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2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide – Look Better and Feel Better

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received some items from the brands below, to help facilitate this Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  All opinions are those of the authors.

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2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide – Look Better and Feel Better


Therafit shoes can help make your whole body feel better.  This brand is a family favorite.


Info From Therafit

Therafit is proud to make women’s foot support sneakers, sandals & casual shoes approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association & the National Posture Institute. Providing superior Arch Support, a deep heel cup and personalized heel support. Style, comfort & function all in one shoe. Free Shipping & Exchanges.

Therafit Footwear products are designed for optimal support and cushioning with the goal of providing you with reliable comfort, protection and relief from arch pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation and other foot pain symptoms.

Each shoe lets you adjust the impact protection and cushion level to fit your personal needs using the 3 removable adapters (Personalized Comfort System (PCS)) located in the heel of the shoe.

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Goat Grass CBD

I’m a firm believer in the power of CBD. Goat Grass CBD have formulas (CBD/ CBG / CBN) for all concerns. Their line up includes Drops (for people and pets), Topicals, Capsules, and Gummies.

Goat Grass CBD 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide - Look Better and Feel Better

Info From Goat Grass CBD

Goat Grass CBD not only cares about providing the highest quality all-natural CBD-CBG-CBN oils, gummies, capsules, and topical alternatives – we care about the experience; creating a path for those looking to become a better version of themselves through all-natural, healthy, Cannabidiol and hemp-based products.

All Goat Grass CBD products are produced in an FDA registered and inspected food-grade, GMP-compliant facility and are tested by third parties for safety and quality.

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This takes mindful breathing to the next level.  I belive that this really helps to relive stress, AND, I would think that regular “breathing exercises” would improve lung function…something that should be of utmost importance at this time.

Healing Crystals Co.

Info From Healing Crystals Co.

Start breathing the mindful way. Experience the benefits of mindful breathing jewelry.

We were founded to help bring the beauty and healing benefits of mindful breathing jewelry to the world. We love helping people stay healthy, experience the moment, and live their best lives. If you have any questions, comments or just want to chat, we would love to hear from you!

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3 delicious flavors – Blood Orange, Acai Berry, Citrus (Blood Orange is my favorite), to choose from. Buy online or use the store Locator to purchase locally.


Info from RECOVƎR 180°

When life calls for a recharge, reach for Recover 180. Our professional-grade, isotonic formula, coupled with scientific ingredients, works to actively hydrate your body and restore its natural state of strength. With only 30 calories per serving and 1/3 fewer grams of sugar than leading hydration drinks, Recover 180 tastes great and won’t get in the way of your workout or healthy habits. Whether you are recovering from a hard workout, a long day at work or partying all night long—Recover180 gets you back to 100% and ready for wherever life takes you. #drinkrecover

We created RECOVƎR 180° to hydrate your body for everyday performance. So whether you’re working out at home or working from home, RECOVƎR 180° will keep you healthy, hydrated, and ready to perform.

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A simple, yet effective, 4 step system consisting of all natural oils that can help skin look and feel it’s best:

  • 1 Dry Brush
  • 2 Body Wash
  • 3 Body Scrub
  • 4 Body Lotion

Ida Body Care


This is Ida’s life’s work. Ida was our mother and grandmother. She was an incredible force. A woman who never slowed down and wasn’t afraid to try new things. A real pistol.
She did everything from repair airplanes during WWII to travel the world multiple times on her own. She ran the family business and even changed the oil in the family cars. There was nothing she couldn’t handle (even snakes, we have the pictures to prove it). She was a pillar of her community, helping folks where they were and giving them an ear to listen, a shoulder for support and a bottle of lotion from her kitchen specially made for their needs.
Our products come from a family formula—decades in the making. It all started with Ida. She’s our inspiration. In between her many adventures, she pulled together plants from her garden with essential oils to craft a formula that’s too good not to share. She originally made it for family and friends—and now we’re bringing it to you. We can’t wait for you to try it.
In her honor, we started this company using her own original formula of natural ingredients and essential oils. Nothing fake. Just bold ingredients for your body. It’s specially made for fatigued skin—skin that’s been doing. Building. Making. Creating. Skin in the middle of its own life’s work. We’re in awe of her life’s journey and we want to continue her work of helping people care for their bodies – for a lifetime.
We hope you love Ida Body Care, and in the spirit of Ida, apply it in the same way she lived her life—generously

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You’re feet will look great and you will feel awesome…because you’ll know that the socks you’ve bought are helping those in need!.  

Society Socks

Info from Society Socks

Socks are the least donated, but most needed clothing item. Since homeless shelters only accept new socks, it’s much more difficult to donate them compared to other used clothing. Society Socks will change this.

Society Socks is all about fostering a community of people that care about each other’s well-being. A gesture as small as donating one pair of socks leads the way to a better society. A pair of socks is a small stepping stone towards greater change. All we need to do, is set the gears in motion.

As young and aspiring entrepreneurs, we realized that one of the most effective ways to drive change is through social entrepreneurship. From this, the Society Socks pair for pair model was born. With every pair of socks that is purchased, we will donate a pair to the Covenant House Toronto, an organization helping the city’s homeless youth. Let’s change the world together.

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These mats can look at bit intimidating, but once you give them a try, I think you’ll be amazed at how comfortable they can be, and the benefits that you’ll get from them.I will be honest, and tell you that I can’t handle standing on them barefoot.  I have to wear heavy sock. But I love laying on them (with a t-shirt on. It makes my back feel so much better.  I use the Copper Acupressure Ring while I’m watching TV or listening to a book on tape. It’s surprising how relaxing it is! 

Dosha Mat

Info From Dosha Mat

We make beautiful premium-quality acupressure mats with amazing healing benefits.

Our acupressure mats are unparalleled in quality and are 100% eco-friendly. Each mat is carefully handmade using the highest-quality, hypoallergenic natural linen. Each mat also contains a removable cushion made of 100% natural coconut fibre.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Learn more about our return policy!

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