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Open Plan Kitchen Ideas

If you were to designate an area in your home as the “central hub” of your house, which room would that be? For most homes, it is the kitchen. It is at the very center of the chaos that is typical family life. Eating and cooking seem to be only a part of the action! Homework, dinner dates, hanging out with friends, budget sessions and more all happen in the kitchen/dining space.

Today, more than ever, people are waking up to the idea that the kitchen is more than a place to cook and eat. It is instead a crucial area in the functionality of your home life. This is why open kitchen design concepts are more popular than ever before.

8 Open Kitchen Plan Design Ideas for 2022

How you design your open kitchen plan will depend a lot on your lifestyle, your kitchen’s current layout and your design taste. Use one or a combination of these ideas to breathe new life into your kitchen and reinvigorate your living space.

  • Feature Wall/ Color-Inspired Open Kitchen

Do you have a colorful personality or a flair for the dramatic? Using one wall of your open kitchen space as a feature color wall can completely change the feel of the room. Vibrant colors and bold patterns are great ways to express yourself and make yourself known.

  • Cooking Focused Open Kitchen with a Prominent Gas Range

As Albert Einstein is often credited with saying,

“The important thing is to keep the important thing, the important thing”.

For the foodies out there, that means emphasizing the cooking space, particularly if it is a beautiful gas range. Whether against the wall or on an island, placing the range at the center of attention creates a distinct look and sets the tone for the kitchen.

  • Open Kitchen with Secret Storage

According to Amy from Nankivells “Some people dislike clutter in all of its forms. Secret storage compartments, available with no hardware or handles, give you a place to store it all without looking like a packrat.” Clean lines and clear countertops lead to a calm, open kitchen experience.

  • Industrial Open Kitchen Concept

The industrial look is very popular for several reasons. Raw finishes and rough textures are attractive and lend a sense of simplicity and earthiness to your space. Using raw material finishes in your open plan kitchen highlights the materials themselves, such as the countertop or the cupboards, to be the decorative elements. This removes the need for other decorative elements.

  • Open Kitchen for 2

If your kitchen serves only you and your significant other, why not make that a focal point? You can build an island with seats for two or build a two-seater breakfast nook in your open concept kitchen to make it uniquely yours.

  • Family-Focused Open Kitchen

Is there a family running wild in your kitchen at all hours of the day? Building an open plan that leads directly into the dining room is the best way to integrate your family/home life and the kitchen. No separate rooms, just one big happy family space, perfect for homework, arguments, food fights and more!

  • The “Almost Exterior” Open Kitchen

If you have doors that open to the outside that are adjacent to your kitchen, you can use that to your advantage when designing your open plan kitchen. You can essentially extend the length of your kitchen/dining space when you have the doors open, bringing the outside in. Turn your kitchen into a patio-style space by having an “almost exterior” open kitchen plan.

Which is the Best Open Plan Kitchen Idea for You?

How will you transform your kitchen and reinvent you’re eating space? An open plan kitchen design can be as versatile and unique as the homeowner that puts it together. What does the future hold for you and your kitchen?

Open Plan Kitchen Ideas

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