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Bathroom Renovations Canberra – 7 Common Mistakes To Avoid

You may be thinking about renovating your bathroom right now. Take note that renovation of a bathroom could lead to spending a lot of wealth so it’s better to do some research. Read on to learn the common mistakes that other people frequently make so that you will avoid them when you renovate your bathroom (read here).

1. Having An Unclear Plan

One of the most common mistakes in doing a renovation is not making a proper plan. Planning is much needed in every circumstance. It is because, without comprehensible planning, it might be costly and inefficient.

Foresee the right cost in getting contractors and the materials to be used. Also, when you plan or select a theme for it, often take into account the dimensions inside your bathroom to know the fixtures and facilities to be installed.

On the other hand, you might lead to unwanted results without all this preparation, which could or may not be favorable for you.

2. Neglecting The Space

Maybe you’re one of those who value looks over comfort and functionality. It’s time to change it a bit, get aesthetic pieces but with a great function. The bathroom is where convenience and utility should be located, not impractical designs that can lead to waste. Be sure when buying fixtures or decorations, they are to be used regularly and not just for display.

Probably you still have more room for aesthetic pieces at your home, so skip the bathroom part in some because the focal point of your renovation should be functionality. Also, keep it organized so that it will look minimal and clean, which is more appealing.

Remember that the space in your bathroom will help you to be comfortable all the time. If not, then you might be troubled and stress instead.

3.  Not Having Enough Storage

Bathroom Renovations Bath Towels on Stool


Shampoo, soap, body wash, conditioner, body oil, towels, cosmetics, and the list goes on. Imagine having no storage for all of these, I’m telling you, it’s a mess. Your renovation would have no point if it not be a place where you find comfort and satisfaction.

This is the place where you clean yourself up and relax, ensure to keep it clean all the time. This means there must be no skincare products on the floor, dirty towels on the countertop, etc. They must be stored in an organizer to keep them clean.

4. Skipping Exhaust Fan

In the long run, having no sufficient ventilation, such as using an exhaust fan, could lead to problems. In general, this would result in the formation of molds and mildew. Often, the paint will deteriorate, which will make your bathroom incomplete. It is because moisture can take place inside without the help of an exhaust fan, which can create issues in your amenities.

5. Not Getting A Contractor

If you’re a plumber yourself, then it might be better for you. But if you have no experience and such, not getting a contractor will give you a huge problem in the future. This is because having one would guarantee that the drainage system, which is the most critical aspect of your bathroom, is working just fine. Also, they are in-charged in fixing the electricity, lighting, paint, flooring, etc. In short, almost all!

They are in charge of everything, which is convenient. Try checking bathroom renovations Bespoke Bathrooms Canberra or similar companies for renovation services to make sure that they can provide you with a trusted contractor. All you need is to plan and design, and they will do the same for you.

Your design will always be in their consideration. Plus, to assure the customers the best quality they can deliver through their knowledge from their expertise and experience.

This company actually focuses on bathroom and kitchen renovation. But if you are still on a budget, specifically for your bathroom, it’s good to go. They accept projects regardless of how small or how huge it may be.

6. Choosing The Wrong Materials

Just like I meant, if you appreciate looks above quality, think again. Be sure it is guaranteed to stand the test of time when choosing the right materials for your bathroom. Can it survive the moisture? Are these brands of good quality? Is this going to last for years?

It’s important to know if your paint, floor, or wallpaper inside your bathroom can withstand the moisture. If yes, then it might be reliable and might help you save for future renovations or repairs.

Furthermore, your elements should complement the entire theme of your bathroom, adding to its architectural style to make it look either classy or modern. While also keeping into consideration its functionality and durability.

7. Not Having A Budget Plan

If you don’t have a budget, you might probably overspend on this bathroom renovation, which is unnecessary. What if you only have limited money to spend on this? Then, what will you gonna do?

Budgeting is an aspect of preparation, so you should have a clear plan to prepare for what you expect to invest. Thus, having an expense plan, you will also have ample cash for the other necessities that might be important for you. Hence, it will help you to be out of debt and to buy for more. It also depends on how, of course, you do it well. Make sure to adhere to your budget plan, and don’t get so extra in buying fixtures and such.

In the meantime, bathroom redesign can be very complicated, which is why you should take the time to make a plan. When you do that, this will give you a satisfactory outcome, so do it well and commit to it. There’s a lot more to ponder, so look it up. Get Bespoke Bathrooms Canberra for their service; this will surely help you sort things out.

I hope you’ve learned a lot knowing these common errors. If not, then you could end up troubled by bathroom problems. Worse, if not correctly repaired in the restoration, you might renovate once again. Watch out for these basic mistakes, and you don’t have to worry, work, and repeatedly invest.



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