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Summer Fun Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page

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Welcome to the 2021 Summer Fun Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page

Summer Fun Sponsors Summer Fun Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page
Brought to you by: Therafit, Swanwick, Chuckle& Roar, Persik / Pure Sky, Sonoma Wool, Therapy Clean, and Top Soap


Summer means sandals, and I can honestly say that these are the MOST COMFORTABLE pair of shoes that I’ve ever owned! That is saying a LOT, as I have severe plantar fasciitis and always have to have on shoes.  Not only are they comfortable, but they look really cute too!

These sandals come in Black, Blue, Brown & White in Sizes 6 – 12.

Info From Therafit

Our philosophy is simple: Make Your Whole Body Happy, Starting with Your Feet. At Therafit, we stay focused on giving you a really comfortable shoe. Our patented technology provides unique cushioning & impact absorption, to help improve posture & support.

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Therafit is proud to make men’s & women’s foot support sneakers, casual shoes, slippers, boots, work shoes & sandals approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association & the National Posture Institute. Every pair of Therafit shoes provides superior Arch Support, a deep heel cup and personalized heel support. Style, comfort & function all in one shoe. Our shoes adjust to fit you! Free Shipping & Returns.
Therafit Footwear products are designed for optimal support and cushioning with the goal of providing you with reliable comfort, protection and relief from arch pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation and other foot pain symptoms.
Each shoe lets you adjust the impact protection and cushion level to fit your personal needs using the 3 removable adapters (Personalized Comfort System (PCS)) located in the heel of the shoe.

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Swanwick Sleep

Oh, the long days of summer… swimming, picnics, and late night reading or watching TV.  It’s all great, but watching on “screens” before bed can often lead to difficulty in getting to sleep at night.  Swanwick Sleep has a solution

Info From Swanwick Sleep

THE MOST SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES ON THE MARKET. Swanwick’s Classic Night Swannies are the one-and-done best life hack for improving your sleep health. We spent years perfecting our Classic Night Swannies, which have since been proven effective by multiple studies, ensuring you’ll have the edge to maximize your daily performance. Night Vision Glasses with Case


Swanwick believes in the power of sleep and optimized health to empower entrepreneurs and high-performers achieve a competitive edge. Sleep well. Stay focused. Look good

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Chuckle & Roar

Enjoy family time together by playing fun games and putting together awesome puzzles, like those from Chuckle & Roar. Find them at Target!

Chuckle and Roar
Pop It  Oh how fun it is to P-O-P! The original never-ending bubble popping game is now in tie dye! Just hand this little toy to the nearest kid and you’ll be convinced … Pop It is pure magic. This sensory toy will keep kids occupied for hours. With no pieces or parts, the self-contained durable design is perfect for travel or even just relaxing and relieving stress and anxiety with some quiet popping time. Each Pop It tie dye is unique due to the tie dye making process and may vary from the images provided.  Scavenger Hunt A Family-Friendly Adventure Game Rain or shine, at home or on the go, we’ve got you covered with an up-and-active game that’s sure to have the whole family racing, searching, and laughing. Flashlight Over 100 objects to seek & find! In Flashlight Seek & Find little adventurers use a flashlight to explore and search for hidden objects within five unique scenes! Select one of four difficulty levels and watch as objects appear magically in the light! Delve underwater and find creatures of the deep. Embark on a quest for jewels and riches on the pirate’s bountiful beach. Get some fresh air at a campsite where you are sure to find some fun forest critters. Next, check out the museum to uncover some truly awesome artifacts. Finally, rocket to Outer Space with some of your best buds and discover planets, stars, and extra-terrestrial pals… not to mention the secrets of the Universe! With over 100 objects to find, this fun activity for kids is sure to produce hours and hours of pulsating (but quiet!) adventure! Scribble Glow LCD Doodle Board Spark creativity anywhere! Forget the broken pencils and crinkled paper. Kids will love doodling with this LCD doodle board! With 3 stencils for easy drawing and one-touch erasing, the possibilities for creativity-building are literally endless. Kids will enjoy doodling and building drawing skills, but can also build writing skills. With a tethered stylus pen and easy, click-in pen storage on top of the board, Scribble Glow makes the perfect travel activity for endless on-the-go play!

Info From Chuckle & Roar

Hey! We’re puzzles and game-makers who love what we do, but our ABOUT US is really about YOU. We talked to parents to find out what’s most important to you and we heard you loud and clear. Make it fun. Make it last. Make it easy. Make it affordable. Check. Check. Check. And double-check!

Whether you are looking for a learning activity, a new family game night favorite or just something that might give you a few moments of quiet time, with everything we design we strive for you to hear the 3 magic words: LET’S PLAY AGAIN!

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Chuckle & Roar: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Available at Target

Persik Pure-Sky

Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your family, with great microfiber cleaning supplies from Persik Pure-Sky!

Persik Pure Sky
Pure-Sky Ultra Microfiber Mop Pads – Magic Deep Clean Damp Mop Floor Cleaner Microfiber Cloth – JUST ADD Water No Detergents Needed – Microfiber Mop Refill Replacement for Wet Mop and Dry Dust Mop

Info From Persik Pure-Sky

Founded in 2013 Pure-Sky aims to turn you home into the feel-good heaven you always dreamed of.

With products that pair innovation, top-tier quality and affordability, Pure-Sky is a brand obsessed with with making your cleaning process easier and way more efficient.

In a few words, our goal is to help you spend less time on the dirty stuff, and more time enjoying your family life at home.


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Sonoma Wool

It may be summer and it may be hot, but everyday work must still get done.  Ironing is not something that everyone loves, but for me it’s a soothing chore and it offers instant gratification.  The wool ironing board pad from Sonoma Wool makes ironing a breeze!

Sonoma Wool
“Tired of those thin, worthless “pads” that are sold with ironing board covers? Sonoma Wool Company is proud to offer a durable and sustainable wool ironing board pad as a solution.”

Info from Sonoma Wool

Located in Sonoma County, CA, and Cape Cod, MA, we are a family-owned small business and partner with other family-owned ranches and mills to produce and sell practical wool products for you and your home, using 100% USA wool.

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Therapy Clean

I’m sort of a cleaning product junkie.  Unlike those that prefer a one fits all cleaning product, I want products that are made specifically for each cleaning job.  Not only does Therapy Clean offer that, but they work and smell awesome!

Therapy Clean
Therapy Clean Glass Cooktop Cleaner + Polish, Tub & Tile Cleaner + Polish, Stainless Steel Cleaner + Polish, Wood & Cabinet Cleaner + Polish

Info From Therapy Clean

At Therapy Clean we know you want to live in a home that’s clean and beautiful. Walking into a sparkling room brings joy and comfort. However, some surfaces require constant care and maintenance which makes you feel frustrated and untidy.

We believe you shouldn’t have to work so hard to make your home look and feel beautiful. Like you, we are troubled by products that overpromise and underdeliver. That’s why we formulated surface specific cleaners that get the job done right the first time. Plus, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing left to lose (except maybe some dirt & grime).

We’re a family owned and operated business and are dedicated to creating products which combine superior performance with the safest ingredients available. In addition, we feel it’s important that our products look great and smell even better. Therapy Clean is proudly manufactured at our own factory in New Hampshire. We thank you for stopping by and joining us on the journey to a safe a beautiful home!

Anne Ruozzi & James Dudra

Founded in 2017, Therapy Clean manufactures surface specific cleaning products that make your home look and feel beautiful.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Therapy Clean: Website | Facebook | Instagram


Top Soap

Helping to now only make your home cleaner, but easier too! Simple. Affordable. Hassle-Free.

Top Soap
Easy pour spout goes down directly into the soap bottle below the counter to help prevent spills. Each Top Soap pouch is pre-measured to perfectly fill your sink-mounted countertop soap dispenser, so it will never overflow. 100% money back guarantee 100% made in the USA Top Soap Dish Soap: Attacks grease and hard to clean surface stains like coffee so you can wash even the toughest dishes with ease! Top Soap Moisturizing Hand Soap: Our all-natural, unscented, aloe-based formula is gentle on your hands but tough on grime. Purchase individually or in 4-packs.

Info From Top Soap


You push down on the soap dispenser and…nothing – as usual.  We know, it’s so frustrating!  Refilling it from the top means a messy overflow of soap all over your counter.  Refilling the reservoir from under the sink means clearing out all the cleaning bottles and crawling into the cabinet to unscrew the bottle…What a pain!


Top Soap is the world’s only easy refill system for your countertop mounted soap dispensers.  Simply remove the pump, insert the spout and squeeze in the top-quality dish soap or moisturizing hand soap. The easy pour spout fits deep inside to avoid spills, and the easy refill pouch is sized just right so you won’t overflow on to your counter.  Now you can quickly and easily refill without the mess!


Learn More, and Shop Top Soap: Website 





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