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Cooking Made Easy: 7 Essential Kitchen Appliances to Buy for Your Home

The food is one of the things that strengthen the bond of family. Whatever the occasion is, either a family reunion or a simple meal, family members always gather around the table. However, serving a sumptuous meal doesn’t happen in one snap. It requires hearty ingredients and thorough preparation. But, all of these would become futile if you don’t have the essential kitchen appliances.

The kitchen appliances are an integral tool for professional and home kitchens. The equipment made cooking efficient, from complex foods to simpler dishes. In the market, there are plenty of kitchen appliances you can choose from, which is difficult sometimes for you to select and purchase.

Thus, to help decide what to buy for your kitchen, below are the recommended essential kitchen appliances for your kitchen at home.

1.  Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most useful and efficient kitchen appliances that every household has. It’s a storage for food that follows the cold and freezing preservation methods, which maintains the freshness and prolongs the shelf life of perishable and semi-perishable goods. Furthermore, the refrigerator prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms in the food, which means that the foods are safe to eat.

2.  Immersion Blender

Gone are the days where you use heavy-duty food processors to purée or blend a soup because you can now use an immersion blender that is handy and easy to operate. The blending of soup or sauce making becomes more convenient; you can even use this appliance even if the food is still in the pot. Besides, immersion blenders would not cause too much pain during washing because of its handy-size.

3.  Food Processor

The food processor is the mother model of the immersion blender. Although it’s similar to typical blenders, the food processor has wider blades and a larger capacity suitable for processing large portions or quantities of ingredients. Usually, this kitchen appliance is used in making pesto sauce, grinding biscuits for cheesecakes, and incorporating the components of puff pastry. Checkout the best recipe book maker here.

4.  Electric Mixer

Before, whisking, creaming, and incorporating all the ingredients, are the toughest challenge in baking. You need to mix everything by hand using a wire whisk, which can be tiring for the hands and arms. But, as the solution for this baking madness, the electric mixer was invented. It’s an electronic appliance that has an attached wire whisk. There’s also a speed regulator that you can adjust depending on what you’re whisking.

5.  Oven

The oven can be a small or large chambered kitchen appliance used for varieties of cooking methods. It produces heat that circulates around the chamber suitable for baking, roasting, drying, and heating foods. Moreover, throughout the years, kitchen innovations have brought new types of oven: the microwave oven, oven toaster, and heavy-duty oven.

Microwave Oven

The microwave oven is a small rectangular kitchen appliance used for heating food. This electric-powered equipment exposes the food to electromagnetic radiation so that it will be cooked. Since it’s designed to cook or reheat the food quickly, it’s more convenient for families or individuals who seem to lack time for food preparation.

Oven Toaster

The oven toaster is a small oven designed for toasting bread, broiling seafood, and baking small quantities of baked dishes. It has 2-3 racks wherein the baking trays are placed. The heat that cooks the food comes from the infrared radiation released from the top and bottom coils. Similar to microwave ovens, the oven toaster is handy as well.

Heavy-duty Oven

The heavy-duty oven is a large type of oven used for full-scale baking in restaurants and pastry shops. Because of its big capacity to cook a large number of foods, it’s the practical equipment for businesses. In addition, due to its spacious shelf design, the temperature is stable, and the heat circulates well, making everything uniform, from the baking time to the product’s sizes.

6.  Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is an electronic cookware wherein you can cook not just rice but also foods like stews and noodles—making it a versatile kitchen appliance. This equipment is standard in Asian households since rice is their primary source of carbohydrates. Ultimately, today’s rice cookers are more advanced than the previous models because they have included cooking functions for a specific type of rice, and it can also maintain the temperature.

7.  Juicer

Juicer is a piece of equipment that extracts juices from fruits and vegetables. This tool grinds, crushes, and squeezes the pulp until the fruit or vegetable releases its healthy juices. This appliance is perfect for those who are on a diet and regular people who just want to enjoy fresh juice. With that said, there are no excuses for living a healthy lifestyle.


In a nutshell, without the essential kitchen appliances, preparing and cooking a delicious meal for your family can be impossible. These efficient appliances made cooking easy for professional chefs and home cooks. But remember, you must only buy the needed kitchen devices that are within your budget.



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