Your Home? 7 Things You Must Check Out

Congratulations on changing your address! We know how hard it was for you to find your right home. You have spent many days searching for your dream house and now that you have found it, don’t forget to do these small things.

Your Home? 7 Things You Must Check Out

Change your locks.

Your safety comes first and foremost. Before you have checked into your new house, change all your locks. This means saying goodbye to all the old locks of your living room, bedroom, garage, locker, cabinet, etc. If you have the main gate in your new house, change its lock too. The point we are making is that no matter what, change all your old locks before settling down.

Inform the police and the post office.

It is always a great idea to tell the neighborhood police that you have arrived. Make sure they have put your name, address, and other vital details in their register. The idea here is not to scare you, but to keep you safe and secure in your new home. Remember, you still don’t know a lot of things that are going around in your neighborhood.

Similarly, you could also inform the local post office about your arrival. Please ask them to redirect all your mails to your new home. This is a simple process, and it doesn’t take much time. Click this Australian Post Office website to know more about how to update your address.

Check your water leakage.

Before you settle in, how about checking your water pipes for any leakage? This way, you don’t have to pay more for the water you have never used.

This is how you check any water leakage. Check your water metre at say 1 pm and note down the reading. Check this reading again at 3 pm. What does your metre say? If the needle stands at the same point, there is no leakage. If the needle has indeed moved a bit, you should bring in a plumber. It is always easy to check your pipes when everyone is away and during the daytime.

Pest control.

An important point to consider while shifting is having the pest control guys come in and make your property safe from pests. Some pests like cockroaches and rats can make our lives really miserable, so pest control should be one of your foremost tasks. A rat bite can be quite painful, and it can also make you seriously sick. If you see cockroaches around, be very worried because they are vectors of disease. Reach out to a pest control firm as soon as you can.

Ensure your house.

Your house is valuable, and you must do everything you can to secure it. Buy a home-insurance plan from one of the many Australian insurance providers. You can buy a plan that covers damage from fire, water, and other natural accidents.

But what about protecting your household property while shifting?  Many home relocating firms such as Platinum Removals take good care of your goods while relocating. You may contact one of those firms.

Check your fire alarms.

Are they working or they need to be replaced? Some municipal areas have very stringent fire safety norms, so please ensure that your fire systems are always working.

Check your kitchen cabinetry.

Are the current cabinets in your home going to work for you? The kitchen is the most important home in your house, and you want to make sure that you can stay organized in the kitchen, and that your kitchen is designed well. Click hereto learn more about kitchen design tips.

Change your toilet seat.

Please make your toilet more hygienic by changing its toilet seat. Though it is a new house, we would still recommend being extra safe when it comes to toilet hygiene.

To sum up, relocating means much more than just packing your goods and moving off to your new house. You need to follow up on several steps to make your new dwelling comfortable and safe.





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