Debunking the Most Common Funeral Planning Myths That Exist Today

As of October of 2021, almost 5 million global citizens have perished due to Covid-19. The vast majority of those individuals didn’t expect to pass so soon.

Few of them had time to make preparations. Even more likely believed funeral planning myths. In life, believing those myths may seem harmless. After death, those beliefs can harm the loved ones you leave behind.

That’s not the type of legacy you want to leave behind.

Rather than allowing that to happen, learn the truth about funeral planning right now. Read on to clear up those misconceptions and start living in the light.

  1. It’s Better Left Unsaid

The most common funeral myth that most people buy into is that it’s better not to talk about it until it happens. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

If you don’t express your wishes before you pass, your family members will have to decide what’s best. Not only will they bear the burden, but they’ll also have to figure it out amidst their grief.

Don’t leave your loved ones in that position.

Let your loved ones know your preferences before the inevitable happens. If you don’t care, then let them know that, too. Also, be sure to ask your loved ones what they’d want, too. After all, they’ll be the ones enveloped in grief after their loss.

  1. Funeral Planning is Simple

Another common funeral myth too many people believe is that funeral planning is easy. Many make the mistake of thinking that funerals are simple to coordinate. That’s far from the case.

Funeral planners have so many things to consider. From what the deceased will wear to the guest list, planning is necessary. It’s a major headache, especially if you’re inconsolable.

That’s why we recommend picking a funeral planner before you pass. Let them know what to expect so they’re not unprepared. Having an organization help, like SuperNova International Inc, is also a good idea.

  1. It’s Illegal to Plan a Burial at Home

Do you have a family cemetery, or would you prefer to get buried on your private property? If so, then you need to research the law in your area. In many states, it’s okay to have a private property burial.

  1. Spreading Cremated Remains is Illegal

Do you dream of having your ashes spread out in the mountains? Some people believe spreading cremated remains is illegal, but that’s not true!

It’s within your religious rights to spread your remains as you (and your family) see fit.

Put Those Funeral Planning Myths to Rest

Funeral planning is difficult enough on its own. You don’t need the above myths confusing and compounding the situation further. Now that you know the truth, you can make a better informed choice on how to plan out your future.

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