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2021 Back to School Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received items from some of the brands below to facilitate this publication, which is part of our Gift Ideas and Buying Guides series of posts. All info on products/services come directly from brands.  Any opinions stated are those of the authors.

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2021 Back-to-School Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page

2021 Back to School


TOPPIN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

I think when my kids where all in school, I did more Back-to-School cleaning that I did Spring Cleaning.  This cordless vacuum is perfect for cleanups at home, or at school.  Great size for dorm rooms and small apartments…overall cleaning or just quick “pick-ups”!

Toppin / 2021 Back to School Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page


Info from TOPPIN

Toppin is a health and happiness brand for the modern homeowner.

We offer future-forward cleaning technology that supports a healthier and refreshed environment. On our constant exploration, we continue to discover the power of combined design and technology used to achieve harmony and cleanliness in every home.

We design products that make present-day homeowners feel in control of creating a healthy environment for everyone around them. We inspire homeowners to foster meaningful connections to their surroundings.

Nowadays, connecting with our homes translates into deeper connections with friends and family. In other words, our products allow homeowners to offer themselves, and anyone who knocks on their door a clean, healthy environment—and this cultivates happiness.

Toppin is an innovative way to creating a harmonious space through a revolutionary approach, and an ergonomic product operation, minimalistic appearance, that not only meets functional needs but also provides an upscale appearance fit for every modern home.

TOPPIN – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner S2 – Versatile

Powerful 250W Brushless Motor – Provides up to 23KPa Strong Suction, Capturing Pet Hair, Cat Litter, Pet Food in seconds.

Upgraded Brushless Motor – Owning the advantages of ultra-longer service life, higher efficiency, less heat and noise, brushless motor provides better performance than brushed motor.

Multifunctional Use – Comes with extra attachments to easily switch to handheld vacuum, Toppin s2 meets different cleaning needs from floor to ceilings, such as clearing beds, sofa, curtains, car and other hard-to-reach places.

East to Empty – Just press the button under the dust cup to empty the trash without getting your hands dirty.

Washable Filter & Dust Cup – Regular cleaning of washable filter & dust cup can prevent suction loss and blockage, maintain good performance.

Dual Charging Choice – Toppin S2’s 6*2200mAh batteries can be charged in or out of the unit.  Only 3-5 hours charge, delivering up to 34 minutes running time for a deep house cleaning.

LED Brush Headlights – Equipped with 4 LED headlights and 180° rotatable floor brush, enables you to easily clean the blind corners under furniture

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2021 Back to School

Restore Naturals

Good for your home / Good for the environment / Good for your wallet!  Want to give them a try?  They carry Products for your entire home…Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Living Room and Hand Sanitizers & Hand Soap! 

Restore Naturals

Info from Restore Naturals

$4.59 – $40.00

Restore Naturals is the plant-based brand that is safe for your family and the environment, leading the way since 1991 (long before others got in the game). It is a go-to for everything you need to keep your home clean and comfortable. For those with sensitive skin, these products are a game-changer!

Restore Naturals are made from renewable, plant-based cleaning agents, including soy, orange, corn, and other biodegradable ingredients, which make the products more sustainable and better for the planet. The ingredients are grey-water, septic, and sewer safe and do not create toxic by-products when they degrade. All products are cruelty-free and Made in the USA. The concentrated products are better for the environment with less plastic used for packaging, reducing plastic in landfills, and less electricity and fuel used overall.

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2021 Back to School

Bake Eat Love Kids Subscription Box

A couple of the grandkids had a blast creating these fun and tasty cupcakes!Bake Eat Love

Info from Bake Eat Love

BEL box returns the joy to baking. Each monthly box includes pre-measured specialty ingredients to make your next baking masterpiece.

Explore the mountains with s’mores campfire cupcakes and learn about the history of the US National Parks.

Each kit includes all the nonperishable ingredients to make the box, educational activities, and a kitchen gift: Star shaped piping tip, white chocolate seashell candy mold, ice cream scoop.

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2021 Back to School

Pixel Eyewear

These are so fantastic, that I’ve gone back and bought several more pairs!

Pixel Eyewear


Info from Pixel Eyewear

Pixel Eyewear makes designer computer glasses that protect your eyes from digital screens.

Beautiful & functional computer glasses. More comfort, better workdays, and happier eyes!
Shop the styles you actually will wear.

Why filter out blue light?

Blue light is high-energy light emitted by screens and its cumulative effect can have negative impacts on your health. Studies show prolong exposure to blue light may be linked to eye strain, increased risk of macular degeneration, and sleep cycle disruption.

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So much fun for the preschool age child.  Bright colorful learning fun!


Info From Skoolzy

Play. Learn. Create. Fun.


Kids learn best when they are having fun. For that reason, all Skoolzy Toys are designed to inspire kids to have fun while they learn.

  • The sorting toys make a fun learning resource for introducing color recognition & basic mathematics concepts such as counting and addition. Can be used for kids math games for toddlers.
  • Not intended for those who still place objects in their mouth. Bears are 1″ tall. Supervision required if a child is 3 years of age or younger!
  • Includes a small tote to hold all the colored cups or bears. Bears made of durable plastic and are great for generations to come!”


  • 60 small bears – in 6 colors (1 inch tall)
  • 6 Plastic Matching Cups (3.5in x 3 in)
  • 1 Storage Tote for Bears (7in x 3in)
  • 1 Color Bear Dice (1.5 inch)1 Tong
  • Downloadable Activity Guide


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2021 Back to School



Three Hermits

Three Hermits “shots” come in Turmeric & Nirgundi, Moringa & Ashwagandha, and Cinnamon & Fenugreek. Each for specific support: Post Exercise Pain Management, Immunity, and Weight Loss.

Three Hermits

Info from Three Hermits

Feel Good. Do Good. Be Good.

Three Hermits uses time-tested ingredients to provide natural supplements to a growing plant-based market.

We believe food is medicine and have made it our mission to preserve the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda by offering a line of remedies which seamlessly fit into a modern lifestyle.

Three Hermits puts you and your body first above all. With hand-picked and wholesome ingredients, our drinks are made to empower and boost your everyday.

Our shots deliver optimal nourishment to the body and contain life-giving, energizing nutrients! Visit our website to learn more.

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2021 Back to School

BetterBody Foods

So many products to choose from:

  • OILS

BetterBody Foods


Info from BetterBody Foods

We believe the journey to a better life starts with better food. That’s why we travel the globe to find better ingredients so we can provide you with better food choices… because we know that life is better when you eat better.

BetterBody Foods Founder and CEO Stephen Richards has always loved to cook. Coming from a family of diabetics, he is always looking for better ways to manage his diet and health. He understand that better foods make better bodies. In 2007 Stephen was introduced to agave nectar and was immediately impressed. He traveled to the central region of Mexico where agave is grown and spent time with the farmers and industry experts there learning about the product and its benefits. After several years, Stephen had developed his own brand of agave nectar and began selling it to small local retailers. BetterBody Foods was born.

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2021 Back to School

Tea Runners

I love that they offer Herbal Teas and an Herbal Tea Box!

Tea Runners Herbal Tea Box

Info from Tea Runners

Tea Runners is the world’s finest loose leaf tea club. Every month our members receive a curated collection of four of the world’s best loose leaf teas, along with tasting notes and brewing instructions.

Join Tea Runners today and you’ll receive four of the world’s finest loose leaf teas to your door every month. Each box contains a variety of teas, including black, green, oolong, pu-erh, herbal , white teas, and more.

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2021 Back to School


Vibrant colors and cool smooth silk combine to make a cool and comfortable necktie scarf accent piece!

Info from KoshieO

KoshieO brings new life to everyday wear by combining ethnic inspired prints with contemporary designs.

Our two-sided neckties combine both Ankara/ African art to our staple chain and bead mix design thus making our product very unique. Made of Silk twill can be used as head or wrist band, necktie and accessory for a tote purse.

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2021 Back to School

At Home With Ray

I love the color combination of the Skinny Silk Twily Scarf that I received.  Sized perfectly to tie around your wrist, wear on your head, around your neck, or add to the band of hat!

At Home With Ray


Info from At Home With Ray

At Home With Ray is the love child business of Kris Roufa, owner of design firm Pool Creative. At Home With Ray creates elevated designs for both the custom branded and wholesale luxury personal and home goods industries.

The Hood Stripe silk twill is available in three perfect colors to compliment any summer look you’ve got going on.


dimension: 110×5 cm (43′ x 2″)
materials: 100% silk twill
double sided

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2021 Back to School

Stunt Plaines byThe ORIGINAL Stomp Rocket®

Oh my goodness, I have a grandson that went gaga for this.  He had a blast, as did older siblings that were more than happy to join in on the fun!

The Original Stomp Rocket

Info from The ORIGINAL Stomp Rocket®

  • Run, jump and stomp to launch Stunt Planes; 100% kid-powered. No batteries required. Great for year round fun to get kids away from screen time and play with outdoor toys. These air rocket launchers are the perfect toddler toys for girls and boys ages 5 and up.

  • Includes 3 Stunt Planes (Looper, Glider and Wildcat), a sturdy adjustable air rocket launch stand and launch stomp pad with an air hose. Looper plane performs giant loops, glider plane soars up to 100 feet and Wildcat plane does all kinds of crazy tricks.

  • Adjust the angle of flight with the adjustable launch stand, fly into or with the wind and change how these planes fly.

  • Award-winning products from industry experts, including iParenting Media, Dr. Toy, and Creative Child Magazine

  • Pair with Stomp Rocket Science book and get kids interested in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) early. These toy rocket launchers are perfect STEM toys that are fun and get your kids up and moving while they learn.

Shop The ORIGINAL Stomp Rocket® : Amazon

2021 Back to School

Dick & Jane Educational Snacks

A great take on the animal cracker.  LOL, my daughter-in-law decided they were really good and sort of wanted to keep them for herself! What a fun way to to help kids learn. Choose from States & Capitals, Presidents, English & Spanish, Food & Nutrition, Run & fitness, and Farmers Market. Check out their site for a printable Celebration Calendar and Activity Sheets.

Dick & Jane Educational Snacks

Info from Dick & Jane Educational Snacks

Dick and Jane Baking Co. successfully combines healthy whole grain nutrition with education as part of our effort to help kids eat right and do well in school.
Our Educational Snacks are delicious, all-natural and loaded with learning … plus they are 100 percent nut free.

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2021 Back to School

Crofter’s Organic

We tried the Strawberry Banana.  It’s so good.  I think that besides spreading on toast, it would be a fantastic ice cream topping!

Crofter's Organic

Info from Crofter’s Organic

Crofter’s makes the best tasting, nutritious, organic fruit spreads possible with 1/3 less sugar than traditional preserves.
Established in 1989 we are a family-owned organic food manufacturer located in Parry Sound, Ontario Canada. Where is that you ask? Well, it’s a small town in northern Ontario, a few hours north of Toronto. There really is no better setting for an organic company. We are in the heart of the 30,000 Islands of Georgian Bay which is part of Lake Huron. With a rugged shoreline of granite and windswept pines, and inland lakes everywhere you turn, we are literally surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife which puts us in a great state of mind to create the best tasting organic fruit spreads possible. UNESCO has even recognized this unique part of the world by designating it a Biosphere Reserve.
Crofter’s Food Ltd has been manufacturing organic products since the beginning of the trend toward organics. We continue to be family owned and now employ over 30 people making us one of the largest employers in the area.

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2021 Back to School

Color My Cookie

Cookie fun for everyone! They were so well packed that everything arrived in perfect condition. I was so impressed – not a single cookie in our box was broken, nor were any cracked. Each Kit includes:

  • 6 cookies to decorate
  • 1 edible paint palette cookie & edible watercolors
  • 2 paintbrushes & cups for water
  • Icing, sprinkles, & edible décor
  • Link to an online cookie decorating tutorial for your kit taught by a pastry chef

Info from Color My Cookie

Color My Cookie is a one-of-a-kind at-home cookie decorating kit that includes pre-iced shortbread cookies, edible watercolors, sprinkles or edible glitter and an online tutorial for every set!

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, family get-together, or just looking for something fun to do this weekend, Color My Cookie is the perfect way to make sweet memories that will last long after the last bite of cookie. Our collection of cookie decorating kits are designed for all ages and experience levels, so you can be confident that you’re cooking up a great activity that will be fun for everyone.

With a wide variety of themes, Color My Cookie collections are sure to delight your friends and family – and best of all, we’re always coming up with new ideas! From festive seasonal cookie kits to everyday designs, Color My Cookie has it all.

Make sure you don’t miss out on new collections by subscribing to our Color My Cookie subscription box, which sends a new collection to your home every month!

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2021 Back to School

Lazarus Artisan Goods

Oh my gosh…the buttery softness of the leather!!!!

Info From Lazarus Artisan Goods

Lazarus Artisan Goods manufactures fine leather goods in Honduras and Haiti in order to create sustainable employment with Fair+ Wages in regions with depressed economies.

We take pride in the beautiful detail you will find in our leather goods. They’re made with quality craftsmanship to last a long time.

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2021 Back to School

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