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There are not many times that I long for the days that I didn’t have children.  For the most part, I love being a mom! One of the times that I long for the kid free days is when we are eating at a restaurant. Eating out use to be relaxing but now it is chaotic, especially with 3 kids and the youngest being under a year. The baby, is in the in between stage where she isn’t happy staying in the infant seat but cannot quite sit up on her own without a little more support than what a restaurant high chair gives. This means that  ups until now, we ended up holding her most dinners out, while taking turns eating. NOT ANY MORE.

Why? – Because of The Inglesina Fast Table Chair!

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

The Inglesina Fast Table Chair is AMAZING!!!! I am not sure who is the most excited about the chair… me, my older boys or the baby! Why am I In love? 1st the portability, as it folds up nicely  and  I can stash it into the trunk of my car (next to the Inglesina Net stroller) and still have plenty of room. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

2nd this awesome chair puts our sweetheart right up to the table, so she can be in on all of the action… not missing anything. It can even fit inside a booth, doesn’t have to be on the outside.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

3rd I know its clean! Most high chairs at restaurants appear dirty, with food stuck to them (yuck!). As a bonus, the Fast Table Chair even has a tray attachment, so no worries about if a table is clean or not. 4th Easy to use! Just unzip sides and twist the knobs up or down to fit the table securely and then zip the sides back up. My 4 year old likes to zip up the sides for me, makes him feel like a big boy! 🙂

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Inglesina speaks Italian style and smooth urban mobility. We make premium strollers, prams, highchairs and table chairs. Share our Italian Story of Love.
At the intersection of form, function and style, you’ll find Inglesina. We’re the Italian makers of high quality baby gear, without the high-end price tag. We make life less complicated for today’s busy parents, by designing products that offer the ultimate in reliability and convenience.
Inglesina Fast Table Chair
Have you ever had the same issues when dining out with little ones? If you had an Iglesina Fast Table Chair, where would you head out for dinner?

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Inglesina Fast Table Chair: Makes Dining Out a Breeze

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