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Nothing is as satisfying as coming home to a sparkling clean home. Plus, if you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies, it is important to regularly deep clean your house to prevent these allergies from flaring up.

However, cleaning your house from top to bottom can be overwhelming, especially if you live in a large house rather than an apartment or bungalow. If you have rooms that have not been deep cleaned in a while, such as a spare bedroom, home office, or even a storage cupboard, you need to have a plan in place to get started.

In this article, we run through our top tips on how to spring clean your home, and when to bring in the professionals to help relieve the stress.

How to Spring Clean your Home

  1. Make a plan

First of all, you are going to want to make a plan of the areas in your house that need the most cleaning and the areas that are less of a focus. Walk around your house and check room-by-room, writing it down either in a list or ideally on a floor plan. This will give you a clearer idea of the scope of the work and help you stay focused. If you decide you want to call in professional cleaners, this will also be useful to help guide them on where to focus their energy.

  1. Make sure you have the right tools

You will find spring cleaning much more difficult if you don’t have the correct tools. Make sure you have a good vacuum, a broom, a mop, duster, sponges, and anti-bacterial cleaning spray at the very least. This website tells you 10 cleaning tools you need to get started deep cleaning your home. Before you start, make sure any electricals work and that you have any extension cords available.

  1. Tidy your space

You can’t do a deep clean without your space being cleared first. De-cluttering your space is the best first step – and that doesn’t just mean shoving everything into a cupboard or under the bed. This might be a good time to also sort through your clothes or other items, throwing anything out that you no longer use. Organize your closet, put items you want to keep where they belong, and remove any junk you don’t need. It will make you feel better straight away!

  1. Take on the biggest tasks

While your energy levels are high it is a good time to take on the biggest tasks. Review your list of rooms and choose the one you said needed the most work. Then, tackle it head-on. Start with what you cannot see, cleaning inside cupboards or behind the desk, moving onto the visibly dirty areas. Lastly, you will want to vacuum – dust will probably have fallen onto the floor while you have been cleaning so it makes sense to vacuum at the end.

  1. Take breaks

It might be tempting to try to complete the whole house in one go but often this is unrealistic, especially if you live in a large space. Break your cleaning down into smaller chunks, such as 30 minutes of cleaning with a 15-minute break. This will help you stay motivated and energized to complete it.

Remember you might need to spread the cleaning across a few days. Alternatively, maybe you can make a start on de-cluttering your space and wiping surfaces, but you need the help of professional house cleaners elsewhere.

  1. Make it fun

Cleaning can be laborious, so you have to make it fun. Put on some music, a podcast, or your favorite TV show – as long as you are not getting too distracted it can make it much more enjoyable. Speaking to a friend on the phone can also help pass the time. Here is a cleaning playlist of 11 happy songs to keep you motivated and uplift your mood: https://www.goodnet.org/articles/11-happy-songs-to-instantly-lift-your-mood

It is also worth noting that different people have different “cleaning personalities” – you might be a stress cleaner or someone who cleans when they are procrastinating. You might be someone who can only clean first thing in the morning, or maybe only late at night once everyone has gone to bed. Make use of your personality and clean when suits you best! This will help you enjoy the process a little more.

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When to Hire the Professionals: Houston House Cleaning

Now, it is possible to spring clean your house yourself. However, there are plenty of instances when it is more viable to call in professional cleaners.

If you are working full-time or part-time, it might be much more difficult to find time to regularly deep clean the house. Likewise, if you have children or a lot of people living under one roof, it is likely to get dirtier quicker. If no-one has the time to clean the whole house regularly, dust can build up over time.

Sometimes is it quicker and more cost-effective to call in professionals. They will be trained in deep cleaning, so will make your house look sparkling clean and reach the areas you might have missed. When you are looking for your cleaning service, try to stay local. Conduct a quick Google search for “Houston house cleaning” and read some reviews from other people to help you make your decision.

Shop around and find a few prices – but remember, the cheapest service won’t always be the best one. Often, you get what you pay for, so read through their website and reviews to make your final choice.

Then once you think you have found your ideal cleaning service, get in touch to organize a time that works for you. The first time your cleaner visits you might have to be around to let them in but work out between you the best solution if they are going to clean your house repeatedly.

If you are looking for house cleaning Houston – Clean Arte or similar company is your go-to. They provide professional deep cleaning services to have your home looking and feeling sparkling clean.

Houston House Cleaning: Your Spring-Cleaning Tips

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