Tips to ensure your dog gets a sound sleep all night

A dog is a man’s best friend and among the most loyal creatures. They crave attention on different levels. It can get problematic with time because the need for attention during night hours can hamper your and your pet’s sleeping pattern. If you find your dog does not get a sound sleep during the night and tends to sleep during the day, you need to correct it. There can be many reasons why your doggie does not sleep well at night or is conscious during your sleeping time. This article discusses some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure a good night’s sleep for you and your pet.

Ensure that your furry friend has a relaxed mind

Your furry friends are prone to anxiety and stress. It may be because of your separation for long hours, health conditions, loud noises, other pets, or children. You should ensure that your dog is relaxed when he goes off to sleep. You can play soothing music, give him bully sticks to chew, and offer a calm place to sleep. Chews, bars, and soft sleeping covers can help calm the mind, but it makes them feel safe, similar to what infants feel when they use pacifiers.

Ensure physical activity during the day

Dogs also need to drain out their energy to get a good sleep during the night. Experts suggest that you should include plenty of physical exercise in your dog’s daily routine so he can get uninterrupted sleep at night. Ensure that the furry friend gets to play fetch for a good time and goes for long walks. Many pet parents also prefer taking their dog for a walk right before bedtime. It helps the dog relax on his bed and sleep well throughout the night.

Feed him dinner a few hours before bedtime

Dogs have good digestion; they need to let out the waste after meals. So, it helps when you feed dinner hours before the sleep time so that he does have to get up to poop or pee. According to some doggie experts, dogs sleep better on a full stomach. Vets recommend ensuring an early meal, especially if you have a puppy; they have to relieve themselves if they take in late meals.

Keep a check on his medical condition.

Fleas and mites are common issues in dogs and puppies. If your fur baby has fleas or mites, he is more likely to get up during the night to scratch himself. Therefore, you must ensure your pet has none of such issues. You can take your dog for a medical checkup if you find him waking up repeatedly at night or not having a sound sleep.

Final Words

Having pets at home makes you happy because they pour unconditional love on you. But you also need to ensure that their sleep routine is aligned to your sleep schedule to get the required rest. You work all day, so if you have to wake up repeatedly at night due to your pet, it will start impacting your health. Therefore, make sure your furry friend gets to do enough physical activity during the day. In addition, you should make him habitual of sleeping in his bedding rather than sharing your bed.


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