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Tips For Designing Your Living Room

Are you moving to a new property, or would like to update your current one? Either way, making a change to your living room is exciting and allows you to express yourself differently. Changing your living room doesn’t have to be expensive either! A new lick of paint, or simply moving your furniture can have a big impact, changing style of your home.

Below, we have put together nine different easy and helpful tips for designing your living room. 

Have you thought about changing your flooring? 

What type of flooring do you currently use – carpet, or floor tiles? Either way, by swapping to the other can make a big difference to your living room. Think about the sort of material you want to use, tiles, for example, are more durable, as you can easily spill something and clean it up. On the other hand, carpet can be more comfortable on your feet, but if you spill something, it is a pain to clean up. Both will change up your living room, adding a new style and feel.

Place some accessories

Accessories are another thing that is great to add to your living room. Not only are they lovely to look at, but they also help to implement the space with your own personality and bring a bit of your own taste to the room. There are so many types of accessories to choose from, such as glass sculptures from Expressions in Glass, photo frames, candles, candle-holders, and more. Take a shop around and look at the different independent boutiques in your area. Pinterest is good for inspiration for these too! Be sure to think about your color scheme and what will work in your room, and how all the different items will look together. You want them to tie in nicely and not make the room look too cluttered.

Adding a feature wall to your living room 

A feature wall is a great way to switch up your living room and add a bit of your personality to a room. If you’ve not done this before, it’s cost-effective and allows you to change the room’s feel by merely changing one wall. Not only that, but a feature wall can make a room look bigger, and guests will instantly notice a difference. A feature wall doesn’t have to be expensive and can be changed very quickly, and if you don’t like it, it’s not too costly to switch it up with another style. 

Change the furniture 

A new sofa, coffee table, or lamp can all make a difference to a room and change the feel. A lamp adds warmth, whereas a sofa can make an immediate impact. It may be more expensive, but by changing your furniture, you can update the feel and look without having to get any decorators in. If you need inspiration, make sure you look on Pinterest before changing the look for the sake of it. 

Rugs can make a big difference 

By simply adding a rug, you can make a significant change to the room. A rug can add brightness to a dark room or add color to a dull room. By adding a rug to your living room, you can transform the space, making a big difference. If you want to change your flooring but don’t have the budget to change it completely, a rug could be your answer as it’s a lot more cost-effective. Plus, you can keep changing your rug designs, depending on the season or time of year, whether it is summer or Christmas. Rugs can also be good accents, such as to drape over a bench for a scandi look.

Add some pillows or throws to your sofa or chairs

By simply purchasing some new cushions or throws for your living room, you can make a statement and instantly change the feel of the room. Some red cushions can make the room feel warm and inviting, whereas green cushions can symbolize peace and relaxation. When picking your new cushions, make sure the colors do not clash with the color of your sofa, as this is a recipe for disaster! New throws and cushions are a great way to update your place without having to spend a lot of money, plus this will make a big difference to the feel of the room. Switch your cushions around depending on the time of year, with lighter colors in the summer and darker tones in the colder months.

Hang some artwork on the walls 

Add a new dimension to your living room with the addition of paintings or your photography hanging on the wall. Get creative and express who you are by picking unique pieces that have meaning to you and a back story. Not only will your guests instantly notice the change to the room, but they will also be fascinated by the story – plus, it’s a great way to show off some of your artistic/photography skills. 

Rearrange your furniture 

This could be the cheapest way of changing the feel of a room and have a big impact. If your room has stayed the same way for a while, why not start moving your current furniture to create a new look. Maybe your tv is on a stand but could be on the wall in a different place? Could you move your bookshelves to a different location and rearrange how it looks? It may be strange at first, but once you have moved things around, you will get used to the feel and love the new look you have created. 

Try and reduce the clutter within your room 

Sometimes it’s a simple case of decluttering a room that can make a big difference to the feel of your living room. Over time you may have collected a number of ornaments or souvenirs which you used to love, but now are a bit overbearing. If you find you have too much out on display, your living room could feel smaller, so it may be that you need to have a good declutter. Walk around the room and see what’s on display; ask yourself if this is important and whether you can move it to another room. Just like moving your furniture, this is a cost-effective way to go over your living room to change the way it feels. 

Change up your lighting

Warm bulbs can make the overall feel of a room cozier, whereas cold bulbs can make it feel colder. Depending on your decor, each will change the way your room feels, presenting themselves in a slightly different way when the light hits them. If you want to add a different dimension to the room, you could look at getting some LED bulbs. Not only will these last longer, but they will also allow you to light up the room in other colors. 

There are many reasons to change up your living room, but as you can see from above, they don’t all have to be hard work and very expensive. If you like to change things up regularly, adding art to the wall and changing this can instantly switch things up, as well as by changing the cushions depending on the season. If you are thinking of updating another part of your property, take a look at my ideas to make your home stand out. By implementing just a few of my suggestions, you will soon love the look of your living room.

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