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Pros & Cons Of Adding A Dishwasher To Your Kitchen

You’re thinking about making some kitchen upgrades, and your mind wanders to the idea of adding a dishwasher. It’s a handy new appliance to add to your home, but is it worth it?

Some people love the idea of a dishwasher in their kitchen; others think it’s a waste of space and money. To find out if it’s right for you, check out these pros and cons of owning a dishwasher and any dishwasher repair that you might need:

Pro: Potentially more eco-friendly

A dishwasher only needs to be turned on when it is full. This could mean a couple of days pass before you need to put a wash on. What’s more, you can tweak the settings to use colder water and conserve energy. As such, many dishwashers can be far more eco-friendly than washing things by hand. You use less hot water, less water in general, and save energy. 

Con: Could break down

When you wash by hand, you have nothing to worry about. There’s no chance of your scrubbing brush breaking down! If it does break, you can replace it with no issues. A dishwasher has lots of parts that can easily break. You could be on the phone to an appliance repair expert all the time, forking out a lot of cash for repairs. This can make a dishwasher seem incredibly costly when you add up all the repairs or service over time. Cleaning brush, cup and glass in bright kitchen - Adding A Dishwasher
Pro: Keep your kitchen clean

There’s nothing worse than having lots of plates piled up waiting to be washed. It happens a lot, mainly when we’re too busy to clean everything right this second. Then, when they’ve been cleaned, you have loads of wet plates on a drying rack next to the sink. It takes up space and makes your kitchen surfaces look cluttered. With a dishwasher, everything can be rinsed/wiped and hidden away. All the dirty plates can wait for a wash inside the machine, and they dry as part of the cycle. So, enjoy a clutter-free kitchen that looks more spacious and cleaner. 

Con: Takes up cabinet space

The chances are you’ll have to forgo some cabinet space to make room for a dishwasher. The only way this isn’t possible is if you’re extending your kitchen and are basically remodeling it. Otherwise, you need a place for the dishwasher to fit and connect to your plumbing network. Not only can this take a lot of time and be messy, but it leaves you with less cabinet space than before. So, think about whether or not you wish to make this sacrifice. Of course, if you’ve never used a cabinet and it’s a waste of space, then a dishwasher becomes a fantastic way of getting more out of your kitchen. 

Adding a dishwasher to your kitchen can be a home improvement or a massive disaster. Ultimately, you have to weigh up the cost-benefit ratio. Can you afford a dishwasher? Can you sacrifice the space? Are you willing to handle any possible repairs? Think about the money you could save on water and energy bills, as well as the kitchen surface space. It’s a tricky decision, but I’m confident you’ll make the right one. 


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