You lead a hectic life and realize that if you’re going to maintain your sanity, you need to get things in order. You may not be able to control all the chaos in your life, but you realize your household is out of sync. Things are a mess, routines are non-existent, and everything seems to be out of whack. Getting a handle on things will require you to get the entire family on board, but you can make it happen.

Have a Family Meeting

You may be able to develop some sort of organization in your household on your own but it works best when everyone is on board. Before you create any plans, hold a family meeting to discuss your findings and some solutions you may have. Give them the opportunity to express themselves, their concerns, and ideas they may have to resolve the problems as well. Once you’re all on the same page, you can begin utilizing ideas such as these below to organize your household:

Assess Family Needs

From your family meeting, you should have a list of things your family feels they need to get organized. Perhaps your children need new bags to hold their art supplies, miniature toys, or school items? You can find affordable bags online through sites like If your husband needs help organizing his home office, you should shop for things like file folders, desk organizers, or office supplies.

Clean Up

A cluttered house does nothing to help your family stay on point. The first thing you need to do is clean the house from top to bottom. Go through each room and decide which things you don’t need. For everything else, find a place for it. If necessary, invest in shelves or storage containers to organize each of the rooms.

Create a Morning Routine

Mornings kind of set the pace for how the rest of the day will go. If you’d like a smooth start to your day, then you need to develop a routine for your family. Determine what time everyone needs to wake up to get where they need to be on time. Give everyone a designated bathroom time. Have a set time for breakfast and when you’ll leave.

Set Up a Meal Plan

The ever grueling stress of figuring out what to cook for dinner is serious. You can change all of that by creating a weekly meal plan. Knowing what you’re going to cook for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner every day reduces wasted time on thinking, gives you an easy to follow grocery list, and reduces the need to buy takeout. To add to the organization, you could even prep some or all of your meals in advance to make it easier to cook throughout the week.

Prepare the Night Before

To reduce the chaos of your morning routines you can start preparing for the next day at night. Have your kids provide you with all documents that need signing for school, pack and place their bookbags by the door, and lay out their outfits for school. You and your spouse can do the same and have everyone take a shower before going to bed.

Post a Weekly Schedule

Another issue for families is keeping up with all of their obligations. You can eliminate the confusion by posting a weekly schedule. A large dry erase board posted in a common area is ideal. Then, have everyone write down their activities on the calendar. This way, everyone is aware of what’s going on and can coordinate their schedules accordingly.

When your home is chaotic, it can make everything else in life that much more challenging. You can get a handle on the stress and confusion in your life by getting and staying organized. After having a meeting with your family and assessing their needs, start implementing solutions such as those listed above to get things under control.

Family Organization Tips to Tighten Up Your Ship

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