Looking for the Perfect Location To Start Your WFH Lifestyle? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you have transitioned to remote working over the past months, you are certainly not the only one. According to FlexJobs statistics, over 36 million US workers are transitioning to a remote work lifestyle, and 70% of companies are getting ready to offer their employees hybrid and flexible work options. 

However, the chances are that the place you have been living in until now might no longer reflect your career and social needs, now that you don’t have to travel to the office or face the commute. 

Whether you are looking to live closer to your family, lower your rent, or live in a more spacious home, this is the best time to relocate. Here are some tips!!

Looking for the Perfect Location To Start Your WFH Lifestyle? Here’s What You Need To Know

Look for the Right Community

Remote working has many benefits. This new way of working can increase productivity levels, boost motivation, and provide talents with the work-life balance they desire. However, there is one major downside that many people who work from the comfort of their home have to deal with: loneliness. 

Therefore, after your day at work or during your breaks, you will want to see people, interact, and socialize. And, this can be difficult if there is barely any community in the area! Make sure you join the right social media groups, boards, and forums to get to know the local community.  

Check Out Co-Working Spaces and Cafes

The number of digital nomads in the US is constantly growing and surpassed the 10-million-mark in 2021. Thanks to digital nomad communities and the advent of remote working, facilities such as co-working spaces and high-speed internet cafes are becoming a reality in many places. Make sure these are available in the location you choose to relocate to!

Make Sure There Are Plenty of Parks and Green Spaces

Whether you prefer to live at the heart of the city or in the peaceful countryside, make sure there are plenty of accessible green spaces around the home. Living close to nature is essential to spark creativity, boost energy levels, and protect mental health from disorders. 

And, of course, living close to a park can inspire healthy habits such as walks and jogging sessions. 

Recreation and Entertainment Are Just As Important!

Working from home does not have to be lonely or boring. Just make sure you know where to find entertainment and recreation around your house. Before moving to a new place, check for museums, art galleries, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, and bars. And, don’t forget to look for volunteering clubs and communities that dedicate time to important causes!

Invest in the Right Home

When relocating to a new area and working from home, it is essential to invest in the right property that will support your lifestyle. While in the past you might have been happy living in a small apartment and spending most of your time outside of it, now you should reconsider your priorities. 

Indeed, you will be working from home and spend most of your waking time between your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and home office. A more spacious home is key to creating a healthy living environment – check here to find the ideal property for your needs.


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