Atypical Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

Here in Florida it is hot Hot HOT.  Schools are out, graduation ceremonies and taken place, and now we turn our focus to the next big gift giving day…Father’s Day!  Golf courses across the country are filling up and the air is full of delicious smells from grilling.  Summer is upon us and now that we are all but done with the pandemic, droves of people are flocking to parks, outdoor restaurants, and sporting events as fast as they can.

This Father’s Day, let’s forgo gifting the same old things.  Trust me, dad is DONE with ties and socks, no matter how exciting the gift bag you shove them in.  Sure, you can grab something quick in Any Store USA that can get you through the day, but is that all you think of your favorite guy?  Think of all the great things and sacrifices he’s done for you.

This year, let’s get dad something that will excite him!  Something that will knock last year’s Father’s Day gift right off his feet.  From fathers, to husbands, to just friends, let’s celebrate that special man in your life the way he deserves, with something cool and thoughtful.  So, don’t let the snooze alert hit this year and get creative, outside the box gifting ideas.  Father’s Day gift ideas that will win you the holiday and make your siblings jealous!

Each whiskey man needs a good container! Something that looks cool and pours smooth.  From the ideal sip to the stylish presentation, this personalized whiskey glass will be the apex of his drink collection. Made with a replica 50 caliber bullet, this glass gives the illusion of being shot through tough. Serve it up neat or on the rocks, but make sure to serve it in this awesome glass.

Whether he’s enjoying a quiet, solo drink, or serving up his friends, this is certainly a whiskey glass that he will be doing it with pride. This glass is cut perfectly and designed to feel right at home in any man’s hand, making it a great gift for any whiskey-loving man in your life.  You can personalize any name on the glass to make it that much more special for Father’s Day.

Take a look at this lifesaving gift set for dad!  Whether camping, hunting, or just doing odd jobs around the house, every guy should have a survival kit with him to cover all the bases. Whatever life throws his way this survival kit has a tool for it all and then some!  With 14 tools in one durable easy to carry case this makes a great gift for any dad in your life.

This all in one kit includes a knife, wire saw, flashlight, scraper, fire starters, emergency blanket, water bottle buckle, credit card knife, tactical pen, pocket bellow, bracelet with whistle and compass, 7 in 1 survival spoon, spoon cover with a whistle, black waterproof box.  The Survival Set can be personalized with dad’s name on the case, with up to 3 color choices.  The camouflage color shown in the picture fits this tough set.  You can personalize it with 1 line of up to 12 characters, so just like dad would want it.  Personalized gift sets are red hot these days, so don’t pass on this cool and practical Father’s Day gift!

Every tasty stogie needs a high-quality lighter!  A torch lighter that’s made with cigar smokers in mind, so not these rinky-dink, easy blow out lighters you find at the checkout counter for 99 cents. Let’s step up your dad’s cigar accessories game with this engraved triple torch lighter.

This fire starter is equipped with a built in cigar rest and cigar punch.  This unique lighter will be the pride of his cigar arsenal, and I’m sure your father will show it off to all his mates. This is definitely one that he will be refilling and whipping out to use for years to come.

This powerful lighter can be easily personalized by adding your man’s name or initials, making that much more meaningful of a gift.  What’s a cooler gift than a personalized cigar lighter? It’s subtle, practical, and your dad will love it!


A guy’s dwelling is not truly a man cave without the sign that proves it. This custom metal man cave sign is the ideal piece to add to his at home whiskey collection. Now whenever the boys come over, they can bask in the glory of the beauty that is this personalized sign.

This particular metal sign is handmade and the design is lasered to exact specifications. Dad can feel proud knowing his bourbon collection is represented by an amazing header like this one. To make the sign this special, we’ll put his personalization just as he would love it.

And when his prized whiskey collection calls for a top-shelf display, the Barrel Bar is just the gift for dad. Take his man cave to the absolute next level with this handcrafted wall shelf unit. Made from an actual whiskey barrel, he can proudly show off his classic bottles to all who enter his man space.  So, if you know a dad that loves his bourbon or whiskey, this is an ideal gift for him!

This is the premier set for the dad who is ready for an adventure. Whether he’s out camping, hunting, or just protecting his flock, any man will feel the increased testosterone just by opening this manly gift set. Personalized both the flashlight and knife for an extra special Father’s Day gift.

The long lasting, powerful flashlight is with the times as it’s charged by USB, eliminating the need for wasteful batteries. This set comes with three light settings for whatever the job calls for.  The stainless steel personalized knife is ideal for hunting, fishing, or any odd jobs around the terrain.

The cutter features a classic minimal frame-lock system with a serrated blade that locks onto the handle.  This para frame design is a standard in today’s knife industry.  Easy to open, easy to close, easy to clean, and especially easy on the eyes, this knife is pure class. The stainless steel handle provides optimal grip, while the sturdy pocket clip gives you the ability to carry it around wherever dad goes.


Is your dad King of the Grill, or at least thinks he is?  All men are masters of their grills and we wouldn’t have it any other way! These personalized cutting boards are perfect to use both in the kitchen or cutting into freshly cooked meats by the grill. Equipped with a juice groove for those messy lean meats and personalized with his name, this cutting board will be right up his alley.

The bamboo construction looks great and is sturdy enough to last for years to come, so dad can enjoy it for many Father’s Days. The center portion of this cutting board can be personalized with his name or several sayings of his choice. Dad’s BBQ is his sanctuary, so get him something that will only make his oasis that much better!

We warned you these are some atypical Father’s Day gifts, and we won’t disappoint. Go ahead and let him share a drink with a special someone using this unique personalized mason jar. Drinking vessels come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s something cool about drinking out of a mason jar.  This one can be engraved with any two initials and carry up to 16 ounces of dad’s favorite beverage.

Get two and share a drink with your dad on his special day, using this engraved mason jar.  This drinking jar has a rustic feel that is sure to please your father or any dad in your life. Featuring a smooth, curved handle and classic design, each mason jar measures 5 1/4″ tall with a wide opening for him to sip with ease.

When it comes to grilling, we could have stopped at the cutting boards, but we know dad needs more when it comes to his BBQ!  Prime your dad to maximize his primitive instincts of charring meats with a barbecue set that will provide years of laughs and smiles.  Your father will be stabbing, flipping, and skewering fine cuts like a pro when he opens up this fantastic case of BBQ tools. This personalized barbecue set will make any grillmaster proud.

The Grill Master Set set and case comes with a spatula, fork, and tongs. Dad’s love to grill, so let’s accessorize his grilling experience with this super fun set.  To make this Father’s Day gift even extra special, we laser engrave the case of this personalized grill set with his name, so everyone knows who is in charge by the flame!

Father’s Day always makes me think of backyard barbecues and long beach days with the family.  Slap a pair of these sunglasses on dad and he’ll feel like he’s Joe Cool.  If you want to gift your dad a set of sunglasses that come with a style and swag, pop a pair of these on your guy’s nose.  He won’t be disappointed!

Coming within the iconic wayfarer design, these custom sunglasses are the perfect accessory to add to dad’s look.  These sick personalized sunglasses come with a polarized polycarbonate lens and 100% UVA/UVB protection.  They’re just the right casual high-quality touch to pair up with any outfit and your dad will love them.  No sun in your dad’s eyes or screening with the hands this summer, as he’ll be ready to have fun in the sun!


FORE!  Dad might not be Tiger Woods out there, but his bag sure can look like he is!  Add to your golf lover’s look and game with this embroidered golf towel. This classy looking golf rag is a welcome addition to anyone’s game. Whether wiping down his club to keep from the high wet grass that he keeps putting himself in, or wiping down his ball before an important birdie putt, this personalized golf towel makes a great gift for all levels of golf lovers.

This lightweight, quick-drying, super absorbent towel comes in two popular color options – Navy Blue and Red. To make these towels even more special, add his name or initials and we will embroidered them to his liking.

A good decanter can go a long way with a guy. From preserving his liquor to the stylish presentation, this gorgeous globe decanter set is a man cave must have! Whether dad’s enjoying a drink on his own down in the old guy dwelling, or serving his friends a high ball, he will be doing it with pride.

Dad will never waste a drop with the special designed glass stopper which creates an airtight seal. If he doesn’t drink it fast enough, it’ll last a while with this liquor holder.  Air will not mix with the purity of the liquor, thus the pure essence of his whiskey is preserved.  Whether he’s a whiskey guy or leans toward the other stuff, this personalized bourbon gift will certainly be a hit on Father’s Day.

There are 6 different designs that you can choose from when personalizing this decanter set, and the glasses come with it.  There’s no doubt the globe decanter is cool, but add it with the smooth sips from the bourbon glasses and it will make dad’s day!

Looking for a versatile and stylish piece to add to dad’s wardrobe? Look no further than our adjustable colorful bowties! Sure, dad wears a tie to the office and to important events, but why not switch it up with a unique bowtie?

This must-have accessory can be dressed up or down to suit any event or occasion. Best of all, the cotton fabric is soft and comfortable to wear around his neck. This bow tie is 100% cotton and adjustable up to an 18″” neck, and available in 2” & 2.5” Butterfly and 2” Diamond.

A good man needs a good flask.  From skiing down cold mountains to chopping wood in the winter for the family fire, a flask is always useful in the pocket.  How about a rustic bourbon barrel flask personalized with his initials?  The personality in the planks of wood once used to cure spirits will bring even more flavor to each sip.  This cool and unique flask will be a great Father’s Day gift as it serves a purpose with flair.  Bless your father with a flask that will make him daydream of his next sip.

The Bourbon Bottle is really like no other, as this 3oz stainless steel flask is wrapped in authentic bourbon barrel wood and finished with nomadic buffalo leather.  What’s cooler than that? The front features the rustic look of the barrel while the back is made using the toasted charred inside of the barrel.  One more thing!  This gift comes in the American Flag packaging that says “Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Leather Flask.”  This special Father’s Day gift can be personalized with up to 3 of dad’s initials.  He will definitely love this item to whip out whenever he pleases, as his boys fawn over his new personalized flask.


Are you always reminding dad that even though he’s in the comforts of his own home, it’s not cool to just wear rags? Dad is always looking for something to wear around the house, so let’s fill that void.  Don’t let dad ever mow the lawn again in his old, ripped, beat up shirt from 1992.  Get him something new and crisp.  Personalized t-shirts are cool for dad to throw on when he’s lounging in his man cave or doing odd jobs around the house.  We aren’t talking about dinnerware people, just casual custom shirts for him to chill and be comfy.

Dad need a new shirt? Then get him a custom one that he will be proud of.  Whether BRO, DAD, DILF, or anything else you can think of, get your father a customized shirt that makes a statement and feels good all at the same time.

Celebrate dad with shooters for his day!  When it’s time to toast dad and get his day started, these tall classy personalized shot glasses get things going. With their unique design they are a must have for any home bar or man cave. These would make a great gift for any guy in your life by engraving their initials and placing them in his dwelling.

These shot glasses are handmade with a unique and stable design allowing them to feel sturdy in his hand and easy to sip. The square base and offset design ensures that these are near indestructible.  This customized shot glass set can be personalized by adding your dad’s initials, making them a fun Father’s Day gift this year.

Don’t let dad leave the house for an important meeting, event, job interview, or dinner without the proper shiny accessories! This personalized men’s gift set contains a classy money clip, tie clip, and a pair of cufflinks all made from metal for a stylish and polished look. Perfect as a Father’s Day gift set or for any guy on your list. Putting the finishing touches on his wardrobe may just be what gets him the contract, job or even the girl! Customize them for an added dash of flair and you have just created the perfect gift for dad

Our Father’s Day money clip, tie clip, and cufflinks gift set are manufactured by a jewelry manufacturer that has gone through extensive testing. We have designed them to have a beautiful, sleek look while also being highly resistant to scratching and corrosion. Our cutting edge laser oxidation process produces a brilliant mark on the surface of the metal approximately. The initials are crisp, clear, and laser-welded to the surface of the metal permanently, so dad can be proud of his name year after year.

Bulky George Costanza wallets are long out and slim minimalist wallets are the trend. Think about it, dad can’t go from baggy to slim fit and have a fat wallet, right? Help your guy step up his style game with this high-quality engraved Carbon Fiber wallet that is complete with a bottle opener. What’s better than that, right? This is a great Father’s Day personalized gift idea! Sure, wallets are an old dad gift idea, but not these sleek-looking wallets – they’re where it’s at.

This isn’t your grandfather’s wallet, as this stylish piece is made with durable Carbon Fiber and Aluminum and comes with a clip on the exterior for holding his cash securely in place. What is even better is that it includes a well-placed bottle opener, so no more asking around to open his favorite beverage with ease. For the security-minded, it’s good to know this wallet has RFID (wireless theft) protection. Scammers be warned, as your dad’s ID is safe and sound with this high tech wallet.

Most dad’s are patriotic, flag loving, and take pride in our colors.  This tumbler makes for a fun and festive way for dad to booze it up during the summer holidays. This patriotic personalized wine tumbler is perfect for showing off his patriotic spirit and enjoying a cold drink with family and friends. So grab one or 2 and enjoy the summer festivities with dad!

Let dad celebrate Independence Day right, by filling this tumbler with 12 ounces of his favorite beverage.  From wine to whiskey, this drinking vessel will keep his drink exactly how he likes it, and with a smile on this face!

Again, atypical, right?  Does your pops wear earrings?  Don’t snicker, some do! Now you will hardly ever see earrings on a gift guide for men, but here we are, as promised.  I told you we’d have it all covered and I believe we have.

As we know, earrings are worn by men more and more over the past decades.  If your dad puts bling in his ears then surprise him this Father’s Day with a set of shiny new earrings.  He certainly won’t be expecting it, but it will surely bring a smile to his face as he knows you certainly know his style and it came from the heart.

The smell and feel of real leather can not be duplicated.  It embodies class and style, qualities your dad exhibits on a daily basis. Give your favorite guy a token of appreciation that is both functional and practical .  This personalized toiletry bag comes in a light brown color that matches well with any travel bag it accompanies.  Another p

Personalized with up to 3 initials, this personalized dopp bag is the perfect size to fit all of his travel essentials without taking up too much room in his suitcase. This luxury toiletry bag is made with 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather so there is no mistaking it for anything but high-quality!

What if I told you, jewelry isn’t just a way to a woman’s heart?  Shiny bling like necklaces and earrings aren’t for every guy out there, but some dads actually love to accessorize and look good doing it.  Personalized jewelry is becoming more popular by the day, so get your trendy dad some cool pieces to add to his collection.

This personalized vertical bar necklace is the versatile piece your dad is missing. Made with sterling silver, it’s strong and durable, just like him. It’s the ideal accessory to wear with any of his outfits. Whether he’s dressing up for a special occasion or just accenting his everyday outfits, this engraved bar necklace is sure to add a touch of style to your dad’s look.

Batter up!  Your dad has swung for the fences when it comes to your well being for as long as you’ve been alive, so now it’s time to give back.  Combining America’s favorite pastime and a cold frothy beer is one of the best ways to say thanks.  Let this Louisville Chugger be the next piece to add to his drinking collection.Dad may not grip too many wooden bats these days as his time at the plate is most likely over, so let him do what he now loves!  This dandy of a mug can contain up to 12 ounces of his favorite drink. The personalized beer gift mug will have fans of all ages really love the experience of drinking straight from the barrel of an authentic baseball bat. You can customize this awesome baseball bat mug with 3 lines of up to 25 characters per line.  Much like the rest of the products above, it’s a perfect Father’s Day gift for the most important man in your life!

Hope you enjoyed these atypical Father’s Day gifts for dad this year.


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