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Diminish Skin Problems with Banish Skincare

Beautiful Touches has received product from Banish Skincare to facilitate this publication.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  Any opinions stated are those of the author.

Banish Skincare Products

LADIES…Banish Skincare Products, along with the Banisher 2.0, is a game changer!Banisher 2,0 - Banish Skincare

I’m older, and my skin has started looking dull.  I’ve thought a lot about micro-needling, but it’s always looked and sounded so painful.  But, when I was contacted by Banish, I thought “hey, put on our big girl pants, and give it a whirl”!  Let me tell you, it has been fantastic.

What makes Banish different?  The Banisher 2.0.  Instead of like other micro-needling / dermaroller devices, the Banisher 2.0 is, for lack of a better word, stationary.  You don’t roll it across your skin, you simply gently plunge it into your skin.  It isn’t  bad at all.  No need for any type of pre- treating yous skin with a lotion that contains lidocaine.  It’s quick, easy to do, and after, the Banish Oil – Vitamin C Serum feels great.  It’s suggested that the actual micro-needling be done about once a week.  The Banish Oil can be a part of your daily skincare routine, if you like.


  • 24k Gold Coated Titanium Bristles promotes collagen and is antibacterial
  • Lasts 2x as long as the first Banisher.
  • Presses down with even pressure.
  • Finer and sharper bristles creates less irritation so you can use more often.


Now, I don’t have acne, never have, but those of you who do,  it’s especially important for you take a moment to read about Banish and watch the video below.


Banish is a natural skin care line founded by You-tuber, Daisy, who suffered from acne since the 3rd grade. Growing up, dermatologist visits were the norm for her, but the prescribed creams and usual OTC treatments didn’t provide the results she was looking for.

When enough was enough, Daisy started sourcing natural based ingredients based on her research and noticed her acne improved greatly.

Although she was left with scars, with the advice of a plastic surgeon and a chemist friend, she developed a system that fades acne scars naturally.
After 6 months her subscibers and family noticed the huge difference in her skin and that’s how Banish was born! We strive to provide people with the same high quality and natural ingredients in all of our skincare so others can feel confident in their skin.

We offer a 30 day return policy so give your skin the chance to Banish Acne Scars.

If you can relate to these stories, please check out Banish Skincare, and share with others who made need the help of this wonderful skincare regime.Banish Skincare

Besides the Banisher 2.0 and the Banish Vitamin C Serum, I’m also head over heals for the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and the Vitamin C Cream.  Both have been great for my dry sensitive skin.  Works well for all skins types. For those with exceptionally oily skin, the Activates Charcoal Clay Masque., might me just the ticket.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Banish: Website |Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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