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Congratulations Graduates Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received products from some of the brands below.  This gift guide is part of our series of Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Publications. No monetary compensation has been exchanged. These are not reviews.  All information comes directly from the brands.

It’s Cap & Gown season…graduates from preschool to college are walking across the country to celebrate their accomplishments.  Let’s give them the recognition that they have earned.

Welcome to the Congratulations Graduates Gift Ideas and Buying Guide!

Check out all the great brands…



Honestly…this is one of the most fun brands I’ve EVER worked with. So many awesome gift options.  My favorite so far has been the Marvel Avengers Thor’s Hammer 44-Piece Tool Set.  It is awesome.  Sadly, one of my daughter fell head over heels for it, and how could I say no? So, it’s gone on to a new home, and I’m mourning the loss.

Toynk / Congratulations Graduates Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From Toynk

“Toynk has the latest pop culture collectible toys, figures, replicas/props, statues/busts, Halloween and Christmas costumes.

Our Story
Back in 2001, tired of the boring corporate grind, three friends: Steve, Ron & Mike hatch a brilliant plan to develop a company centered on fun products. What couldn’t be more enjoyable than a business selling costumes, toys and collectibles? The Toynk Toys team has since grown and varies from 40 to 200+ diverse, fun-loving people, depending on the season.
We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby
Toynk Toys has come a long way since its humble inception, operating from a small apartment in Chicago. Today, our Gilberts, Illinois location boasts a 285,000 square foot facility, which is home to our offices and warehouse. Visit us at one of the 200 toy shows/Comic-Cons we attend worldwide yearly or, if you’re ever Down Under, shop our sister company in Australia, mate.
Our Peeps, Our Philosophy
Toynk Toys aims to deliver an ever expanding array of cool costumes, trendy toys and hot collectibles to you, our valued customers. Our team comes together each day, working hard to improve our customers’ experience. It’s not really considered work, when we know that our products bring adventure, joy and happiness to life. It’s no wonder that we love what we do and we love doing it for you. Thank you for shopping with us!”

Website |Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube 


Groove Life

My husband says that their belts are the best he’s ever had.  A great compliment indeed.  I love the rings, and they also have fantastic watch bands for  Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung!

Groove Life

Info From Groove Life


We serve people through our gear and inspire action through our adventures. We attempt to reflect God by being excellent at both.

Groove Life was born in the Alaskan wilderness. Husband, father, and Adventure Guide Peter Goodwin realized his lifestyle demanded gear that could keep up. After selling The General Lodge, a wilderness retreat that he had built with his own hands, and fueled by the desire to design premium, innovative products that were backed by unbelievable customer service, Groove Life was born.

Working in a freezing garage in Port Alsworth, AK, Peter worked relentlessly for six months trying to perfect the original Groove Ring. Having no idea what success this would eventually bring, his only focus was to somehow provide for his growing family.

A move to Tennessee and a few years later, Groove Life now employs over 170 people and produces adventure-inspired outdoor lifestyle product lines.”

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Urban Originals

So many bags to choose from…Backpacks, totes, clutches, beach bags and MORE! Beautifully made, and as functional as they are attractive.

Urban Originals

Info From Urban Originals

“Modern, cutting-edge and innovative, are all words that come to mind when thinking about the future of fashion. But in light of the current state of our planet and the many social crises that occur every day, Urban Original is adding a few more words to the list — cruelty-free, sustainable and ethical. We are passionate about both fashion and the environment, which is why we are fully committed to creating gorgeous vegan leather bags that are 100% cruelty-free. From big to small, beach bags to backpacks, we have a wide range of vegan bags for your every need. Browse our range online today.

The planet, people and pleather

Practical and perfectly sized, our vegan backpacks have ample room for everything you need and include useful features such as pockets to keep you organised. For those who prefer to wear their bag across their body, we have crossbody vegan bags in a variety of sizes, styles, colours and prints. Similarly, our vegan tote bags are super spacious and available in many bright colours and stand-out prints. If you’re looking for a lightweight and handy clutch, our range of pouches are perfect for picnics, beach days and keeping your main bag organised.

Whether you choose a bag made of smooth vegan leather, soft canvas or polypropylene, you can rest assured that all of our fabrics are cruelty-free, produced with very few chemicals and fully eco-conscious.

Shop our range of vegan leather bags in Australia today

From our backpacks to totes, clutches, crossbody bags and more, when you make a purchase from Urban Original, you not only get to enjoy a new high quality, cruelty-free vegan bag, you are actively making a difference to our planet and the people on it. We proudly donate 10% of our profits to causes for human rights, including slavery and human trafficking.

Browse our range of beautiful vegan bags in Australia and enjoy free country-wide shipping on all orders over $50.

For more information about our range of vegan bags, becoming an official stockist of our amazing products or general information, please email us at [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. ”

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Cedar and Cypress

Beautiful pieces that won’t break the bank.  Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and apparel.

Cedar and Cypress

Info From Cedar and Cypress

“We sell hand-crafted artisan goods for the socially aware consumer. Our products are hand-made in Haiti. We believe in sustainability through job creation.

Why Cedar and Cypress

In the old testament we read in 1 Kings that when the temple was constructed Solomon used Cedar and Cypress wood. That is where our name comes from. We want to be the foundation and the support for others like Cedar and Cypress was for the temple.  Weather that is companies or artisans in Haiti, individual people, missionaries or families. Our goal is to support others though job creation.

Being a support is the core of who we are.

Cedar and Cypress Designs partners with independent artisans in Haiti. Through your purchase and support, we are in turn able to purchase and support our artisan partners in Haiti. This is a sustainable process of employment-a social enterprise business model.

We are proud of our partners and the artisans in Haiti. We have spent a great deal of time selecting the pieces in our collection and offer a diverse selection of handcrafted goods including pieces for your home to jewelry to handbags.

Be a part of our foundation. We invite you to purchase with purpose; job creation through artisan empowerment.”

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Bold Beach Swimwear

Once piece, bikinis, and trunks for summer fun.  Sizes from XS to 4XL!

Bold Beach

Info from Bold Beach

“Have you ever put on a suit and thought to yourself, “this would be perfect if….”? In my case, I would say, “if the band was tighter”, “if it was a little more high-waisted, or “if it wasn’t a full-on a thong”. For years I’ve been spending $200 on a swimsuit only to try on every single size and still have to alter the suit to fit my curves perfectly. I want to change the notion that every person should fit in a standard size; if you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could adjust a swimsuit, Bold Beach is for you.

Bold Beach Swimwear is a brand that I created in 2019 for the queen who is looking for something different than the average string bikini. A swimsuit that not only stands out, but fits their body like a glove; no ifs, ands, or buts. Each suit has an adjustable feature in order to cater to each body type. At Bold Beach, we understand that not all bodies are the same, and every body is a bikini body. I can’t wait to see how beautiful you look rockin’ a Bold Beach suit!


Designer and Owner, Bold Beach Swimwear”

Website |Instagram 


Eastern Standard Provisions Pretzels

These aren’t just good…they are GREAT. Crusty on the outside, fluffy on the inside.  Gotta have them right out of the oven. And they don’t stop at pretzels.  They also have Waffles and so many Sauces and Toppings, both sweet and savory.  And now they are offering  Sourdough Hard Pretzel Pieces in 3 Flavors. YUM!

Eastern Standard Provisions

Info from Eastern Standard Provisions

“Eastern Standard Provisions delivers uncompromising quality with hand-crafted artisanal soft pretzels and artfully blended salts. Eat with your hands.


Our Boston-based team, with deep roots throughout New England, is fiercely passionate in our pursuit of making the best soft pretzels on the planet. This stemmed from our mutual love for pretzels, and a realization that finding one on the market that lived up to our expectations was nearly impossible. So, we decided to make it ourselves.


Under the guidance of our chief product officer and renowned baker, Lauren Moran, we started on our journey. After months of tasting, tweaking and adjusting, we finally perfected our one-of-a-kind gourmet soft pretzel


Like any artisanal product, it takes time, effort and unwavering commitment. We landed on something we’re truly proud of: a pretzel with the airy qualities of a brioche on the inside and a traditional Bavarian-style crust on the outside. We promise you that our pretzels will have you coming back for seconds and thirds.


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A R Z É 

Vegan cruelty skincare….I received the Opal Sky clarifying +soothing facial serum gel.  It’s light and silky smooth.


Info from A R Z É


A R Z É ‘s founder, Michelle Gilmore was diagnosed with cancer when she was three months pregnant with her son, Ezra. This took her down the path of natural and holisitic plant-based healing and remedies. Using a holsitic approach, Michelle went into remission and Ezra, her miracle child, was born healthy. Experiencing first-hand the power of plants, Michelle formulated and created organic, non-toxic skincare and botanical blends for natural wellness, which then led to the now dynamic team of mother and son of A R Z É!


When Michelle was pregnant with cancer, she found much needed support at that time through Hope For Two, a non-profit network that offers free support for women diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. They strive to remove barriers to women obtaining complete and accurate information about their options for dealing with cancer while pregnant! She also experienced how small acts of kindness brought joy to the many children in the hospital who were fighting cancer. A R Z É is a proud supporter of Hope For Two and Sunshine Kids, a non-profit foundation that provides exciting, positive group activities and opportunities for children with cancer so they may once again do what kids are meant to do… have fun and celebrate life!


A R Z É  is vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic which is beneficial not only for the consumer but also for the planet. The product comes in bottles/jars that are made out of recyclable glass. In order to reduce waste, A R Z É uses upcycled, recycled and recyclable materials for packaging and shipping which conserves resources and reduces landfill waste. Products themselves also come without additional unnecessary outer packaging. The bottles and jars themselves are just wrapped in biodegradable recycled material. A R Z É is plant-based and handcrafted in small batches. Ingredients are organic, natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, fair trade certified and sustainably sourced which is also kind to the environment and planet.”

Website |Instagram | TikTok


Ambered Ember

Plumping serum for all skin types.  I often share with family and friends.  My bestie jumped for joy to get this from me!

Ambered Ember

Info from Ambered Ember

“We belive that the glow of youth is worth preserving. That’s why we created Ambered Ember.  The glow of ember is preserved in a piece of amber, creating a luminance that withstands the test of time. With Ambered Ember you don’t just feel good about your skin but also what’s inside: our products are made with natural ingredients and without animal testing or any other kind of animal product whatsoever – we’re 100% cruelty-free!”

Website | Facebook |BlogGraduation



Unstable Unicorns

There is a version for everyone….The original, for kids, NSFW, and expansions packs.

Unstable Unicorns

Info from Unstable Unicorns

“Build a Unicorn Army. Betray your friends. Unicorns are your friends now.
A strategic card game that will destroy your friendships…but in a good way.
What is Unstable Unicorns? Well, it’s only your new favorite strategic, savage, and adorable card game! Build a Unicorn Army. Betray Your Friends. Unicorns are Your Friends Now.”

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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  • You have some awesome ideas here! I always love to give graduation gifts.

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  • I have 2 graduates this year. One from college and the other from middle school.

  • These are great options for both college and high school grads! I really like those urban original bags too. I may have to look into one for myself even though I’m not graduating

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  • Wow! These are all really great and awesome gift ideas! This is so perfect thanks for sharing this with us!

  • We live in a hot state so it’s always swimsuit season. That’s always a good gift idea.


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