Essentials Items To Have In Your Pet’s First Aid Kit

Every loving pet owner is solely responsible for their pet’s health, including knowing what to do when in a pet emergency. The last thing you want is to go into panic mode and start scrambling for first aid items or supplies when your pet requires immediate attention in case of an emergency. Having a first aid kit can be a lifesaver. But what supplies should you have in it?

Read on to find out what essential items to have in your pet’s first aid kit. 

  • Bandages

Your Pet’s First Aid Kit bandages and medical tape

Bandages are essentials for any pet first aid kit. In most cases, you will need a bandage after injury before taking your pet to see a vet. As basic as it sounds, a bandage plays a crucial role in preventing aggravating the injury and minimizing the risk of wound contamination. 

  • An emergency contact card

Your first aid kit should always have an emergency contact card containing the numbers of your vet, animal poison control, or an around-the-clock emergency clinic. And if you have to leave your pet with a pet sitter, you can leave a copy of these contacts with them. 

It is also advisable to keep another copy of the contacts on you at all times, preferably in your wallet or purse. 

  • Medical supplies

You should also have specific medical supplies, depending on your pet’s individual health needs. That is especially important if your pet already has a history of recurring health concerns. For example, if your dog has regular struggles or has experienced liver issues, it is advisable to have liver supplements for dogs as part of your pet first aid kit essentials. You should also have every prescribed medication in your pet’s first aid kit, as well as some standard supplements, remedies, and other essentials. However, it is crucial to first speak with your vet before adding any standard or off-the-counter medication. 

  • A pair of scissors

You will need something to cut through a tape, gauze, or any other type of bandaging material. You don’t want to risk using a blade or any other sharp object as that could waste your time or even hurt your pet in the process. Your best option will be a pair of specially designed scissors with a rounded tip to prevent accidentally hurting your pet when cutting very close to its skin. 

  • Restraints

Cats and dogs can become particularly aggressive when they’re in pain, scared, or nervous. That means it will be very challenging to assist them without hurting them, yourself, or anyone else around you. With the help of restraint, you should get them under your control to administer the necessary first aid. 

  • A comfort toy and some treats

Dog Treats

Don’t expect your dog or cat to walk willingly into a restraint, especially when hurt and scared. You can calm your pet down a bit with their favorite comfort toy and some treats and gain their trust while you restrain them. 

It is crucial to keep these items in your pet first aid kit at all times to ensure your pets get the best care in case of an emergency.


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