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5 Great Products to Update Your Home and Create a Chic Décor

Has your home had the same look since “Friends” went on air? Do you find your home décor boring? Then it just might be the perfect time to consider a few changes to spruce it up. This doesn’t have to be anything major like new furniture or overall renovation. Believe it or not, it can only take a few chic décor products to give your home a whole new facelift.

There are several timeless home décor products that return to the trending scene time and time again. No matter your style, these products instantly enhance your home décor and give it a personality and add function. So, irrespective of the complexity of your space, here are 5 chic home décor products that will give your home the shot of style it needs to transform its whole vibe.

1.     The Levitating Moon Lamp

Levitating Mood Lamp Create a Chic Décor

Come home to the beauty of this Levitating Moon Lamp that creates an inspirational soft and soothing lunar glow to your living room. And that’s only part of the charm; this lamp literally floats gracefully and elegantly above the base. It comes with many features such as the ability to adjust brightness and color of the lamp. And since the creators thought about the elegance and functionality of this piece, it charges wirelessly, so you have zero worries about cables lying around your house. This only adds to its simple yet stunning appeal.

The Levitating Moon Lamp has been designed using authentic high quality NASA satellite images and advanced 3D technology to give it that rugged surface. Thus, when it sits in your living room, whether day or night, this home décor product boasts of detail, elegance and tranquility.

Source: Galaxy Lamps

2.     The Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Projector Create a Chic Décor

The deep outer space and a whole array of stars, galaxies and nebulae  is just what any bedroom needs to help you kick back and let all the day’s stress lift away. And the Galaxy Projector is undeniably among the most fascinating home décor pieces that you might think of. 

This home planetarium creates a beautiful lighting effect that enhances the aesthetic of your bedroom instantly by projecting the starry sky on your ceiling with floating clouds that have changeable colors. It has thousands of stars and will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the Milky Way and the galaxy nebula.

But there is even more, it is voice controlled, making it very convenient. It can be controlled through the app that can be downloaded from either the Apple Store or Google Play, and then synced with Alexa and Google Assistant. Enhance your bedroom with this petit but mind blowing décor product.

Source: Galaxy Lamps

3.     Mongolian Pillow

Living Room with Mongolian Pillows and Blue Accents Create a Chic Décor

This décor element has become a timeless trend, and it’s gorgeous. And why not? It’s perfect for snuggling up. Whether real or faux, the Mongolian sheepskin pillows add a touch of class and luxury to any space. They’re soft and comfortable and complete a family lounger relaxation vibe.

Their soft nature makes you want to run your fingers through them; this makes them more than ideal for layering up behind the main pillows in your bedroom. But they’re versatile; they can still be perfect décor items in your living room. 

You can use them on each end of your couch, or place each of them on your preferred seats or even on top of the side stool. The good thing is that they come in all colors. As such, accentuate the relaxing tones of your home with these Mongolian pillows.


4.     Bar Cart

Black Metal Bar Cart Create a Chic Décor

Your bathroom is your little personal spa and sometimes all your essentials may lack the right place to store them. You may have all the space in the world but you want your regime product right next to you, or the space may not be enough for all your beauty products, so what do you do? Amp up your bathroom space with a chic bar cart.

This is a stylish yet simple twist to add multiple and mobile shelves for your products to be stored and “move to you” whenever you need them. Like a spa on wheels. It adds to the convenience by allowing you to move it to whichever room you want in case you no longer need it in the bathroom. For instance, it can still be used as storage space beside your couch, as a nightstand or an addition for your guest room. You can never go wrong with a stylish bar cart.

Source: Wayfair.com

5.     Chinese Garden Stool

Blue and White Garden Stool Create a Chic Décor

Go oriental with this classic stool that continues to make a huge statement for decades. This elegant drum shaped often perforated Chinese garden stool would make for a chic addition in your living space. Its beauty lies in its versatility. It’s no longer about just sitting pretty on the porch or in the courtyard, it has entered the home and it will be anything you want it to be.

How? It’ll make for a perfect footrest, it would be an excellent side table in the bathroom or kitchen as a wet friendly side space or can be tucked anywhere you want and still transform the space. It adds a touch of color and pattern with a dash of ceramic to drum up the texture palette.

As if that’s not enough, this beautiful stool can still go back outside and hold your little flower pots and so forth. It’s a gift that keeps giving.

Source: Charish.com

Take Home

Classic touches live forever, from the classic Chinese stool way up to the moon and the starry skies with the Galaxy Projector and Levitating Moon Lamp. The art and life of your house décor can be created by such simple additions that can completely transform the energy and style of any space. Thus, go ahead and light up your house with some of these chic home décor ideas.


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