Time To Sell? Here’s How To Increase The Value Of Your Home Easily

It’s something of a “right of passage” in every homeowner’s life – the time to sell. If you’ve been a responsible homeowner, you’ve probably built up some decent equity in your home. So now you’re looking to upgrade (or downgrade, for that matter), and still, despite all of the crazy economic circumstances we’ve been experiencing, property investments remain the most efficient store and transfer of wealth in our society.

So, it stands to reason then that when that “for sale” sign goes up, you want to command the best possible selling price for your property, and here are a few tips that you can use to push that number up a smidge without too much cost or effort. 

Time To Sell? Here’s How To Increase The Value Of Your Home Easily

Also, remember to do your homework if you’re getting ready to sell.


It seems superficial, but keeping your paint job fresh and updated can add significant amounts of value to your home. Believe it or not, even the color of the paint you choose can impact the value increase you could potentially enjoy.


This applies inside and outside. Clearing away clutter and packing away objects to create space and more “moveability” also makes the perception of size and more efficient airflow. All of these rank highly on prospective buyers’ lists of wants.


You might have heard of this principle before. If you don’t have naturally green fingers, you will want to invest some resources into your garden. Even basic landscaping and gardening can make a massive difference to the appearance of your outdoor spaces, and nowhere is this more important than in the front of your home. Still, just in case (here’s a refresher), it takes consumers an average of 50 milliseconds to make the initial decision on whether to purchase an item or not – and property is no exception to that rule.


Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious and aware of environmental impacts and green issues, and buying a house features pretty highly on that list, so if you know you’re planning on listing your property, take a few months to prepare financially if necessary to get your home “as green as possible.


Another one of those “uh….what?” moments, but it’s true – a trendy or ornate front door can make all the difference to the façade of your house, and it can increase your home’s value a little too.  Who knew? 


Along with your landscaping, this is an area that you may want to invest some of your resources into. Uneven flooring, cracked tiles, dirty or ragged carpets, and broken stairs are unsightly, present a safety hazard, and will instantly decrease the value of your home.

All of these efforts are minor at best, and if you plan to list your home correctly and with patience and due diligence, you’ll soon see significant differences.  Remember that seemingly cosmetic impacts matter. So upgrading your appliances could be a good idea, so visit your local refrigerator store and check out what’s hot and what’s not.


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