Look After Your Clothes With These Top Tips

Even if you are not a true fashionista, the odds are that you or your children have a wardrobe stuffed to the brim with clothing. The average family spends a couple of thousand dollars each year on clothing, and when you are shelling out that sort of money, you want your clothes to look good and last as long as they possibly can.

The temptation to throw everything in the washing machine and leave it to do its thing is strong. But caring for your clothes and treating them with the respect that they deserve is critical.

Several techniques are discussed in this article to look after your clothes to keep them looking their best for a longer period of time.

Buy the best possible quality

We are not talking about spending a lot of money on designer clothes, but if you want your clothes to last longer, make sure they are not of poor quality, to begin with. In the long term, buying less but better can save you money and time by reducing the amount of laundry you have to do. Spend your money on timeless, well-fitting outfits that will remain in style year after year, rather than on trendy items that will go out of style. Any professional should have a good coat, a well-fitting suit, comfortable and well-constructed shoes, a good pair of trousers, and some clean, fresh shirts. If you have those as a foundation in your built in wardrobes, you will always have something to wear. When purchasing, pay attention to the tiny elements such as the stitching, buttons, and any loose strands or catches that may be present. This can indicate whether you will be throwing it away or repairing it soon, or whether you will still be wearing it in years to come. 

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Wash and dry them carefully

This is really crucial to understand. Because the vast majority of people possess laundry facilities, it is critical to keep the insides of these appliances clean and well-maintained, as stray bits of debris or grime might fall out and ruin your garments.

Before you wash your garments, check the labels to see if they need to be washed on a delicate setting or if they need to be separated from other items in the wash. You should never put something in the washer that needs to be dry cleaned, and you should never put wool clothing in the dryer.

Put them away properly

You may find it tempting to simply throw your clothes on the floor or drape them over a chair in your wardrobe or bedroom.  Putting your clothes away and keeping them properly can assist to increase the longevity of your garments.

In order to prevent knitwear and t-shirts from getting dragged out of shape, fold them rather than hang them up. Invest in some high-quality hangers for garments that do need to be hung. The best ones are those made of wood or that are covered with soft material. Make sure not to overstuff them, since this can cause the garments to wrinkle. Clothes need to air and will crinkle if they are overstuffed.



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  • These are great tips. Clothing is an investment.


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