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Books by Rebecca Massey

Books by Rebecca Massey Back-to-School Good Reads for Young and Old


About Colton’s Pocket Dragon (Series 1 – 12)

  Colton is a 10 year old boy, who is  wishing for a way to spice up his long boring days.
Then, one day all that changes, when Colton discovers an egg hidden under a bush. Now his whole world will revolve around caring for the egg until it  hatches, revealing a dragon.
Colton now  has a secret friend and together their days will be fun filled with adventures. In the first book, together they will travel in search of Dragon Land, encountering unusual monsters along the way, while trying to reach their final destination. These books explore the importance of friendship, bravery and imagination.
Will  Colton return to his world, w
ill Colton find another egg under the bush, will the dragon return to Dragon  Land?
Follow the Colton Pocket Dragon series to see what Colton will discover and encounter next.

About Colton’s Time Machine (Series 1 – 4)

 Have you ever wished you could travel back in time? Well, so does Colton! So he decided to invent a way to make time travel possible.
As much as I enjoy writing the Colton’s Pocket Dragon books, I also wanted to create another magical series continuing these stories, which would give young readers a little knowledge of history.
The new series: Colton’s Time Machine books are a spin-off from the original Colton’s Pocket Dragon books. Colton felt it was time his dragons get a little education about history, so he built a machine, which would take all of them back in time.
From now on, Colton will be one busy little boy, finding and caring for eggs until they hatch then going off on fun filled flying adventures in Colton’s Pocket Dragon books. Colton will then climb into his time machine, in the Colton’s Time Machine books, traveling back in time to important events and meet famous people.
I hope you will enjoy reading and learning along with the dragons while Colton teaches them history.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop books by Rebecca Massey : Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Available on Amazon

Strawberry Pencil Magic, books by Michael Girgenti


Strawberry Pencil Magic

About the Books

Strawberry Pencil Magic is colorful children’s picture books that allow a child’s imagination to flourish! The books are sold in select Barnes & Noble stores, Barnes & Noble online and on Amazon. Recently shared by celebrity Chris Brown’s daughter “Royalty Brown” @missroyaltybrown on Instagram. Royalty Brown just posted about one of the author’s latest stories: Peri and Her Plant.” SPM also has a shoutout from Mark Wahlberg’s business called Municipal! The author, Michael Girgenti, loves the limitlessness of children’s books and writes his stories without fear of failing. From Girgenti’s original stories about talking shirts and socks taking an adventure from the mall to the ocean, to the bestselling book with otters wearing helmets and using their archery skills to defend their den and family, your child will be entertained and ask for more SPM! Strawberry Pencil Magic entertains and inspires the creative minds of the future by creating stories without limits.

Strawberry Pencil Magic is the future of original children’s stories & content. SPM will provide an ingenious alternative to the conglomerates in diversified multinational mass media & entertainment. Look for the star! ™

Learn More, Follow, and Strawberry Pencil Magic: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

THE WICHLEES COME TO EARTH, by Bumble B Moss and Peter C. Rabbit

The Wichlees Come to Earth

About the Book

We are writing to you from the beautiful coastline of Aberdyfi in mid Wales, and as authors of a beautiful children’s book we both thought that this may be of interest to your readers.

The characters of the book hail from another planet, Bangy-Bong, a tiny little unknown planet somewhere within uncharted space within a vastly unknown universe…..

Indeed, they regularly visit Earth in order to swap things with people…..but sometimes the items they purvey aren’t always met entirely with approval..

They are innocent characters with big hearts and have a lot of love within them.

Our book, which is now available for purchase across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia as well as Portugal and the Netherlands has just hit the book shops world wide.

In “The Wichlees Come To Earth” we hear about Pegerty, Gwindleberry and Warty Conk, who come to Earth one day in order to collect “Parpzees” (Bottom Wind!), bat poo and lollipops. 

They are rather peculiar characters – with some very strange and stinky habits –who reside on Bangy Bong, an extremely small planet somewhere far, far away. 

There is nothing stranger in the whole of the galaxy than a Wichlee! 

However, things go awry when Gwindleberry encounters the curmudgeonly Mister Crumble … 

So, why did we write this book? 

As children, Bumble B. and I were fortunate enough to have had at our fingertips books that inspired our imagination. Now, we feel that it is time to address this gift and pay it forward to the future generation. 

Not only is this a funny, fantastical adventure for children, but also for parents reading it with them; after all, the most magical music a child can hear is the sound of a parent’s laughter followed by a precious “Goodnight; I love you.”

Sweet dreams and good adventures!

 The Wichlees Come to Earth: Website 


“You Got This! The illustrated, Grab-and-Do Guide for a Healthy, Happy Baby”

by Stephen Gross (Author), Dr. Jeremy F. Shapiro MD MPH FAAP (Contributor), Gabriella Terhes Karlsson Newborn Care Specialist/Postpartum Doula/Sleep Trainer (Contributor)

The Simplest Baby Book in the World


About the Book

You’ve got this!

The Simplest Baby Book in the World is the illustrated grab-and-do guide that helps today’s moms and dads gain confidence in their ability to be great parents.

It makes raising a baby easier by curating and distilling down to their essentials the best-of-the-best advice on topics like sleep training, feeding and safety from doctors, nurses, parents and nannies. You will quickly and easily find simple solutions and have proven techniques at your fingertips when you need them most whether it’s 2 a.m. or 2 p.m.

Forget all the other baby books and ‘bibles’ you will never read, choose The Simplest Baby Book in the World to raise your healthy, happy baby.

The Simplest Baby Book in the World Pre-Order on Amazon

THE PALE TIGER, by Mike Harrison

The Pale Tiger

About the Book

A fading sheet of A4, buried in the vaults of an intelligence service on the other side of the world? Or perhaps it was only ever a myth, a cold war legend…
But maybe ‘The Pale Tiger’ is horribly real, a brutal audacious plan to visit a deadly revenge with breath-taking historical symmetry.

As an American and a Chinese warship collide in the storm-lashed South China Seas the world holds its breath. Trade and territorial tensions between the two superpowers have been escalating at an alarming rate and this latest crisis threatens to strain already fraught relations to breaking point.

In the US, still gripped in an epidemic of opioid abuse, the corridors of Washington hum with intrigue. Rival factions at the very heart of the intelligence complex fiercely pursuing their own agendas, but to what end?

In London, a strange death at a leading Global Hedge Fund attracts the attention of DI Anne Perry. She suspects foul play, but someone has covered their tracks well. She senses something, stalking the elegant corridors of high finance – something worth killing for.

MI6 also has this same Hedge Fund in their sights and Emma Wilson is dispatched to Hong Kong trailing one of the fund’s principals. There, she makes a shocking discovery that will change everything. As the world thunders towards the precipice of war, erstwhile enemies must forge an unlikely alliance to uncover the conspiracy that threatens to engulf the globe in conflict. Who is The Ringmaster? And what is Operation Pale Tiger?

The Pale Tiger can be ordered from: Amazon | Echo Point Books & Media LLC

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