Can Ceramic Go In The Oven | Guide to Use Ceramic Cookware in The Oven

Ovenproof ceramic cookware is a powerhouse in a kitchen that is productive. They can do a lot of things and look great while processing on so much when you use it. After whipping up an amazing side dish on the counter-top, you can use the ceramic bowl in the oven without problems.

But Can Ceramic Go In The Oven? Is It Safe?

Well, some busy cooks made mistakes of putting non-oven safe bowls in an oven without knowing the material of the bowl. Using bowls that are not oven-proof can not only ruin the meal you worked so hard but also the utensil.

The Importance of Using Oven Safe Bowl

The dish or bowl can crack and spread shards of glass over the meal that is supposed to be for your family. They can also break in half and spill whatever inside of it over the bottom of a hot oven and making a larger issue and mess. You can prevent this to happen. There are some ways to decide whether your bowl is oven-safe or not when you want to put it either in a counter-top or refrigerator into a piping hot oven.

The Reason Why Some Bowls Shatter

A lot of people sometimes think that all types of bowl including ceramic are irresistible in a hot oven. But, not all ceramic dishes are made equal or can take on extreme temperatures. Ceramic is defined as being created and shaped with clay before the fire-hardened it. However, the glaze which is placed onto the bowl of ceramic isn’t always oven safe.

Ceramic includes stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, and bone china. If the ceramic’s bowl glaze is not water-resistant, the porous clay beneath will not be protected. It can make the bowl not strong enough to the temperature change which can happen when you put a room- or cold- temperature bowl in a preheated oven. However, most of the Ceramic Titanium Pots, Pans, or Bowls also comes with oven-proof feature. And here is an amazing review of Best Ceramic Titanium Cookware by Cookware Ninja.

Things You Should Know When Buying Oven-Proof Bowls

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Ovenproof bowls can place in a preheated oven and whip up cakes and bread on the counter-top without cracking. Feldspar, as one of the great brand’s porcelain oven safe, is worth to buy. The workmanship’s quality can handle the conditions and cold air of a refrigerator as well as the high temperatures of a convection oven or a broiler. It is a big no to take the bowl either it is oven proof or not from one extreme temperature to another one.

You should find bowls that are marked ovenproof when buying cooking bowls or dinnerware. If there is no label of ovenproof on the packaging, you can try to find it on the bottom of the bowl. The bowl can be used in low-temperature ovens when you see wavy lines with a temp below 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The dinnerware item or bowl can be placed in an oven while there is a picture of an oven.

About Safe Bowls


If you inherited a bowl or when you have bought one and you are confused if the cookware item can handle the high temperature of an oven, next there are some ways to discern if it is the oven. Any pan or glass bowl marked Corning-ware or Pyrex can handle a hot oven.

You should check the bottom of the bowl for the stamp from the manufacturer and find the care guide via email or online with the company. The website of the manufacturer will more than likely have detailed information related to its product’s ability to be put inside a hot oven.

Review Factors of Ceramic Cookware to Consider

Some people are wondering what the best oven-safe ceramic cookware is. Well, there are many sets of ceramic cookware outset and it’s a little bit tough to get the good one. Now, let us help you in finding the best cookware to meet your needs by listing these factors below to consider:

  • Oven Friendly

If you are going to be using the cookware inside the oven, you need to be sure which it states that it is oven friendly before you buy it. Sometimes, people have complained that the ceramic cookware they bought was cracked in the oven. Keep in mind to keep the cookware on medium-high heat at a maximum when cooking. It will prolong the life of ceramic cookware.

  • Budget

There is a lot of ceramic cookware that you can purchase on a budget. But, it is best to purchase one that works perfectly since the prices differ based on the quality and quantity of ceramic.

  • Quality

A firm construction is the main key in the set of ceramic cookware. A handle that has a solid connection to the pan or pot is important. Besides, some of the exclusive sets allow the use of utensils made from metal to be used in direct contact with the cookware.

  • Warranty

Some of the warranty on the ceramic cookware is one year. But, this should not be the main factor whether you should buy it or not. You have to know the warranty before you purchase too since there are sometimes lots of limiting clauses within the warranty.

Those are the factors that might help you with purchasing the best oven-safe cookware. Don’t forget to take a look at the review first before buying it.

The Doubt Whether Ceramic Cookware Safe or Not

Different from stainless steel, the composition of ceramic coating is soft. That’s why you should handle the ceramic cookware with a handle to avoid the insides chipping. As you use it continuously, you can expect the familiar degradation of ceramic coated cookware. But, it can be safely used for around 3 or 6 years under normal conditions.

The Dangers of Ceramic Cookware

There is a glazed finish inside the ceramic cookware to give it a strong, smooth, and shiny finish. This glaze avoids moisture from breaking into the cookware’s porous. Some glazes of cookware sometimes include cadmium and lead poisoning that is very toxic when came into your body through food. Over time, the built-up of lead deposits can be poisoning and dangerous health problems in children.

So, the answer to: can ceramic go in the oven should be clear now to you. Follow some factors above to consider before buying the best one. Good luck!






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