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What’s Letting Your Home’s Look Down?

Do you like the way your home looks? It can be a loaded question, but seeing as you decorated and trimmed the garden, it would be weird to say no! And yet your home’s overall aesthetic still isn’t quite right, and this post is here to tell you why. Indeed, little changes can do a lot to improve your perception of your home, but sometimes a big job is on the cards. 

After all, your home’s curb appeal is really losing value when it’s left to sit for years on end, and if you’ve got a relaxed summer coming up, now’s the perfect time to tidy things up!

And with that in mind, here are the main elements of your home’s design that’s really letting it down right now. 

Too Few Thriving Plants

Plants make a home look amazing; they make it look like a lot of life and love goes into it, and when you’ve got lined hedgerows that are well maintained, anyone who walks by will be impressed by the overall look. However, if you’ve got a load of dead bushes and trees out there, you’ll need to take a couple days to yank these out and plant some younger saplings. 

Green is a vibrant color that invites a lot of feelings in us, and even if you can’t decide on what flowers to grow out there yet, a bit of green will never go amiss. So don’t worry too much over what you plant here! 

An Old Set of Windows

Windows are the heart of your home’s exterior; they give you a peek into the outside world, and they’re great for dressing up and acting as a focal point of your rooms. However, when the windows are old and dirty (usually about 15 years or more), it’s time to yank out the old frames and pop some replacement windows in there! 

Old and dirty windows, where the paint is peeling and the wood has even rotted away a little, are never, ever going to look good. They need to show off how loved and cared for they are, and that means either sanding things down and repainting, or getting new windows fitted to improve your overall aesthetic. 

Peeling Paint Everywhere

And speaking of peeling paint, if the whole house is covered in siding that’s seen much better days, it’s time to scrub these down with a power washer and get some more durable color up there! 

A fresh coat of baby blue, or a nice wholesome yellow, or even just new glossy white highlights will all go a long way to ensuring your home looks good to both you and everyone who passes it. It might take you a couple of weekends to get through a job like this, but it’s a cheap one to undertake and can be done entirely on your own. 

Curb appeal is easy to uphold, as long as you know what’s letting your home’s look down in the first place!

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