5 Top Motion Picture Exhibitors in North America

North American countries, particularly the United States of America and Canada, have registered exponential growth into their different sectors thanks to steady progress and favorable conditions. The film distribution industry has not been left behind in the entertainment sector, especially in the two countries, as they boast of a rich culture in this particular sector.

Here we look at the top five giant motion picture exhibitors in North America as per the latest information available.

  • American Multi-Cinema Theaters

This movie theatre chain has its main headquarters in Leawood in Kansas State. Born in 1920, AMC Theaters has grown in leaps and bounds to the extent that it took over UCI Cinemas, Carmike Cinemas, and Odeon Cinemas and owned more than 2000 screens across 244 theatres abroad in European nations. Three years ago, the Wanda Group based in China had been the main stakeholders in the company for six years and are still dominate AMC’s board of directors despite Silver Lake Partners, a private technology firm’s hefty investment since then…American Multi-Cinema is one of the largest motion picture exhibitors in North America, with many modern and digital technology advancements in the theatre.

  • Regal Cinemas

Located in Regal Line Knoxville in Tennessee, this celebrated theatre is a branch of Cineworld, a theatre company based in the United Kingdom. The Regal Entertainment group runs it alongside United Artists Theatres as well as Edwards Theatres. With a hefty revenue of 3.197 US DOLLARS, the company was founded in 1989 by Philip Anschutz after he made some colossal investment in the trio. Regal doesn’t limit the attendance of standard-format movies as customers attend monthly, and we learn that they are still fiercely ambitious to expand their movie services since they have been merging with smaller chains.

  • Cinemark USA 

This American movie theatre joined its Cinemark Movie Club, whose members can call on at the theatre thrice as the nonmembers. With 15 Imax screens worldwide, it has been in partnership and agreement deals, most notably with Comic. The majority of Cinemark’s theatres in the United States are privileged to access Luxury Loungers recliner seats. The movie theatre chain dominates in Brazil, where it possesses lucrative market share. Cinemark also reaps significant from its investments, such as in food and beverages. However, in mid-march, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cinemark USA was forced to make an impromptu closure of all its theatres across the country, with many being reopened more than a year later. The movie theatre still went ahead and entered into agreements with the leading movie studios.

  • Cineplex Entertainment

The Toronto-based entertainment theatre was founded in 2003 by Gerald Schwartz, Garth Drabinsky, and Ellis Jacob. Initially referred to as Galaxy Entertainment Inc and Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund, the company had already established itself in the Canadian exhibition even before Cineworld stormed in and took them over. The company owned a mammoth three-quarters of the total market share in the box office of Canada in a period dated to September 2019. At the same time, premium experiences also contributed close to half of the total revenue gained from a circuit involving Cineplex and Regal brands. Cineplex has been registering recurrent improvement in revenues sourced from food and beverages. The Covid -19 pandemic and Cineworld being skeptical of Cineplex’s integrity raised concerns about the latter’s credibility, ultimately forcing Cineworld to abandon their initial plan to purchase Cineplex. The two companies ended up taking legal actions against each other, which are yet to be fully sorted out.

  • Marcus Theaters

Marcus Theaters made headlines in early 2019 after they abandoned their accession involving a dine-in cinema circuit Movie Tavern belonging to VSS-Southern Theatres. However, the move proved to spike a recommendable improvement in their division. It increased their screens across different parts of the country, leading to even a more significant national market, making a huge mark in their profit margins. With the addition of more superscreen auditoriums, the company has gone a step further to offer special offers to its trustworthy customers through the Marcus Magical Movie Rewards precisely on Tuesday and Thursday. The company has also embraced technological advancements by doing projects such as creating a mobile app and issuing tickets online. These advancements will further popularize the company to succeed and gain profit, the ultimate objective of any company on earth. The movie theatre chain is under the Marcus businesses together with Marcus Hotels and Resorts and Marcus Restaurant Group.

These five movie theatre companies are unquestionably the most dominant and celebrated in the northern part of America as far as the latest information is concerned. However, with other emerging ambitious companies taking the movie theatre industry by storm, this healthy competition will improve consumers’ final product.


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