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How To Make A More Sustainable Life

If you, like so many people in the world, have found yourself staring at the same four walls and the same view throughout the pandemic, you may have had some other experiences, as well. While you were spending more time at home, did you take note of how reliant you are on the outside world? If so, perhaps you were dissatisfied with that dependence. Now is the time to take small but actionable steps to improve your home’s sustainability and your personal independence.

How To Make A More Sustainable Life

If you are lucky enough to have a little extra land or have a lot of it, perhaps you have already thought about starting a small farm. Or, maybe the mere notion of farming elicits images of large-scale machinery and herds of cattle. Take a step back from that picture and narrow the view into a more manageable opportunity.

To begin low-level farming on your property, first, consult with your city to determine if there are any local ordinances regarding livestock or agriculture that you need to know about. 

Next, decide what you would like to have on your farm. Raising any type of animal will require proper enclosures and watering receptacles. You may not want to invest in larger vessels due to the smaller size of your farm. If that is the case, look for a quality plastic tank distributor to find what you want or have something fabricated for your specific needs.

It is time to decide what types of animals you would like to raise. Perhaps chickens? They are a good choice for an endless supply of eggs and an unexpected abundance of new feathered family members. As it turns out, chickens make wonderful pets, too.

Some hobbyists enjoy raising sheep or alpacas for their wool and fleece-like hair. They are useful for making sweaters or other wearable goods that you can sell at local markets. Try your hand at opening an online marketplace at shops such as Etsy to sell your wares. Use the extra income to reinvest in your sustainable lifestyle grand plan or treat yourself to something well-deserved.

Gardening is probably the most well-known of personal farm ventures. Depending upon your USDA growing zone you can plant small crops of fruits, vegetables, or legumes in rotation throughout the year to continue reaping the benefits of fresh food. If you find that you  have an abundance of produce, consider selling it at a local market along with any other items you have created. Another useful option is to can any extra food that you grow. This way, you will continue to have a supply of high-quality food long after the growing season is over.

Here is an easy tutorial on canning for beginners.


Cloth lined wooden basket filled with fresh vegetables Make A More Sustainable Life

Even if you have no plans of going off-grid at any point, it is still a worthy goal to work towards becoming less dependent upon others. As you have surely noticed, there are many disruptors and environmental issues as of late that can have an impact on product availability and the supply chain. Take some time to prepare. If nothing else, you will have an emergency food supply should anything unforeseen occur. In any event, if you prepare now, you can relax later. 

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  • These are great ideas. I have always wanted a couple of chickens for eggs.


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