Pup-Friendly Cat Breeds

In the dog-cat relationship, cats have somehow always been the ones who were ‘hostile.’ In movies and cartoons, felines are always clever, tricky, and a bit rude, while dogs are the ones chasing them in the desire to become friends. That created an image of these animals as best frenemies.

As seen on the link below, even the science has dealt with this relationship:


Although this belief is widespread, there are indeed cats that get along very well with puppies. Pup owners who want to get another pet or have a dog and a kitten at the same time will be especially happy about this. Animal lovers can certainly breathe easy because they can finally make a perfect kitty-fido match that won’t ruin their house.

Maine Coons

Pup-Friendly Cat Breeds / Maine Coon Cat

There are many different cat breeds that get along with other animals. Still, only a few have managed to maintain good relations with dogs. One of them is Maine Coon. The first reason for this affection is a temperament very similar to canine. These kittens will follow you everywhere, be protective, and can even be taught tricks and trained for a leash walk.

Maine Coons don’t see dogs as their enemies but as play buddies. These cats possess some of the same appealing qualities that make them so lovable. Due to their large, sturdy bodies, these felines have no size issues. They will get along well with pups of all sizes and breeds.

British Shorthair

These cats share many of the same characteristics as their British cousins, including being gentle with humans. But unlike British Shorthair, American breed love dogs. Although these animals can sometimes be impatient and way too energetic, they are lovely pets for pup owners and make wonderful additions to any family.

The American Shorthair is a good, long-lived breed that is an excellent choice for any household with kids and other animals. It has a very gentle temperament and is affectionate by nature. But American Shorthair cats are very confident and know how to set clear boundaries. As long as your pup accepts to be submissive, everything will be fine.

Turkish Angora

At first glance, the Angora cats seem fragile and gentle, but they are very energetic and active. They are great swimmers and love water, so don’t be surprised if you find them in a pool or fountain. Although they have soft, lush fur, Turkish Angora cats love to get dirty, which is not typical of these neat animals.

These animals are curious and will always be happy to play with pups, as long as they recognize them as the supreme authority. They indeed like to be bossy, and you can find more info on the Internet if you need tips on keeping them tamed. Simply, Turkish Angora doesn’t allow the domination of dogs.

Sometimes, this breed will even initiate a game and a chase on its own. That is why it is best to take these felines if you have a large yard. That way, your pets will have plenty of room to play without doing any harm.


Ragdolls enjoy hanging out with pups because they have that dog-like character. They follow you everywhere, seek your attention, and enjoy hunting and chasing things, from balls to cables. As most pups like to do the same, these two will make best friends soon.

Ragdolls can develop a beautiful relationship with pups, even if they didn’t grow up together. They hate loneliness, so never leave these cats as your only pets. Even if they are the pet number one, Ragdolls will joyfully welcome a new furry family member. Sure, they still have to be loved and slightly prioritized.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Pup-Friendly Cat Breeds / Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is a European equivalent to the Maine Coon. These two breeds have a lot of similarities in appearance and character, but the Norwegians seem a little more dangerous. But beneath the robust surface hides a kind, sweet and gentle pet.

Because of their wild origins, these cats have a strong hunting instinct. They will gladly chase imaginary and real ‘enemies’ with your dog. These playful giants are happy to participate in various games, from ball games to hide-and-seek. Provide them with a lot of activities, and feel free to let them in the yard. These cats know how to take care of themselves.

Despite their appearance, the Norwegian Forest cats are tame. They are not attention seekers and will not make jealous scenes if you pet a dog. Since they hate being alone, these felines will enjoy the company of kids and dogs, but only after they get used to them. That is why it is best to get this kitten along with the dog to grow up together.


Abyssinians also don’t like solitude, and they will prefer if you get another pet to keep them company. They will especially enjoy the company of dogs who are equally playful and curious. Together, they will explore the yard and various hidden corners in the house and enjoy the game, which can last for hours. And when it comes time to rest, don’t be surprised if you see them curled up sleeping together.

Many different cat breeds share many of the characteristics with dogs. They all have distinct personalities that make them lovable companions. Whether you have or plan to get a dog and a cat, you will find that they make a great team of pets that make your life fun and enjoyable.


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  • These are all pretty breeds of cats. I have a black tuxedo/siamese and she is not a fan of any other animal or people besides my fiance’ and myself.


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