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Who is Costas Polycarpou?

The name Costas Polycarpou is a household name to the people of London, He’s very well-known especially to the property and housing companies industry. The popular businessman has made a massive mark in the housing industry for Londoners and has taken the business to a different level.

He has set a higher standard in the business through the services rendered by his company by providing quality services.

Generally, Costas has set a fantastic record in business success and management. More than providing excellent services to his customers, he has equally managed a large team of staff members very well.

A Look at His Background and Early Years

The British citizen was born in December 1977 and attended Mill Hill County High School. He lives in England and is associated with at least five companies. Although the popular businessman is mainly known for his position as the cofounder of Polyteck, a large real estate company in London, he has also worked in other positions before now. You can find more suggestions for potentials in the real estate business.

He has worked as an adviser in different companies and financial organizations. He has equally worked as a lead design engineer in different projects.

Costas once worked with Long and Partners, after which he managed many small businesses where he offered different property services. He equally gave his customers good advice for their buildings as well as solutions to engineering problems.

After some time, he started to work with Greg and Co. Ltd. Here, served as a director in building services, and with his experience and knowledge in this area, he moved this sector from £400,000 per year to £1 million within one year.

Upon leaving Greg and Co. Ltd., the businessman decided to start his own company from scratch. He started Polyteck with his father, Yiannakis Polycarpou. Father and son worked and built this company from nothing to a business that owns millions of pounds within four years. It has since grown into one of the largest housing companies in London.

Costas Polycarpou and the Growth of Polyteck

It is almost impossible to talk about Costas without talking about Polyteck. The company’s growth has led to his growth and recognition in the industry and the world of business generally.

Through the background and knowledge, he gathered in Engineering and Building Services from different companies over the years, he was able to put in active work to raise Polyteck to a level where it can compete with other companies. Want to learn more about corporate competitive advantage? This link can provide you with useful information on the subject.

At the age of twenty-seven, in 2005, he and his father started the firm. With hard work and dedication, he overcame the struggles and challenges that came with his new decision. Apart from his contributions,

Trust, Loyalty, and Partnership have also been the central values that have kept Polyteck going and growing. Within fifteen years, the company was able to raise its income to up to £30 million.

Over the years, the forty-three-year-old man has continuously led Polyteck and the entire staff up the business ladder. We can agree that for an institution to grow, the members of the team and partners of the company have a great deal to contribute.

Therefore, in addition to his housing and property services skills, Costas equally has a good knowledge of managing people and bringing out the best from his workers. All these add to making him a successful businessman.

Polyteck has grown under his care into a leading real estate firm that has helped solve many problems related to property and housing in London. Also, it has built branches in other countries, including Dubai and Qatar, and it hopes to extend even more to other parts of the world where it has not reached yet.

What to Learn from Costas Polycarpou

In addition to his housing and property services skills, Costas Polycarpou equally has a good knowledge of managing people and bringing out the best from his workers. All these add to making him a successful businessman.

It’s not every time you find a successful businessman who can navigate the hurdles of managing a business and maintaining such an extensive investment portfolio. But it is clear to see that discipline and a strong moral standing is what has kept Costas successful over the years. Without the early support of family (father) it might have been more challenging to achieve this level of success. And according to the businessman, his family has played an important role in his career. This is something he doesn’t hesitate to share with his staff and partners.






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