The Benefits of Investing in Designer Radiators

Radiators are changing for the better – they can be used to enhance your space, rather than simply fading into the background. Designer radiators can offer you some of the most modern styles, colors, and finishes, so there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a slim, vertical radiator to fit your space comfortably or a more stylish, vibrant radiator to stand out, designer radiators have it all. Read on as we look at the benefits that come with these vertical radiators in more detail.

Types of designer radiators

Although you may be used to the plain, white style that comes with the most traditional radiators, times are changing, along with the style of radiator you can choose to add to your home. There is such a wide range of designer radiators to choose from, offering some of the sleekest designs along with the highest-quality heating abilities. Here are some of the most popular modern radiators that more of us are choosing to enhance our home’s interior.

  • Vertical radiators: Some of the most modern on the market, vertical radiators mean you can heat your home effectively even if you’re short on space. You can choose from a range of heights and widths, colors, and finishes to achieve the look you have in mind.
  • Chrome radiators: If you love a chic look, chrome radiators come with a metallic, shiny finish that bounces light around the room, and can make the perfect centerpiece. A show-stopping finish, second to none when it comes to heating ability.
  • Colored radiators: Designer radiators are never boring, and if you love a pop of color in your life, they could be the best option for you. Whether you’re looking for a cool, pastel blue, a chic grey, or even a bright orange – whatever your color, add it into your home in the form of a designer radiator.

Why choose a designer radiator?

So, what makes designer radiators better than the rest? There are a few benefits that you can take advantage of by implementing these modern radiators into your home, such as:


Radiators are changing for the better – they’re no longer simply plain, white, and a little forgettable! Designer radiators are stylish and can add to your home’s aesthetic, rather than take away from it. Why take up valuable space with a radiator that is simply there for functional reasons? Why not choose a designer radiator in a different style, color, or finish to create another element, and centerpiece in your room?


Radiators take up space, which can cause issues if you don’t have a lot of it! This is where designer radiators excel. Vertical radiators, whether that’s a panel, column, or towel rail, come in a variety of heights and widths to fit even the smallest of spaces. This means you can benefit from a warm, cozy atmosphere even if you don’t have a lot of wall or floor space to work with – particularly in bathrooms, hallways, and even cloakrooms.

Increased heating capabilities

Choosing to use a new, designer radiator in your home means you can take advantage of some of the best, and most effective heating. When your radiators get old, they may end up losing their efficiency, meaning they take more energy to heat, and take longer to warm the room. This is not ideal when it comes to heating your home or managing your bills at the end of the month! Making the change to a designer radiator means you can take advantage of materials and styles that heat up quickly and circulate heat around your room so you can feel the benefit. Cast iron and column radiators are both great examples of this. You don’t have to worry about style over substance with these designer radiators, you can take advantage of modern designs, as well as advanced heating capabilities.


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