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3 Common Types of Air Conditioner Repairs in Mesquite Texas

Is your air conditioner no longer capable of cooling properly? Do you smell a disgusting odor coming out of the unit? Due to the ongoing use of AC units during/ scorching summer days, it’s no wonder for homeowners dwelling in hot regions to experience specific issues.

In order to prevent AC defects from resulting in a complete system breakdown, one is supposed to hire the assistance of professional repair technicians. There is a variety of air conditioning companies, such as novaairac.com, providing long-term solutions for the most common AC defects.

These are the three most frequent types of air conditioner repairs in Mesquite, Texas.

Apartment Building with outside Air Conditioning Unit - Apartment Building with outside Air Conditioning Unit

Refrigerant leaks

One of the most common AC issues homeowners in Texas cope with is refrigerant leaks, caused by low refrigerant levels. The role of this liquid is to cool the indoor air and make it less humid, which is why the levels have to optimal. The insufficient amount of refrigerant in the coils most commonly results from undercharging it upon the installation of the unit, or it’s induced by a leak.

Once the air conditioner runs low on refrigerant, it automatically reduces its cooling capacity. Sometimes, adding more of this liquid isn’t the best method to improve the efficiency of your unit, as the issue might be induced by a leak. Keep in mind that constant low refrigerant levels gradually lead to leaks by lowering the amount of pressure, which in turn freezes the coils.

Nevertheless, professional AC repairmen are trained in detecting the exact source of leaks and applying the right techniques to fix them. Afterward, these technicians conduct a test of the AC system to make sure the refrigerant stopped leaking. The ultimate step of the repair is charging the air conditioner with an adequate amount of this liquid, as suggested in the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

Apart from low refrigerant levels, AC leaks may be caused by a partially clogged condensate line that results from yard debris. Also, such issues might be triggered by a rusted drain pan or dirty air filters. Therefore, homeowners in Texas are strongly advised to maintain their units regularly to prevent leakage. Click here for some handy tips about proper maintenance of your air conditioner.

Compressor issues

Compressor problems are common among Texas residents, manifested with strange sounds coming out of the unit and its inability to cool one’s home properly. The compressor is of vital importance for the overall function of an air conditioner, as it assists the refrigerant in reaching the necessary parts of the unit. It’s common for this component to manifest both motor and electrical problems, thus requiring an immediate repair or a complete replacement.

In most cases, the cooling process is obstructed by a broken compressor fan. These fans are in charge of luring hot air out of one’s home and allowing cool air to enter the room. Once these components stop working, the likelihood of compressor overheat gets incredibly high. Overheating is considered responsible for damaging the compressor and making the air conditioner switch off. Fortunately, homeowners need only a single look at the outdoor unit to notice some changes in speed and sound before contacting a repairman.

Professional AC repair technicians, however, inspect the entire outdoor unit for damage by checking the condition of the compressor and fans. If possible, these experts will ensure the malfunctioning components get repaired to restore the system’s efficiency. In case the compressor is overly deteriorated to be fixed, there’s no other alternative by having it replaced.

Drainage issues

Homeowners in Texas are also experience frequent drainage issues that result from clogged condensate lines and drip pan. Suck blockage is usually caused by abnormally high outdoor humidity levels or an increased amount of condensation, which doesn’t flow away from the unit but goes back inside. Consequently, the humidity levels inside your home will increase dramatically as well.

Nevertheless, an AC repairman will assist you in having the condensate lines and drip pan unclogged to prevent further deterioration, by employing special algae growth treatment for this purpose.

Final word

Don’t let your AC defect lead to system breakdown.

Wait no longer to call the experts!

3 Common Types of Air Conditioner Repairs in Mesquite Texas

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