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Is there any season quite as wonderful as summer? The other seasons have their place: autumn with its beautifully colored leaves, winter with its abundance of holiday celebrations, and spring, with its reminder that warm weather is going to arrive again. Summer, though, is the season for wading in neighborhood pools, lounging in covered porches with a glass of sweet tea, and eating grilled burgers on the barbecue with friends and family crowded around an over-sized picnic table. 

With summer weather approaching, what are the main ways to de-winterize your yard and get it ready for friendly potlucks and neighborhood get-togethers?

Getting your Pool Swim-Ready

It was mentioned in an earlier blog post that winterizing your swimming pool is absolutely necessary since the repercussions of skipping that vital step include damage to your pool and excessive cleaning costs the following year. However, now that warm weather is creeping up, it’s also necessary to de-winterize it to be able to use it when the real hot weather hits. 

If this is the first year since your pool installation, you might be new to the process, so allow the professionals to de-winterize your pool equipment. However, you can remove your pool cover and clean it, since that’s relatively straight forward and easy to do. Simply drag the pool cover to a driveway or deck, and sweep any dust, pollen, or other winter and spring debris that remains on the cover. After that, scrub the pool cover down lightly with a garden hose and some soap and water. It doesn’t need to be spotless but simply needs to be in a good place for when you replace the pool cover.  Make sure to store your pool cover somewhere safe, away from pests. 

Setting up your Irrigation System

Next place to de-winterize: the sprinkler system. Turning on a sprinkler system is even easier than blowing it out for winter, and doesn’t require a professional to do this. If you do have a back-flow device attached to your sprinkler system, you can have your backflow prevention tester turn on your sprinkler system. If you’re not willing to wait though, simply turn on the main shutoff valve, and turn on the system. You may need to close the test cocks on the vacuum breaker, which is what prevents back-flow from your sprinkler system into the public water. Then, get ready for some lush green grass. 

Cleaning your Outdoor Kitchen 

Clean your grill. Even if you’ve been using your barbecue throughout the cooler months, you’ll want to start the officially grilling season off with clean grates and an empty drip bucket. For the exterior of your grill, check out these ranked cleaners to keep it looking its best. Some are a little more caustic, like Goo Gone, but Therapy offers a plant-based option so it won’t smell up your outdoor kitchen area even if you use it the day of your first summer barbecue. Assess your grill cleaning brush, and make purchases of any cooking pellets, charcoal, or propane you might need so that you’re not running out mid cookout. 

BBQ Grill with vegetables, meat, and chicken - De-Winterize your Yard

With these quick tips, you’ll have a yard full of happy friends, family, and pooches before you know it. 

How to De-Winterize your Yard for Summer

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