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MARGO PAIGE High End Great Priced Clear Bags

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received products from Margo Paige to facilitate this posting.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  Any opinions stated are those of the author.

Clear Bags…why do you need them and why are they so popular? Well, they started out as a way to eliminate the issues when entering concert halls, stadiums, and other large and small venues where concealed contents were banned (for security reasons).  Overnight cheap clear backpacks started showing up on the shelves and online, to accommodate concert goers and attendees to other types of functions. Some looked okay, but most were not well made.  Then the high end market grabbed hold, but the majority of these were out of the running for most budgets.

MARGO PAIGE High End Great Priced Clear Bags


Margo Paige is a clear handbag company that meets event and venue regulations across the globe. Launching in late 2019, we had found our niche: high quality materials and fashion forward modern styles that won’t break the bank.

But, I feel that Margo Paige went another step.  They offer awesome stunning bags that fit neatly into the clear outer bags.

MARGO PAIGE High End Great Priced Clear BagsThese really look cool, and they’re functional. Choose from:

  • Clear Backpack
  • Clear Bucket Bag
  • Clear Fanny Pack
  • Clear Fringe Crossbody
  • Clear Hand Clutch
  • Clear Round Tote
  • Clear Tote
  • Clear Three Fringe Crossbody
  • Clear Weekender Backpack
  • Large Pop-in Pouch
  • Small Pop-in Pouch
  • Nylon Backpack
  • Nylon Clutch
  • Nylon Tote
  • The Wrist Clutch
  • The Wristlet
  • Wallet


I think these would also be very popular with teens and tweens.  I know that I have one granddaughter that will be thrilled to find a Clear Backpack under the tree this year, and I’m hoping that another will love the Clear Tote that has her name on the tag! And think about this.  Wouldn’t they make fabulous diaper bags.  Just think about it…the Nylon Backpack inside the Clear Backpack.  Everything tucked away, and protected…and EASY CLEAN!


MARGO PAIGE High End Great Priced Clear Bags

If you’re curious about what rules that many places have on what you can bring with you, check out the Venue Policies on their website.  They update it and keep it as accurate as possible.

So, what bags do you think will be your favorites?  Who on your holiday shopping list would love something from Margo Paige? Each bag comes with a lovely storage bag that’s perfect for gift giving!  Head on over to their website, and check out their social media channels for more inspiration.

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  • Wow, see through bags have definitely come a long way! I have always disliked them for their poor construction, they always broke! This high quality line sounds amazing, and they are actually cute! Thank you so much for sharing.


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