What Are The Best Ways To Save Energy At Home?

There are so many benefits to being more energy-efficient within the home. The most obvious is that it’s good for the planet; we all need to do more to make this world a more sustainable place. However, there are other benefits too, including the fact that you can save money when your home is more energy-efficient. 

If you want to make some crucial changes to become more energy-efficient and here are some ways to save energy at home, read on for some ideas to help you get started. 

Keep Your Thermostat Lower 

When you turn on your heating, what temperature do you push your thermostat up to? Do you choose that temperature out of habit or necessity? Most people will find a comfortable level and stick with it, but what would happen if you lowered your thermostat by just two or three degrees? 

The answer is that you would save a significant amount on your heating bill, and you would be saving energy. Plus, that slight reduction in temperature probably won’t be something you can even feel – and you’ll soon get used to it even if you can notice the difference. 

Look After Your Air Conditioner 

If you have an air conditioner, you’ll find it essential for the hotter months, and although not using it at all is the best option for energy-saving, that’s often not a possibility – at least not if you want to be comfortable at home. 

With that in mind, if you do intend to use your air conditioner, make sure you look after it. Having the A/C unit serviced once a year will keep it running in the most energy-efficient way, and you can fix any problems before they become too much of an issue. 

Insulate Your House 

Spending time replacing your current insulation with newer, more energy-efficient insulated wall panels is never time wasted. When your insulation is old, inefficient, or damaged, you might find you have increased heating and cooling costs since your air – warm or cool – will escape, meaning it costs more to heat or cool it. You’ll also be expending a lot more energy in your home than you need to. 

Turn The Faucet Off 

It’s so easy to have the faucet running when you are brushing your teeth or shaving or doing the washing up, and so on. However, when you don’t turn off the faucet, you’re really just watching a lot of money go down the drain. Every drop of water you use has to be paid for, and the more you waste by not turning off the faucet when you can, the more it will cost you. Plus, saving water is great for the planet. Other ways to save water include taking showers and not baths and only using the washing machine when you have a full load. 

Unplug Your Chargers 

You might not think that your phone or tablet charger is costing you anything – or even doing anything – when it’s plugged into the wall but not attached to a device. The truth, however, is that even if it’s not actually charging a device, it will still use energy. In fact, this kind of energy usage can add up to as much as ten percent of your bill. It’s better to switch everything off when you’re not using it, to save you money and help save the planet. 


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