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As a parent, it is always important to do what you can to keep yourself and your kids healthy while at home. When it comes to making an effort to stay healthy and safe at home this winter, there are a lot of simple things you can do which will create a healthy living environment for all. 

Today we want to take you through some of the simple jobs you can do this winter to your family healthy at home, and happy at home.

Empty the bin often 

It is always important to keep the air clear of bacteria and odor at home, and one way to do this is by emptying the bin more often. Be sure to empty your bin every few days to reduce any smell in your house as well as to prevent bugs from being attracted to your home. The last thing you want is to open your bin and find flies or maggots inside! 

Allow airflow 

Airflow is an important part of home maintenance, and sadly if you have very good insulation you likely don’t have great ventilation. Ventilation is important for your home because it allows your windows and doors to stay dry and avoid mold building up, and will also clear the air of things such as dust and bacteria. You are much less likely to become ill if your home has good ventilation so be sure to invest in this this year. 

Keep windows dry 

It is incredibly important for the health of your family that you keep the windows dry to avoid mold spores starting to take root. Once mold starts to spread on your windows, black spores will enter the air and when inhaled these can irritate the lungs. If you or any of your family members have a respiratory condition such as asthma, this can be a really health risk and needs to be prevented. 

Remove pests 

Pests do not hibernate over winter if your house is lovely and warm! It is important even in the winter to prevent pests overtaking your house, and you can either take measures yourself or use a nationwide pest control service to help you. Getting rid of open food containers and cleaning your home often is a good way to prevent them coming in, but once you have an infestation you are better off calling the pros. 

Wash the bedding every week 

Bedding is a place for sweat, skin cells, drool, and bugs to grow. If you want to keep your family healthy and safe throughout the winter it is important for you to wash the bedding once a week. This will not only freshen it up but it will also ensure that no one in your family suffers from skin problems or bugs. 

Get dusting 

Dust is something that we can often forget about in our house, but over time as it builds up it can pollute the air and make it difficult for us to breathe. A helpful way to keep on top of the dusting is to empty your shelves a little and dust every few days to ensure that your surfaces stay clean and hygienic. 


Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy At Home

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