Baby Hats: How Long Do Newborn Babies Need to Wear Hats?

It’s time for you to leave the hospital with your beautiful newborn. Before the nurse releases the child into your custody, they’ll most likely put a hat on them. They don’t only do this because babies look cute wearing little knitted head coverings.

It also keeps them warm. The question is, how long do newborns have to wear baby hats? Can you stop putting a head covering on them after you get them home?

The answer is yes, depending on what the temperature is like. Babies lose heat through their heads, and they like being warm. Hats also protect them from the sun. Keep reading to learn more.

How Long Do Newborn Babies Need to Wear Hats?

When Should Your Baby Wear a Hat?

As we said above, most nurses put a baby hat on newborns before they hand them off to their parents. This is because babies lose so much heat through their heads.

They’re used to a warm environment. Being pulled from the womb can be overwhelming temperature-wise. Hats can help them adjust.

Once you get the baby home, you can stop putting a hat on them unless they’re cold. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of factors that go into determining if your little one is too chilly. If you’re not careful, you might make them a little too hot.

Can a Hat Make Them Too Warm?

The answer to this is yes. If you aren’t careful, the hat might make your baby too warm. If you’re not careful with how much you bundle them up, you could raise their temperature to deadly levels.

The best way to avoid this is to look out for the signs. If your baby is sweating, breathing heavily, or has flushed cheeks, damp hair, and a skin rash, you’ll want to lay off the layers a little.

Should They Wear It While Sleeping?

We understand that you want to keep your little one nice and cozy while they sleep, but putting a hat on them can do more harm than good. It will increase their chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

It’s easy for the hat to slip off while they’re snoozing. Once it does, it becomes a choking hazard.

Putting your baby in a sleep sack will keep them plenty warm while they’re sleeping. There’s no need to add any extra layers to the mix.

Can the Baby Wear a Hat Indoors?

The general rule of thumb is to take off the newborn baby hats as soon as you enter a building or vehicle. Having a hat on them in warm places such as this could cause the little one to get too hot.

This being said, you can keep the hat on them if the temperature in the building is lower than 68 degrees. This will stop them from getting chilly.

How Long Does a Newborn Need to Wear a Hat?

For the most part, as long as your baby is happy and healthy, they won’t need a hat after you bring them home from the hospital. It will be up to you to determine if your child is cold enough to warrant the need.

Many parents choose to keep a hat on their baby at all times (unless they are sleeping). It does help them get adjusted to their life outside of the womb, but you’ll need to supervise them.

What About a Premature Baby?

Premature babies are a different story. They struggle with a variety of bodily functions. This includes adjusting their bodily temperature.

They’ll need to wear a hat much more often than other babies to stay warm. Like with any other child, if you notice any signs of overheating or your baby gets fussy, you can take the hat off for a bit.

Do They Need a Hat While Outside?

If the weather is cold enough to warrant you slipping on long sleeves, your baby needs a hat to stay warm. On the flip side of this, if you’re wearing short sleeves, your baby doesn’t need a head covering.

We do recommend packing a hat in their bag with their other Hanna Andersson baby clothes when you go out. The weather can be unpredictable. You never know when the temperature will dip down below comfortable levels, and you can’t predict rain.

Do Babies Need Hats in the Summer?

With summer comes a strange gray area. You don’t want to put a beanie on your baby. That will be way too warm for them coupled with the hotter temperatures.

Still, babies do need some kind of head covering during the summer. The intense UV rays are dangerous for the baby’s sensitive skin.

Investing in a stroller with a canopy over it will help. You can also put sunscreen on them in small amounts.

If you would still feel safer putting a hat on your baby, there are two ways that you can go about it. You can put a thin sunhat on them. Make sure it’s wide enough to block their little face from the UV rays.

You can also buy a head covering made from cotton. It will wick moisture away from the baby’s head and keep them cool. No matter which option you go with, keep an eye on them to make sure that they aren’t getting too hot.

Every Little One Needs Good Baby Hats

Out of all the clothes that you buy for your little one, baby hats might be the most important. It will help them get adjusted to the outside world while keeping their head warm.

It protects their sensitive skin from harsh UV rays too. Once they leave the hospital, they don’t always need to wear a hat, but they are handy to have around.

Are you looking for more ways to take care of your newborn after you bring them home? Visit our blog for all the latest tips and tricks.


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