6 Ways of Keeping Your Garden Safe From Pests

Every homeowner strives to create the healthiest environment within the confines of his home, and stunning gardens play a crucial role in this regard because they provide the much-needed color and natural elements to the overall feel of the house. Moreover, gardens ensure that the quality of air surrounding your home is at a healthier level that helps your family breathe healthy air.

But, gardens are often troubled with the presence of pests, and their occurrence is so often that almost every garden owner in this world is bothered by pests. When pests are not managed properly, they lead to infestations and can only be addressed with the help of professionals like Responsible Pest Control.

We have discussed here six ways of keeping your garden safe from pests so that your garden and your home can enjoy a healthier environment.

  1.     Utilize pests eating insects:

You must understand that not all garden insects are harmful, and the presence of some can prove to be incredibly beneficial for your garden. Insects like ladybirds, wasps, and ground beetles prey on various pests and hence must be facilitated so that they can exterminate harmful pests naturally. Moreover, cultivate plants in your garden that attract pollinators and other beneficial insects.

  1.     Install barriers:

You can also install physical barriers around your most vulnerable plants and flowers to keep the pests at bay. One such barrier is a net that can be placed above flowers such that there is ample space for them to grow, but pests cannot sneak through the perforations. Moreover, you can also install cardboard collars around stems of plants that may extend up to two inches in the soil. It will help those pests which sneak onto the plants through the soil.   

  1.     Companion planting:

Some plants act as natural insect repellents and therefore, can be planted such that they protect other plants from getting infested, and this method is known as companion planting. For example, plants with strong smells like garlic and lavender can be used to keep pests like beetles, aphids, and spider mites at bay.

  1.     Keep your soil healthy:

The health of your soil is a direct determinant of your garden’s health because healthy soil ensures the timely absorption of nutrients by plants such that their immunity is boosted. Therefore, keep your soil in top health by composting it with organic matter so that plants have immunities strong enough to deal with pests.

  1.     Rotate crops regularly:

Another natural way of keeping pests at bay is the crop rotation in which a single crop is not cultivated twice in the same place. As a result, those pests which were feeding on a particular plant will have to move their habitat because they will not be getting their food anymore. Moreover, when they move their habitat, they find themselves vulnerable to attacks from other insects and birds.

  1.     Use pesticides:

You must only resort to pesticides once you have exhausted all the natural methods to exterminate pests. Although there exist organic pesticides that do not have any harmful ingredients, they are limited in their use. Mostly, you can find slug pellets and spray chemicals in the market, which can be used to exterminate slugs and all other kinds of pests.

Now that you understand various ways of keeping garden pests at bay, there is no excuse why you cannot nurture a garden relatively free from harmful pests.


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