Finding the Best Zombie Mobile Games in 2019

Everyone enjoys spending their free time with entertainment. And everyone, well, most everyone, loves apocalyptic content. And where does entertainment meet the apocalypse better than zombie games? While I was looking for some new games to play on my phone, I found a list of some of the best zombie games on the internet. 

Best Apps for Zombie Games

With these entertaining mobile games, you can enjoy all the post-apocalyptic zombie killing challenges without spending a dime or firing up a game console. You’ll find these mobile apps have a number of fun benefits the more you play. 

Play zombie games for free

Zombie games can be an addictively fun way to spend your free time. The seemingly basic challenge of pure survival takes many twists and turns down different paths depending on the type of game you’re playing. As you’re taking a look through different kinds of zombie survival games, you won’t have to break the bank searching for new games. With so many different free zombie shooter games available, you can’t go wrong if you want to give them all a shot

These games also vary in style, so you can pick which one you’d want to play based on the amount of time you’ll have. For instance, a lot of these zombie games are fast-paced, quick challenges with lots of stopping points. Others have a pause function available so that you can pause the game, use your phone for other things, and then return to it later. These kinds of games are the best for people who get sporadically busy throughout the day with only short periods of free time. 

Change the theme up to keep it entertaining

Another benefit to being able to choose between a number of zombie games is that you can rotate between sources of entertainment. Within the list of apps representing the best zombie games, you’ll find multiple different categories and themes. Typically, these different themes will suit what you’re looking for in a game depending on your personality. Since there are many different kinds of games, there’s something for everyone. 

For instance, many of these zombie games involve building defenses before each zombie attack. So if you’re the building type and you like to strategically create things, then these games are for you. Others are fast-paced, action-packed fights to the death. These survival-of-the-fittest co-op matches are great for adrenaline junkies and competitors. Switching back and forth between kinds of games can help you get more enjoyment without it going stale. 

Play with friends online

If these kinds of co-op games are the most fun for you, then mobile zombie games have what you’re looking for. In the old days, zombie games (especially the ones on your phone) were just for solo enjoyment. However, with online capabilities, you can team up with old friends and make new ones in co-op style play. Take zombies on with friends and employ teamwork and strategy to clear levels and challenges. Or you can play against each other, every man for himself, and see who survives the longest.

When you start playing with groups consistently, you’ll notice you perform best with certain teams and players. Since the games are being played right from your phone, it’s a great chance to network with these guys or girls and get notified when they’re online and available to play. With mobile zombie games that connect you to new friends, you can spend quality time together without having to leave the house or schedule a time to hangout around everyone’s busy schedules. 


Mobile zombie games will be your fix for entertaining free time as you can play for free, switch back and forth between multiple styles, and play online with your friends to make the most of your mobile gameplay. 

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