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Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget!

The kitchen is the heart of any home; it brings people together and inspires impressive culinary creations. Any kitchen diva wants a workspace they can be proud of, and the first thing that anyone sees when entering a kitchen are the cabinets. Many people would love a new kitchen, but money is tight. We explore how you can revamp those cabinets on a budget.

Kitchen with White Cabinets, Granite Counter-tops with Center Island - Kitchen Cabinets

Color and Light

The very first thing you should do is take a look at your kitchen from an objective point of view. Does it look dark and depressing, or are your cabinets colored? To give kitchen cabinets a quick boost, and brighten up the entire room, paint the doors white. This is an affordable way to provide them with a fast uplift. 

If your cabinets are already white, then consider the amount of lighting your kitchen is getting. If there isn’t enough natural lighting through windows, then consider installing some down-lighting on the bottom or inside of your cabinets. More light gives a welcoming feel to any kitchen.

Bright beautiful kitchen with under-mount lighting - Kitchen Cabinets

Decor, Design, and Detail

Buying new cabinets would, of course, be ideal for sprucing up that dreary kitchen. Still, if you can’t afford new shaker style kitchen cabinets or anything else, then your other option is to decorate your current ones. Thinking a little outside the box will go a long way in giving you a new look for your cabinets. 

One idea is to remove the centers of the cabinet doors and replace them with glass, or lattice design. Try painting some of the cabinet doors with chalk paint and create an instant memo board. You can even buy wallpaper in various designs, and create a collage of different cabinet doors for a retro look.

Don’t forget some of the smaller details. You can replace your cabinet and drawer handles with vintage style ones, or a bold diamond model if that’s the look that you’re aiming for. Just remember to take a step back while making the changes so you can get a good idea of how everything looks together. 

Modern Design Kitchen Cabinets

Declutter on the Double

Many of our kitchens are, quite frankly, a scary mess. They look as if an appliance store threw a truckload of random items into our kitchen, and where they landed, they stayed. Any decorating wizard will tell you the crucial key to beautiful spaces is no clutter. Examine your kitchen and see what’s lying on the counters and hanging off the walls.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large kitchen with many cupboards, organize the insides and find a space for anything that’s lying on the counters. Should your kitchen be on the small side, take a strict inventory of your items, and first decide on what you really need. 

For example, you might have a fondue set, but the question is, do you use it, and are you ever going to use it again? If the answer is no, find a box and give it to charity. If it’s a fancy one, list it online and sell it. This will free up space for the items that are cluttering your counters. Even the smallest kitchens can look brand new with less mess.

Crisp Clean Minimalist Kitchen with White Kitchen Cabinets

Once you’ve gone through the process, do it again. Another good reason for doing a declutter is if your counters are empty, then you can see your entire kitchen and the cabinets for what they are. It makes it so much easier to come up with creative ideas when you can see what needs doing.

The Kitchen of Your Dreams

If you follow the tips above, often you’ll find that the smallest changes can make the most significant difference, even when decorating on a tight budget. A lick of paint here, a lovely brass handle there, and your cabinets will look and feel like new. 

Don’t be shy to try something different and maybe a little unorthodox, that’s when the most amazing designs come to life. Your imagination is the limit, and a small budget doesn’t have to mean an unattractive and tired-looking kitchen.


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