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THE REAL DEAL, by Joe Mcnally


About the Book:

“Photographer and best-selling author Joe McNally shares stories and lessons from a life in photography.

When Joe McNally moved to New York City in 1976, his first job was at the Daily News as a copyboy, “the wretched dog of the newsroom.” He was earning the lowest pay grade possible and living in a cheap hotel in Manhattan. Life was not glamorous. But with a fierce drive, an eye for a picture, and a willingness to take (almost) any assignment that came his way, Joe stepped out onto the always precarious tightrope of the freelance photographer—and never looked back. Fast forward 40 years, and his work has included assignments and stories for National GeographicTimeLIFESports Illustrated, and more. He has traveled for assignments to nearly 70 countries and received dozens of awards for his photography.

In The Real Deal, Joe tells us how it all started, and candidly shares stories, lessons, and insights he has collected along the way. This is not a dedicated how-to book about “where to put the light,” though there is certainly instructional information to be gleaned here. This is also not a navel-gazing look back at “the good old days,” because those never really existed anyway. Instead, The Real Deal is simply a collection of candid “field notes”—some short, some quite long—gathered over time that, together, become an intimate look behind the scenes at a photographer who has pretty much seen and done it all.

Though the photography industry bears little resemblance to the industry just 10 years ago (much less 40 years ago), what it really takes to become a successful photographer—the character traits, the fundamental lessons, the ability to adapt, and then adapt again—remains the same. Joe writes about everything from the crucial ability to know how to use (and make!) window light to the importance of creating long-term relationships built on trust; from lessons learned after a day in the field to the need to follow your imagination wherever it takes you; from the “random” and “lucky” moments that propel one’s career to the wonders and pitfalls of today’s camera technology. For every mention of f-stops and shutter speeds, there is equal discussion about the importance of access, the occasional moment of hubris, and the idea of becoming iconic.

Before Joe was a celebrated and award-winning photographer, before he was a well-respected educator and author of multiple bestselling books, he was just…Joe, hustling every day, from one assignment to the next, piecing together a portfolio, a skill set, a reputation, a career. He imagined a life—and then took pictures of it. Here are a few frames.”

Author Joe Mcnally

From RockyNook

THE MINDFUL PHOTOGRAPHER: Awake in the World with a Camera, by David Ulrich


About the Book:

“Discover your voice, cultivate mindful awareness, and inspire creative growth with photography

In The Mindful Photographer, teacher, author, and photographer David Ulrich follows up on the success of his previous book, Zen Camera, by offering photographers, smartphone camera users, and other cultural creatives 55 short (1-5 pages) essays on topics related to photography, mindfulness, personal growth, creativity, and cultivating personal and social awareness. Whether you’re seeking to become a better photographer, find your voice, enhance your ability to “see” the world around you, realize your full potential, or refine your personal expression, The Mindful Photographer can help you. You will learn to:

    •Awaken your creative spirit
    •Find joy and fulfillment with a camera
    •Improve your photography
    •Express your deepest vision of the world
    •Learn to be more present in the moment
    •Deepen your capacity for observation
    •Gain insight into your self and others
    •Cultivate mindful seeing
    •Use your camera as a tool for change
    •Enhance your visual literacy
    •And much more

You can read this beautiful, richly illustrated book in order, following its inherent structure, or you can dive into the book anywhere that appeals to you, following your own stream of interest. No matter how you read and work through the book—many of the essays contain exercises, working practices, and quotes from well-known photographers—you will learn to deepen your engagement with the world and discover a rich source of creativity within you through the act of taking pictures.”

Author David Ulrich

From RockyNook



About the Deck

“Test your shutterbug knowledge with this fun deck of trivia cards!

Think you know photography? Quiz yourself and friends with this deck of cards packed with fascinating facts and mind-blowing trivia all about photography history, famous shooters, and technical equipment and knowledge.

Each card features a variety of questions of varying difficulty and subjects. Whether played as a game with others or as a personal challenge, players will learn more than they ever thought possible about photography. The Photography Trivia Deck makes the perfect gift for any camera enthusiast.”

About the Author:

“Darcy Reed is a writer, editor, actor, and pop culture junkie. Her books include: The College Bucket List, Disney: Ninety Years of Mickey Mouse, Wonder Woman Trivia Deck, The Joker: Quotes from the Clown Price of Crime, Tiny Book of Jane Austen, and Shakespeare: Famous Last Words. She lives in Sonoma County, CA.”

From RockyNook

THE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK: Step-by-step techniques to capture breathtaking photos like the pros., by Scott Kelby


About the Book:

“Learn how to take professional-quality photographs when you travel, using the same tricks today’s top photographers use!

If you’ve ever dreamed of making such incredible travel photos that when your friends and family see them they say, “Wait a minute, this is your photo!? You took this?” then you’re holding the right book.

Scott Kelby, award-winning travel photographer and author of the best-selling digital photography book in history, shares all his secrets and time-tested techniques as he discusses everything from his go-to essential travel gear, to camera settings, to how to research before your trip, to the travel photography techniques that will help you capture truly captivating images on your trip.

Among many other topics, you’ll learn:

    • What makes a great travel photo (including what to shoot and what to skip).
    • Which lenses and accessories will get you the best results (including when to use them and why).
    • How to post-process your images in Lightroom or Photoshop to get incredible results.
    • Tips for getting great portraits of the locals and even how to get them to pose for your shots.
    • When it makes more sense to use your cell phone’s camera instead.
    • Travel photo recipes that show you the ingredients for creating specific types of travel shots.
    • How to compose your travel images, how to keep your gear safe when traveling, and a ton of killer tips to help you create better travel images, and make your entire trip that much more fun.

It’s all here—Scott doesn’t hold anything back in this groundbreaking book that will help you take the type of travel images you’ve always dreamed of. There’s never been a travel photography book like it!”

About the Author:

Author Scott Kelby

“Scott Kelby is the world’s #1 best-selling author of photography technique books, as well as Editor and Publisher of the highly acclaimed Photoshop User magazine. He is co-host of the influential weekly photography talk show The Grid and he teaches digital photography workshops and seminars around the world. Scott is an award-winning author of over 60 books, including How Do I Do That in Lightroom?How Do I Do That in Photoshop?The Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers, The Digital Photography Book series, Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers, and Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It. For more on Scott, visit his fantastic blog at”

From RockyNook

THE MEANING IN THE MAKING: The Why and How Behind Our Human Need to Create, by Sean Tucker


About the Book:

“Become inspired, find your voice, and create work that matters.

Why are human beings driven to make?

It’s as if we collectively intuited, long before science gave us the language, that the universe bends toward entropy, and every act of creation on our part is an act of defiance in the face of that evolving disorder.

When we pick up a paintbrush, or compose elements through our camera viewfinders, or press fingers into wet clay to wrestle form from a shapeless lump, we are bending things back toward Order and wrestling them from Chaos.

But making things is often not enough.

We also want the things we make to be filled with meaning. We’re each trying to describe what we know about life, to create a collective sense of “safety in numbers.” When we reach the end of our traditional descriptive powers, it’s time to weave collective meaning from poetry, painting, writing, dancing, photographing, filmmaking, storytelling, singing, animating, designing, performing, carving, sculpting, and a million other ways we daily create Order out of the Chaos and share it with each other for comfort.

On this journey we need a creative philosophy which will help us find our voice, discover our message, deal with the responses to our work, maintain inspiration, and stay mentally healthy and motivated creators as we strive to find “the meaning in the making.”

About the Author:

Author Sean Tucker

“Sean Tucker is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in London. Born in the UK, he did most of his growing up in Africa, where he became a pastor working for the church in South Africa in his 20s. Even though that role is behind him, he still carries a fascination with psychology and spirituality, which he brings to his discussions around creativity. He has built a large following online, both on YouTube and Instagram, where he talks about the “why” behind the things we make, seeking to inspire people on their own creative journeys. Find out more at”

From RockyNook

LEGO® WITH DAD: Creatively Awesome Brick Projects for Parents and Kids to Build Together, by Warren Nash


About the Book:

“Break out the bricks, it’s time for awesome family fun! LEGO® bricks can be an endless source of imagination and joy for kids of all ages, and now dads can join in and help build amazing new creations. LEGO® With Dad is the ultimate guide to utilizing your bricks to make creative new projects. No expensive new sets required! With detailed instructions on the basic building techniques as well as more advanced and complex builds, this book is perfect for parents and kids all skill levels.

Featuring step-by-step lessons for fun projects including:

Working train and car

Customized rocketship

Menagerie of colorful animals

Helicopter with rotating blades

And much, much more! Whether you and your kids are LEGO® novices or aspiring Master Builders, this book will show you how to explore the world of bricks together to create amazing projects and lifelong memories.”

About the Author:Author Warren Nash

“Warren Nash started out as a YouTuber, creating content on DIY and food. Since the launch of his channel, Warren has achieved over 10 million views with a huge following across the globe. He has also presented on the BBC and worked with brands such as Tefal, Audi, and top UK supermarket brands.

Now a father, Warren has also seen success with a series of content based around fatherhood and activities you can do with your kids. Specifically, arts and crafts, and of course, Lego! Warren has been passionate about Lego all his life and has played with it from a young age. With so many possibilities, it is something that has grown with him that has constantly kept his imagination alive and his creativity going.

Now with a son who is showing an interest in everything, Warren is keen to show parents fun ways to strengthen the bond between adults and their children with something that played such a big role in his life growing up – Lego. This multi award-winning UK-based presenter has a huge range of Lego builds that are perfect for people of all ages to build together. All here to share in this book.

If you want to build family bonds and create memories for years to come, then what are you waiting for? Let’s get everyone’s imaginations going and enjoy some creative problem solving together!”

From RockyNook

THE ART AND SCIENCE OF DRAWING: Learn to Observe, Analyze, and Draw Any Subject, by Brent Eviston


About the Book:

“Drawing is not a talent, it’s a skill anyone can learn. This is the philosophy of drawing instructor Brent Eviston based on his more than twenty years of teaching. He has tested numerous types of drawing instruction from centuries old classical techniques to contemporary practices and designed an approach that combines tried and true techniques with innovative methods of his own. Now, he shares his secrets with this book that provides the most accessible, streamlined, and effective methods for learning to draw.

Taking the reader through the entire process, beginning with the most basic skills to more advanced such as volumetric drawing, shading, and figure sketching, this book contains numerous projects and guidance on what and how to practice. It also features instructional images and diagrams as well as finished drawings. With this book and a dedication to practice, anyone can learn to draw!”

About the Author:

Author Brent Eviston

“Brent Eviston is an award winning artist and instructor who has taught drawing for more than 20 years through art studios, schools and museums. In 2015 Brent created The Art & Science of Drawing, a series of online drawing courses. This bestselling series has helped more than a hundred thousand students learn to draw in more than 170 countries. Brent is also an exhibiting artist who uses drawing as a primary medium for creative experimentation. He lives in Bend, OR.”

From RockyNook

THE MICRODOSING GUIDEBOOK; A Step-by-Step Manual to Improve Your Physical and Mental Health through Psychedelic Medicine, by C. J. Spotswood PMHNP


About the Book:

“Learn about the history, research, and helpful effects of microdosing psychedelic medicines like psilocybin, LSD, ecstasy, and more with this combination manual and workbook.

Microdosing, or taking between 1/10th and 1/20th of the normal dose of a psychedelic drug is the latest way to improve performance, stave off chronic pain, and alleviate a variety of other ailments like anxiety and depression. Unlike a psychedelic trip, microdosing does not alter your mental status or interfere with day-to-day life. Part handbook and part workbook, The Microdosing Guidebook is your ultimate reference for safely using psychedelic medicine. Inside you’ll find:

  • The most up-to-date research on psychedelics
  • A complete history of psychedelics and their medicinal uses
  • How to find the correct dose for your unique body and situation
  • A place to track your experiences and improvements
  • And much more!

Whether you have experience with psychedelics or are simply curious to learn more, The Microdosing Guidebook has everything you need to get started on your healing journey.”

About the Author:

“C. J. Spotswood, PMHNP, is an advanced practice registered nurse practitioner and educator specializing in psychiatric mental health. Originally from New York and now living in Maine, C. J. is a third-generation nurse and has over 20 years of psychiatric nursing experience. C. J. has presented on the application of psychedelics for mental health conditions and their safety concerns both nationally and internationally.”

From Ulysses Press

HOW Pi CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE, by Chris Waring


About the Book:

“Discover how you can guard a priceless painting in the Louvre, pilot a space shuttle back to Earth, and survive other ridiculous-yet-possible scenarios using the all-encompassing power of mathematical equations.

Whether you paid much attention in math class or not, the inescapable truth is that real life is full of equations. You use differentiation when driving from point A to B and apply basic geometry when you’re crossing the road between traffic, even if you don’t realize it. But what if you were plummeting to your death inside a plane with no engine and you needed to know what size parachute to make from your cabinmate’s sari in order to jump and survive?

How Pi Can Save Your Life tackles some frankly ridiculous scenarios with essential, bullet-proof equations that you’ll probably never apply in real life. But before you get into the life-saving mathematics, this book will start you off with the essential math that will be the key to taking on the wild scenarios later on in this book. Using only the power of equations, you will be able to:

  • Communicate with an alien civilization
  • Save your town from a zombie apocalypse
  • Contain a major oil spill
  • Excavate a fossil that could be a major scientific discovery
  • Perform Hollywood stunts in a blockbuster action film
  • And more!

How Pi Can Save Your Life will take your basic understanding of mathematical equations to the next level, teaching you that the real key to surviving in an unpredictable world is understanding the natural forces and relationships that rule everything we do.”

About the Author:

“Chris Waring studied for a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London before becoming a math teacher. Since then he has taught small children and Oxbridge candidates and everybody in between. He is the author of Maths in Bite-sized Chunks and From Zero to Infinity in 26 Centuries.”

From Ulysses Press

THE BIG BOOK OF SPY TRIVIA, by Bernadette Johnson


About the Book:

“Discover the fascinating true stories of spies and secret agents throughout history in this ultimate collection of espionage trivia.

Whether you’re a wannabe 007 or just a fan of subterfuge, the fun facts and legendary stories in this big book of spy trivia are sure to shock and fascinate. Discover how the most infamous spy organizations like the CIA and the MI6 came into existence, how they recruit citizens into their fold, and how they have shaped some of the world’s largest and most memorable historical events. You’ll even learn real tactics that spies use on missions, from escaping zip ties to reading the body language of a stranger. This collection spans centuries and countries, including:

• One of history’s first and most iconic spy operations: the Trojan Horse in ancient Greece
• America’s first spy organization: George Washington’s Culper Ring
• Real-life KGB spies from the McCarthy Cold War era: American citizens Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
• And much more!

Perfect for any person who has been fascinated by the shadowy world of espionage, this fact-packed book quizzes readers on their spy knowledge, from pop culture icons to unsung heroes that history books have forgotten.”

About the Author:

Author Bernadette Johnson

“Berni Johnson began her career as an author at age six when she crayoned a book about her mom that received a rave review from its lone reader. She surrounds herself with pens, paper, and other writing paraphernalia with an IT job, and spends her free time writing both fiction and nonfiction, researching a wide range of topics, voraciously consuming TV and movies, mindlessly surfing the internet, and doing the bidding of her terrier.”

Berni holds a BA in English literature and an MA in English with a concentration in humanities computing. But her pup cares not for her stuffy credentials and prizes her treat-giving abilities above all. You can read Berni’s blog and find links to her work at

From Ulysses Press



About the Book:

“Get cooking in your sprinter van, camper van, or RV with creative recipes especially crafted for making meals in tight spaces!

You’ve finally finished your van build and are ready to hit the road. The Van Life Cookbook, a first of its kind collection of recipes and full-color photographs, celebrates the #vanlife community and lifestyle while providing delicious and nutritious meal ideas for modern-day nomads. Discover the joys of cooking on the road with dishes like:

  • Breakfast Biscuits on the Burner
  • Chickpea Avocado Salad
  • Van Life Summer Rolls
  • Single-Serving Dessert Crisp
  • And much more!”

About the Author:

“Susan Marque is a voice actor, writer, and multi-talented artist, living in Los Angeles. She taught food theory and cooking for ten years before going back to school for writing/screenwriting. She earned top honors and holds two degrees from The New School in NYC.”

From Ulysses Press

JERKIN’ IT, by Jerkin’ It (Harry Cox)


About the Book:

“Become a moist meat master with this giggle-inducing (and actually delicious) cookbook packed, until bursting, with 50 grilling favorites you can fork with.

Stop jerkin’ it in private, it’s time to get off the couch and start sharing your meat with everyone.

This Kama Sutra of cookbooks is overstuffed with the important BBQ techniques you need to know to keep your partygoers begging for more. Learn everything from how to maintain that low-and-slow all-night heat, to the best and only way to perfectly rub down a (chicken) breast. These toe-curling recipes include:

– “Just the Tri-Tip” Steak
– Mouthwatering Meatballs
– Bursting Beefy Tacos
– A Thick and Juicy Sausage Party
– Stunning Whole Cock on a Silver Platter
– Creamy Italian Thighs
– Shuck Me Good Grilled Oysters

This is the perfect gag gift for avid grillers and wannabe outdoor chefs. Jerkin’ It is sure to shock at the next white elephant or Yankee swap, Christmas gift exchange, or over-the-hill party.”

From Ulysses Press

MIXOLOGY AND MURDER, by Kierra Sondereker


About the Book:

“Pour yourself a drink and discover your latest true crime obsession with this cocktail book that pairs deliciously chilling cocktails with the infamous true crime stories that inspired them.

From terrifying serial killers to baffling cold cases and secretive cults, murderinos can’t get enough of true crime. Now, you can have yet another way to dive into these horrifyingly true stories with a first-of-its-kind cocktail book that gives a new meaning to the phrase “bad and boozy.” This cocktail book is your go-to resource for true crime info and delightfully boozy drinks, including:

  • Fugitive Fizz
  • Sazer-Ax Murderer
  • The Perfect Lime (Mojito)
  • Amityville Amaretto
  • Colada Confessions
  • In Cold Blood Orange
  • And More!

Mixology and Murder is the perfect gift for any true crime junkie who knows that, sometimes, the best way to deal with the excitement of a serial killer finally getting caught or the frustration of finding out that case is still unsolved is a good, strong drink.”

About the Author:

Author Kierra Sondereker

“Kierra Sondereker is a lover of all things true crime and boozy beverages, whether that means hunkering down to binge the latest true crime documentary with a few hard seltzer, or sitting by the fire with her sister, homemade cocktails in hand, discussing the latest My Favorite Murder episode (both have happened an alarming amount of times). If there’s one cold case she absolutely needs the answer to, it would probably be the JonBenét Ramsey case. Kierra works as an Associate Editor for Ulysses Press and lives in Brooklyn.”

From Ulysses Press

BEET THIS, by Sam Kaplan, Tyanni Niles, Keith Reigert

About the Book:

“Settle in for a stay at Schrute Farms Bed & Breakfast with this hilarious unofficial cookbook featuring rustic, beet-heavy recipes that everyone’s number one Assistant to the Regional Manager would approve of.

You’re already a superfan of The Office. You’ve rewatched the show multiple times, you know every prank Jim ever pulled on Dwight, and you have a favorite Michael Scott quote. But with this cookbook, you can take your love of all things Dunder Mifflin to the next level.

Make your next meal in true Schrute-Farms style with this cookbook that is equal parts rustic and ridiculous (just like our favorite Assistant to the Regional Manager). Beet This is packed with old and hearty, Pennsylvania-inspired recipes that would earn Dwight K. Schrute’s perfectenschlag stamp of approval, including:

  • Russian Beet Soup
  • Veal Loaf
  • Beet Biscuit with Rabbit Gravy
  • Spicy Fried Rattlesnake with Pickled Beets
  • German Pot Pie
  • And more (especially with beets)!

Throw on your lederhosen, don your Küss den Koch apron, and prepare to be transported to a magical, beet-filled corner of Northeast Pennsylvania.”

About the Authors:

Author Sam Kaplan

“Sam Kaplan is an author, editor, satirist, comedian, and therapist living in Oakland, California. He believes in the saying, “laughter is the greatest cure for not laughing.”

Tyanni Niles enjoys writing short stories and flash fiction. In her spare time, she likes to make friendship bracelets and other crafts. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. You can find some of her writing pieces on Instagram @tyanniajeewrites and her craft creations at _InfinityKnots.”

Author Keith Riegert

“Keith Riegert is the publisher of the independent publishing house, Ulysses Press, and an adjunct professor in the masters of publishing at New York University. He is the author of nine books including Goodnight Dorm Room, The Wright Brother Photographs, and Professor Jonathan T. Buck’s Mysterious Airship Notebook. He lives in Long Island City, New York.”

From Ulysses Press



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  • I love that you have come up with a list of books for dads. This is such a wonderful idea.

  • I love that you have come up with a list of books for dads. This is such a wonderful idea.

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