry amidst the normal hustle, bustle, and assorted chaos of everyday existence.

If you find that your place has recently become a lot more cluttered and disorganized than you would like it to be, here are a few effective tips you can try for decluttering and organizing your home.

  • Try to get as much of it as possible done in one fell swoop

One point made by the Japanese cleaning guru Marie Kondo, is that you need to treat your home decluttering process as an “all in one job” proposition.

In other words, you can’t just do a little bit of tidying up now, and then a bit more tidying up in a couple of weeks, and so on. If you do things this way, the clutter you’ve just recently done away with will resurface practically at once.

Instead, set aside a weekend – or a couple of weekends – and try to get your home de-cluttered to the best of your ability, in one fell swoop.

You could look into things like skip bin hire, for example, in order to help you get through things that much faster.

  • Hold onto things that you have an emotional attachment to, and things that have a practical use

The act of decluttering is often emotionally painful for people, largely because they frequently end up forcing themselves to get rid of things they have an emotional attachment to, but which they believe don’t fill a “practical” role in their lives.

This is where you should listen to the Marie Kondo principle of paying attention to what “sparks joy.”

Keep the things that you have a positive emotional attachment to – even if they aren’t useful in any real sense. Then, also hold onto those belongings of yours that have a practical use and that fill an important niche in your life, even if you’re not very emotionally invested in them.

It’s the other stuff – things that you aren’t particularly attached to, and that don’t have an important practical role, that you should primarily cut back on.

  • Find ways to make the process more fun and engaging – such as by listening to audiobooks or music as you work

Just because decluttering your home is a bit of a chore, doesn’t mean it has to be an unpleasant experience by definition.

One great way of motivating yourself to get through the decluttering process rather than putting it off continually, is by finding little ways to make the process more fun and engaging.

You could, for example, listen to audiobooks or music as you work – thereby turning up the energy level, or getting yourself immersed in a good tale while you are hauling bags of stuff out to donate or dump.

3 Tips for Effectively Decluttering and Organizing Your Home

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