Getting Your Home in Top Condition for the Holidays Living room with fireplace an decorated Christmas Tree

The holiday season is upon us once again. Even with COVID-19 doing its best to make this year a to forget, nothing should stop you from embracing the season and spreading cheer to your loved ones. But preparing for the holidays can be a bit stressful, and more so due to the current global pandemic. With the right planning, you should get your home radiating the holiday spirit. Are you stressing over how to prepare for the holidays or confused about where to start?

Before you start pulling your hair out in confusion, here are some timely tips for getting your home in top condition for the holidays.

  • Clean up

First, you need to ensure that every inch of your living space is clean – and this includes those corners you have forgotten exist in your home. If there are areas of your house you neglect throughout the year, this is the time to let them sparkle. However, you should start cleaning as early as possible, especially if you have a large home. Take the time to declutter and get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Since you do not want any bugs springing up surprises on you and your family, ensure that you clear all their hiding places. If you live in a large home and you’ve noticed some unwelcome guests – namely house pests – roaming around, you may want to consider getting the help of experts such as, who are capable of handling a wide variety of pest issues.

  • Safe decorations

So, your home is squeaky clean now; great job! On to the decorations; if you have kids and pets at home, you should consider baby and pet-proof decorations. This is because both children and pets usually tend to be attracted by the colorful ornaments that come with Christmas trees and other kinds of holiday decorations. To ensure that your decorations are safe for your kids to be around, it is best not to use tinsel and ornaments that are not shatterproof, mostly when they will be hanging low on your tree. It is also safer to avoid holiday plants like mistletoe and holly, as they can be toxic to your pets.

  • Get out the pretty plates

Now that you’ve cleaned up your home and decorated it, it is time to get out the pretty plates you’ve been saving for a special occasion and dust them off. If you haven’t thought about saving special plates for special occasions, you should start doing some shopping now. Ensure that your kitchen is ready for all the holiday cooking that would be going on. Get out all the appliances you wish to use, and make sure that they are in excellent working condition. 

  • Prepare for house guests

Whether or not you are expecting house guests, it is essential to prepare your home for them just in case. Take your time to clean your bathrooms, guest bedroom, kitchen, and living room as often as you can. Be sure you have more than enough supply of fresh towels, pillows, blankets, toiletries, and any other thing that will make your guests feel at home.


Holidays Fever! Tips to Getting Your Home in Top Condition for the Holidays

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